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Key Points

  • Archiving Slack messages helps to free up space in a channel while keeping important conversations safe and easily accessible.
  • Archiving Slack channels closes new activities, but conversations, files, messages, and other data remain in the channel.
  • Messages and files in archived channels are searchable and viewable whenever needed.
  • Any member can archive a Slack channel unless restricted by the admin.

Slack is an excellent tool used by organizations and teams to facilitate communication. The tool allows users to create channels within which all the team members communicate. These channels help keep conversations organized and let users quickly find the information they need.

However, sometimes a channel may become redundant or have outlived its purpose. When this happens, it’s important to archive the channel so that it is not cluttering or distracting other team members. An archived channel will retain message history but will no longer appear in the list of active channels.

Also, messages in archived channels remain searchable, though they cannot be modified. Read on to learn how to archive a Slack channel using a desktop, iOS, or Android device in this step-by-step guide.

3 Steps on How to Archive a Slack Channel on Desktop

If the device you are using is a desktop or laptop computer, follow these steps.

Step 1: Open the Channel

how to archive a slack channel
Finding the Slack channel.


Open the Slack application and go to the channel you wish to archive. You’ll see the list of slack channels on the left sidebar of the screen below the Slack workspace name. Select the channel you want to archive.

Step 2: Click the Channel Settings Button

How to archive Slack channel
Selecting the channel name.


Selecting the channel will open a conversation window. At the top of the page, you’ll see the channel’s name with a hashtag before the name. Click the channel name, and a pop-up will appear on the screen.

How to archive Slack channel
Opening the channel settings page.


You’ll see several options on the page, including About, Members, Integrations, and Settings. Click Settings to open the channel settings page.

Step 3: Archive the Channel

How to archive Slack channel
Archiving the channel for everyone.


The settings tab gives you options, including changing the channel’s name and starting huddles for members. Scroll down to the bottom of the page until you see “Archive Channel for Everyone,” and click it.

How to archive Slack channel
Confirming the decision to archive the channel.


A confirmation window with a message will appear on the screen, stating all you need to know when you archive a channel. We’ll cover that in the sections that follow. Click Cancel if you don’t wish to continue or confirm to archive the channel.

3 Steps on How to Archive a Slack Channel on Android

Archiving a Slack channel on an Android device is pretty straightforward. These three steps detail everything you need to know.

Step 1: Open the Channel on Your Android Device

How to archive Slack channel
Choosing the channel to archive.


Launch the Slack application on your android device. Once it’s open, select the Slack group with the channel you want to archive. Under the group, you see several channels you belong to. Select the one you want to archive.

Step 2: Open the Channel Conversation Page

How to archive Slack channel
Entering the conversation page.


Once you’ve selected the channel you want to archive, it will bring you to a page with several options; for instance, if you want to add more people to the channel, add a description, or add Slack with Connect.

This page contains updates about the channel. It’s also where you can type messages to channel members.

Step 3: Archive the Channel

How to archive Slack channel
Archiving the channel.


Above the page, you’ll see the channel name beginning with a hashtag symbol. Tap on the channel name to open a page with more options like Add People, Huddle, and Search.

Scroll to the bottom of the page, and under settings, you’ll see the option to Leave Channel or Archive. Click the Archive Channel option.

How to archive Slack channel
Confirming the decision to archive the channel.


A pop-up will appear on the screen to confirm if you want to archive the channel. Select Archive to complete the mission and Cancel if you wish to do otherwise.

2 Steps on How to Archive Slack Channel on iOS

Archiving a Slack channel on iOS is slightly different from Android. Below are the steps to follow.

Step 1: Open the Slack Channel

How to archive Slack channel
Clicking on the channel.


Launch Slack on your iOS device and open the channel. Once the page opens, you’ll see the channel name beginning with a hashtag symbol. Click it.

Step 2: Archive Channel

How to archive Slack channel
Choosing “Archive.”


Once the page is open, scroll down to the bottom of the page. Here, you’ll see three dots, then “Additional Options.” Click Archive under the additional options. It’s in red text with a bin icon next to it. A pop-up will appear for you not either cancel the process or confirm your actions to archive the channel. Click archive to confirm.

If you don’t have administrative privileges to archive a channel, the red “Archive” text with a bin next to it won’t appear. Slack did so to ensure that no one archives channels without permission.

What Happens When You Archive a Slack Channel?

A Slack channel contains all the conversations, updates, and notifications. Once you archive a channel, Slack stores the data but removes it from view on the main page. However, there’s more to archiving than just that.

Therefore, before you click Archive as the final step, you should know the following:

  1. No one can post messages or upload files to the archived channel. That’s just about all the activities that happen in a Slack channel.
  2. Individuals from other organizations, companies, or institutions will be removed from the channel. However, when they search for it, the archived channel will appear in the search result, and they can access the chat history. People within your organization will remain as part of the group.
  3. If you have installed any apps in the channel, Slack will automatically disable the apps when you click “Archive.” Doing so helps keep your data more secure.
  4. Slack automatically restores all its content to its original state if you want to unarchive the channel. So, at any point, you can unarchive the channel without losing any data.

The above points mean that when you archive a channel, you close it to new activities. However, if you want to access any messages or files in the archived channels, you can still do that using the search functionality.

Also, it’s certainly possible to archive a Slack channel and unarchive it whenever you want. To find achieved channels, head to the channel browser on the left-hand panel of your main page.


Every team needs a Slack channel to communicate and collaborate properly. While it can be helpful, you might need to archive your channels at some point. We hope from the step-by-step guide and explanation above, you now know precisely how to archive a Slack channel on Android, desktop, and iOS.

Remember that archiving a channel stops members from posting any messages or uploading files in the channel. And if you have installed any apps, they will also be disabled. To search for archived channels, use the search option or go to the Channel browser in the left-hand panel of your main page.

How to Archive a Slack Channel, With Photos FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Are archived Slack channels private?

Archived Slack channels aren’t private unless the channels itself was private. The messages and files within them remain visible to the original members of the private channel. All workspace members can search for the archived channel for public channels and view the messages within.

Why can't I archive a Slack channel I created?

Unless an admin or owner restricts permissions, any user or member should be able to archive a channel. Contact your IT team or administrator if you have the appropriate permissions but still find it difficult to archive channels. You probably once left the channel and were added back by another member, thus removing your permissions.

What is "Archive Channel for Everyone" in Slack?

The prompt “Archive Channel for Everyone” is a feature within Slack that lets you archive a channel in one click. For instance, if you have so many channels and want your team members to focus on active chats only, you can use this feature to archive channels they don’t need.

Can Slack admins see hidden channels?

Owners and admins can only see private channels that they are part of. If the private channel is archived, it won’t appear in their list of private channels. However, public channels are always visible, and any member with the workspace URL can access archived public channels.

Is it possible to delete an archived Slack channel?

To delete an archived channel, you first need to unarchive it and then delete it. Once you’ve unarchived the channel, click the channel name at the top of the page, click settings, and then select Delete Channel. However, only workspace owners and admins have the capacity to delete channels.

Can anyone archive a Slack channel?

Not anyone can archive a Slack channel. If the owners and admins haven’t restricted permissions, any member can archive and unarchive a channel. Guests from outside the workspace or unverified members can’t archive channels.

Can an archived Slack channel be unarchived?

An archived channel can be unarchived at any point. To do this, navigate to Browse Slack, Click All Channels, go to the top right corner and click the filter icon. Click the drop-down under channel Type, then select “Archived channels.” Select the channel you want to unarchive, click the name at the top of the page, tap on Settings, then select “Unarchive this Channel.”

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