How To Authorize MacBook For Apple TV In 5 Steps (With Photos)

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How To Authorize MacBook For Apple TV In 5 Steps (With Photos)

If you own a MacBook, you can easily watch Apple TV via the Apple TV app. The app functions very similar to the Apple TV app on iPad and iPhone devices but with one caveat. You must authorize the Apple TV app on your MacBook to use it. Linking an Apple account to your MacBook provides several functions, like iCloud backups and access to premium apps.

However, the Apple TV and Apple Music apps need separate linking or authorizing. When you connect the Apple TV app, the Apple Music app should automatically authorize it, or vice-versa. A prompt usually appears the first time you open either app, but it can be easy to miss. Additionally, you should know a few ways to deauthorize Apple TV.

Step 1: Open the Apple TV App

Turn on your MacBook and open the Apple TV app. The app is in the doc by default and is black with a white Apple TV logo. If the app doesn’t appear in the dock, locate it in Launchpad.

Launch the Apple TV app on your MacBook.


Step 2: Click “Account”

If you are opening Apple TV for the first time, a number of pop-ups will appear. Click through them and sign in if prompted. Sometimes, Apple TV will ask you to sign in and authorize the app. If it doesn’t, proceed with the following steps.

Navigate to Account in the top menu.


Step 3: Authorize the Computer

Now, click “Account” in the top menu bar to open a drop down menu. Hover over “Authorizations” from the drop down menu to open another side menu. Finally, select “Authorize This Computer…” to begin the process.

Navigate to Authorizations, then Authorize this Computer.


Step 4: Sign into Your Apple Account

A new pop-up window will open, asking you to sign into your Apple account. Sign in to the Apple account where you’ve made Apple TV and Apple Music purchases, even if it’s different from the one tied to the computer.

Sign in with your Apple ID and password.


Step 5: Select “Authorize”

After authorizing, you can stream or buy movies on Apple TV.


You must click “Authorize” after entering your email address and password separately. After entering those two pieces of information, you may have to complete two-factor authentication if enabled. Once complete, you can begin watching TV shows and movies you own or purchase new ones.

Deauthorize a Computer

At some point, you may find a need to deauthorize a MacBook. The point of doing so is to remove your Apple account from the Apple TV and Apple Music apps. Do this if you signed in on a friend’s MacBook and are done using it. If you are selling or giving a MacBook away, then it is best to restore the MacBook rather than just deauthorizing these apps completely.

To deauthorize Apple TV on a MacBook, follow the steps above. Open the Apple TV app and go to “Account” and “Authorizations.” Select “Deauthorize This Computer…” to begin the de-authorization process. Finally, you must sign in again with your Apple account credentials before clicking “Deauthorize.”

Authorize Apple Music

Another application you may want to authorize is Apple Music. It works like the Apple TV app and should automatically authorize when you connect to Apple TV. If not, follow the steps above in the Apple Music app. With this done, you can access content, purchase new songs, and use an Apple Music subscription on your MacBook.

Apple TV+

Apple TV is an excellent option for buying and watching TV shows and movies, but some often confuse it with Apple TV+. You can use this streaming service inside the Apple TV app. Apple TV+ costs $6.99 monthly. You can also get in an Apple One bundle with other Apple services.

The subscription service offers exclusive content like Ted Lasso and even MLB games. You can watch Apple TV+ on a range of non-Apple devices. You can access Apple TV and Apple TV+ content from Samsung phones, game consoles, and almost any device.

For a recap on the steps covered in this article, we recommend watching the following video:

How To Authorize MacBook For Apple TV In 5 Steps (With Photos) FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Do I have to pay to use the Apple TV app?

No, the Apple TV app is free to use, but you will need to pay to rent or buy TV shows and movies.

Do you need to authorize the Apple TV app every time you use it?

No, once authorized, your MacBook’s Apple TV app will remain authorized until you manually reauthorize it or perform a factory reset on the computer.

Is Apple TV the same as Apple TV+?

No, Apple TV+ is a streaming service within the Apple TV app. You do have to pay for a subscription in order to watch Apple TV+.

Can you access Apple TV on other devices?

Yes, Apple TV is available on many non-Apple devices, including game consoles and other streaming devices.

Does the authorized Apple TV account need to match the MacBook's Apple account?

No, you can authorize Apple TV with a different account than the one that is attached to your MacBook.

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