How To Block A Number On Android In 4 Easy Steps

How To Block A Number On Android In 4 Easy Steps

As much joy as smartphones bring into our lives, they can also be a hassle if your number makes it onto a spam list. Telemarketers and scammers can be an issue unless you can block their numbers. Thankfully, the Android operating system makes things simple, and we’re going to show you how to block a number on Android in four simple steps.

Call Blocking Explained

Smartphones allow you to curtail unwanted communication. Whether it’s annoying ads on YouTube or GIFS sent through SMS, you have options to keep annoyances to a minimum. That includes phone calls from unwanted callers like a telemarketer or long-lost relatives. 

Dozens of manufacturers produce Android smartphones spanning thousands of models on the market. That can make blocking a number on Android seem like a challenging proposition, especially when Verizon, Samsung, and others put their twist on things.

With that in mind, every modern Android smartphone allows users to block a phone number directly from the app, which you can access with a tap.

How to Block a Number on Android

Follow the simple steps below to block a number on your android device.

1. Open the Phone App

Take your Android smartphone and tap on the Phone icon to open up the Phone app as shown in the photo below.

Click the calling app on your device.


2. Access Settings

To get to the Settings menu of the Android phone app, tap on the 3-dot menu in the top right of the screen and choose settings from the submenu that appears.

Settings is accessible from your dialer.


3. Block Settings

The options in this area may differ by manufacturer. Look for an area called Block Numbers and tap on it to proceed to the next menu.

Under settings, you will see block numbers.


4. Add Numbers

Now you can add any phone number you’d like to your block list. Type in a number to block it, and select the plus symbol to add it to the block list. Alternatively, you can pull up numbers from recent calls and texts here. You can also set your phone to block calls from “unknown numbers.”

Add the phone numbers to block.


How to Block a Number on Android Texts

Phone calls from unknown numbers have been a problem since before cell phones were invented. Text spam has replaced traditional junk mail in a sense, and it’s something millions of Android users deal with each day. If you want to block a number on Android text messages, follow these steps.

1. Open Your Texting App

Open the texting app on your phone and look for the settings menu. In this case, we’re using the stock app from Samsung, so we can access settings through the 3-dot menu. Open that menu and choose settings.

Go to your messages.


2. SMS Settings

Scroll through the options until you find a section called Block Numbers or Spam and tap on it to access the next menu.

Click blocked numbers and spam.


3. Blocked Numbers and Messages

Now you can block a number that’s sending text messages the same way you would a phone number. Enter the number onto the list or pull the number from your recent messages.

You can access any blocked messages from this area as well.


How to Unblock Numbers on Android

Now that you know how to block a number, we’re going to tell you how to unblock one. The process is just as simple, and something you can access from the same areas on an Android-based smartphone. There’s a quicker way to get there, however.

Search blocked on your device.


Pull up the search menu on your smartphone and type in “Blocked”. From the results, select the section that says Blocked Messages to access a list of numbers you’ve blocked on your phone.Choose Block Numbers, and you’re taken to a familiar menu where you can block a number with Android.

To remove a blocked number, select the – symbol next to the number. Once you tap that symbol the number is instantly unblocked and can call or text your phone again.

You can receive texts and calls from an unblocked number.


The Wrap-Up

The ability to block anyone from your smartphone is simple, and a feature people should take full advantage of when they are hassled by unwanted callers. Blocking telemarketers and unknown numbers can save you from a lot of headaches, along with potential scams.

Check out the video below which shows you just how easy it is to block a number on your Android phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does blocking a number on Android block texts?

Yes, you won’t need to block the same number twice and a text block can carry over to phone numbers as well.

What happens when you block someone on Android?

When they call your phone, the call will be sent straight to voicemail.

Do people know if you’ve blocked texts on Android?

No, the messages they send won’t come through but will not say blocked.

How long does a number stay blocked?

Any number you block on an Android phone will stay blocked until you unblock the number.

What is a verified number on Android?

It’s a process various networks use as a way of telling you the phone number calling hasn’t been spoofed.

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