How To Apple Pay Someone in 5 Steps, With Photos

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How To Apple Pay Someone in 5 Steps, With Photos

If your friend or loved one desperately needs cash, you don’t have to rush to Western Union to send them money. You can quickly send someone money from your phone or Apple Watch anytime and anywhere. Apple Pay is a convenient and secure payment service. While you made need to set up the feature first, we’ll show how to Apple Pay someone.

How to Apple Pay Someone Using iMessage

The easiest way to send money to a Apple user is by using iMessage. Believe it or not, you can send money from your bank to another person using Apple Pay in a text message. The best part is it only takes a few steps.

What’s better is you don’t need a person’s contact. As long as they have Apple Pay, too, you can send them money. Here is how to do it.

Step 1: Tap the Conversation

Navigate to the iMessage app on your iPhone and tap on the conversation with the person you’d like to Apple Pay.

Find the person you want to pay using Apple Pay.


Note: If you don’t have the person stored in your contacts or you need to Apple Pay someone you haven’t had a conversation with, tap the pen and paper icon. Type the contact’s name, then follow the remaining steps in this section.

Step 2: Tap the A Icon

Upon opening the conversation, you’ll see your keyboard, the text space, and some icons to the left of the text space. Tap the A icon to the left.

Tap the Apple pay icon.


Step 3: Tap Cash

Now, you may need to scroll to the right a bit to find the option. But you will see a Cash button. Tap that.

Locate the cash option and tap it.


Step 4: Set the Amount

This part is a bit unfortunate for your time if you’re sending a large sum of cash. Tap the plus arrows to set the amount you need to send.

Enter the amount of money you want to send.


Step 5: Tap Send

Finally, tap Send in the lower right corner.

Scroll down and tap the Send option.


Here is a step-by-step video for further reference. This video also briefly covers how to check to make sure Apple Pay is set up on your phone.

How to Set Up Apple Pay on Apple Watch

If you have your Apple Watch handy, you’ll be happy to know that you can set up Apple Pay and send money to someone. Of course, more often than not, this feature isn’t enabled by default. Follow these steps to set up Apple Pay:

Note: You must add a passcode to your Apple Watch before following these steps. Open the Apple Watch and tap on Passcode. Then, add the passcode.

Step 1: Open the Watch App

Unlock the iPhone paired with your Apple Watch and tap the Apple Watch App.

Use the search bar at the top and type Apple Watch to locate the app quickly.


Note: You can find the app in your App Library by swiping from the home screen to the right.

Step 2: Tap Wallet & Apple Pay

Scroll down the page and tap on Wallet & Apple Pay.

Scroll down and tap Wallet & Apple Pay.


Step 3: Enable the Toggle Switch

This new page will show a toggle switch in the upper right corner. Tap it to turn it green.

Toggle on the Switch.


Step 4: Sign Into Your iCloud Account

At this point, you must enter your Apple ID password. You’ll receive a prompt if you don’t have a passcode set up for your watch. Create a passcode and follow these steps again if prompted.

Sign into your

account using Apple ID password..


How to Apple Pay Someone on Your Apple Watch

Another really easy way to Apple Pay someone is by using your Apple Watch. It only takes a moment and works really well if you follow the steps above to set it up. Follow these steps to Apple Pay a friend or contact from your Apple Watch:

Step 1: Open the Message App

The easiest way to access the Message app on your Apple watch is to click the crown (circular button on the side). Then, tap the green message icon.

Tap the message icon on your smart watch’s screen.


Step 2: Tap the A Icon

Tap the conversation or start a new one with the contact you’d like to send money. You’ll see the A icon to the left of the text bar. Tap that icon.

Tap the Apple Pay icon.


Step 3: Tap Cash

Now you’ll see the Cash option (if you don’t see it, scroll back up to the section before this and perform those steps). Tap the Cash button.

Tap the cash icon that appears on your screen.


Step 4: Set the Amount

Use the + and buttons to set the amount.

Enter the amount your want to send.


Step 5: Tap Pay

Now, tap Pay at the bottom.

Finally, tap pay to send the payment.


This is step-by-step video can help for you visual reference as it can help you use Apple Pay on you Apple Watch:

How to Apple Pay Someone When They Request Money

Sending someone money with Apple Pay is always easy. But it’s even easier if they request it. If you owe someone money, you can have them send you a request and follow these simple steps to pay them:

Step 1: Open the Conversation

Open the iMessage message app on your iPhone and tap on the conversation.

Open your SMS chat with a person you want to pay.


Note: If it’s a new conversation from a new contact, it will appear at the top of the list.

Step 2: Tap Pay

Now you’ll see a message with the message request. Tap Pay and activate Face ID to send the funds.

Make the payment by tapping pay.


Troubleshooting for When You Can’t Apple Pay Someone

Did the instructions above not work for you? Apple Pay can be a little challenging sometimes. So, if you run into problems, browse this section for our troubleshooting tips.

No Option to Apple Pay Someone on iPhone

Before you can send anyone money, you must set the feature up. If you don’t, you won’t see the option to Cash option.

Open the Settings on your iPhone and scroll down to Wallet & Apple Pay. Ensure the Apple Cash button is toggled to green. Tap Add Card if you don’t have a credit or debit card attached to Apple Pay.

When You Can’t Apple Pay Someone

Perhaps the Apple Pay option isn’t working for someone. Apple Pay only works with other Apple devices. Assuming you know that already and you’re trying to send money to someone with an iPhone, you should check to ensure iMessage is enabled.

Open the Settings app and tap Messages. Enable the iMessage toggle switch and ensure your iCloud email and phone number are checked appropriately. Then, try to send the money again.

Get Professional Help

Apple Pay should work without any problems if you follow the steps and sections above. However, there is always a niched subset of our readers who need a little more help than we can give. If you are still running into problems, you can check out Apple’s support site here.

If the support site still isn’t working, consider calling Apple Support. The company’s support team is great at solving complex issues, and they’re generally pleasant to speak with.

Pay Back is Rewarding with Apple Pay

Setting up Apple Pay and using it is pretty easy. With Apple Pay, you can quickly send money to your friends, family, and colleagues. Of course, if you ever run into any problems, check out our troubleshooting section or contact Apple Support for help. The feature is definitely worth it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't I see the option for Apple Pay?

The more common culprit of a missing Apple Pay or Cash button is that you don’t have Apple Pay set up on the device you’re using. Next, check the receiving person’s contact information. Their text messages must be blue to use Apple Pay.

Can I cancel a payment on Apple Pay after sending it?

Yes. You can recall a payment as long as the other person hasn’t cashed it yet. Open the conversation and tap on the message where you sent money. When your wallet opens, tap Latest Transactions. Then, tap the transaction two times. Finally, tap Cancel Payment.

Can I Apple Pay someone on a Mac?

Unfortunately, you can’t Apple Pay someone using a Mac like you can with iOS devices. Mac only gives you the option to make online purchases with Apple Pay in Safari.

How do I request money using Apple Pay?

If someone owes you money, you can follow the steps above to request cash. Instead of hitting the Send option, input the amount and tap Request.

Will I receive notifications when someone accepts a payment I sent?

No. Apple won’t let you know when the other person deposits the payment into their account.

Can I automatically transfer Apple Pay funds into my wallet?

Yes! And your recipients can too! Open your wallet and tap on the card. Tap the three-dot icon and select Card Details. Finally, tap Automatically Accept payments.

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