How to Appear Offline on Xbox in 5 Steps, With Photos

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How to Appear Offline on Xbox in 5 Steps, With Photos

If you’re a gamer, you probably understand the need to appear offline on Xbox. Sometimes, you want to roll around Los Santos with your best online friends; other times, you want to hang out in the Crucible, going full PVP mode in peace.

So, what are your options for appearing offline? You have an Xbox console, sure. But you also have the Xbox mobile app (which honestly makes things much easier), and you have the Xbox Live PC app option. No matter your flavor, we’ll show you how to go offline on Xbox.

How to Appear Offline on Xbox – Console Tutorial

We’ll start with how to appear offline on an Xbox console. Of course, this is what most of us use to win Battle Royales and explore the aftermath of nuclear wastelands. So, if you have your Xbox and controller handy, follow these steps:

Step 1: Click the Xbox Button on Your Controller

We’ll start by accessing your Xbox menu. If you don’t know how to do that just yet, click the Xbox button on your controller.

Xbox button is right at the top of your controller.

Note: Don’t long-press the button. Otherwise, you’ll only see the option to restart or turn off your console.

Step 2: Click Profile & System

Next, use the right-bumper button (the one where your pointer finger rests) to highlight your Profile icon on the right. Then, click A on the controller to access it.

Xbox offline section 1 step 2
Locate your profile icon at the top of the screen.

Step 3: Click Your Profile

The sub-menu will change, and you’ll see your gamer profile near the top of the window. Highlight your profile (using the left toggle switch to move down), and click A when you highlight your profile.

Xbox offline section 1 step 3
Navigate to your profile under Profile & system.

Step 4: Click the Appear Online Drop-down

Now you can see a drop-down menu at the bottom of the window. Hover over Appear Online, and click the A button on your controller.

Xbox offline section 1 step 4
Navigate to Appear offline under your profile.

Note: The option may not show Appear Online; it may show something else depending on what your online activity is already set to.

Step 5: Click Appear Offline

Finally, click A when you highlight Appear Offline.

Xbox offline section 1 step 5
Select Appear online under My account.

How to Appear Offline on Xbox – Mobile App Tutorial

Xbox mobile app makes the Xbox gaming experience better. You can join parties, message other gamers, and change your online activity status in a pinch. If you want to appear offline on your Xbox, follow these steps on the mobile app:

Step 1: Tap Your Profile Icon

Launch the Xbox app and tap your profile icon in the bottom right corner.

Xbox offline section 2 step 1
Your profile icon is at the bottom right of the screen.

Step 2: Tap Appear Offline

You’ll see the Appear Offline option at the top of the page. Tap it.

Xbox offline section 2 step 2
Click Appear offline under your Xbox profile.

Note: This will make you appear offline on your PC and Xbox. If you want to appear online again, follow the same steps in reverse.

The following video short by @JacobDrozh demonstrates just how fast and easy it is to appear offline on your Xbox.

How to Appear Offline on Xbox – PC Tutorial

These days, PC reigns supreme in the gaming industry (it’s debatable, but typically you’ll get a higher FPS and smoother gameplay). If you have the Xbox app installed on your PC, you can appear offline there too. Here’s what to do:

Step 1: Click Your Profile Icon

Launch the Xbox app on your PC. Then, look to the upper left corner (older versions had a side menu). Click on your Profile icon, so a small sub-menu appears.

Xbox offline section 3 step 1
Locate the appear offline under your profile sub-menu.

Step 2: Click Appear Offline

The Appear offline option is near the bottom of this menu. Click Appear Offline.

Xbox offline section 3 step 2
Tapping appear offline makes you anonymous at a party.

When you’re ready to show your friends you’re online again, repeat these steps in reverse.

How to Appear Offline to Non-Xbox Friends

Maybe you want an intimate gaming session with your Xbox friends without the interruptions of random gamers. Here’s how to appear offline to anyone but your Xbox friends:

Step 1: Go to Settings

Following the same steps above, click the Xbox button on your controller and click your profile icon (right bumper to the far right). Then, click Settings.

Xbox offline section 4 step 1
Navigate to Settings under your profile.

Step 2: Click Account

After going to your Xbox profile settings, you’ll see a menu on the left. Hover over Account and select A on your controller.

Xbox offline section 4 step 2
Account is just under your Xbox profile settings.

Step 3: Click Privacy and online safety

Use the left toggle switch to move to the right. Highlight Privacy and online safety and click A on your controller again.

Xbox offline section 4 step 3
Navigate to Account then select click the Privacy& online safety tab.

Step 4: Click Xbox Live Privacy

Now you can select the Xbox Live Privacy option.

Xbox offline section 4 step 4
Go to Xbox privacy under Account privacy & online safety

Step 5: Click View Details and customize

Using the left toggle switch, move down to View details and customize.

Xbox offline section 4 step 5
Under view details & customize, you can adjust your privacy settings.

Step 6: Click Online Status & History

This option should be highlighted by default. But if it isn’t, move to Online Status & History.

xbox offline section 4 step
Navigate to Account status and history and set who can see you.

Step 7: Select Friends

Now, use the toggle switch to move down to the drop-down menu at the bottom (it usually says, Everyone). Select Friends by clicking the drop-down menu.

xbox offline section 4 step 7
Scroll down and select friends in the drop down menu.

Now, the only people who will know you’re online and playing on your Xbox are those you have accepted as friends.

Xbox Online Activity: Explained

Having the ability to control your online status is awesome. Some platforms let you choose from options like Do Not Disturb, Invisible Mode, Offline, and more. Unfortunately, Xbox only gives us three options (online, offline, and do not disturb).

Let’s look at what each one does briefly.

Xbox Online Activity Status

The online activity status is Xbox’s default. When you enable the online status, other gamers can see that you’re online and what you’re playing. This activity status is a great way to meet new friends, team up with your existing friends, and let others know you’re ready to play.

Xbox Offline Activity Status

The offline status is exactly the opposite of the online status. Your friends and even gamers who aren’t your friends won’t see that you’re online. They also won’t see which game you’re playing unless change everyone to friends.

You can enable this status when you don’t want others to see which game you’re playing, or don’t want to play with others. However, others can still message you and send you invites.

Xbox Do Not Disturb Status

The Do Not Disturb status is the holy grail activity status of “I don’t want to be bothered.” When you enable this status, Xbox will let everyone know that you aren’t interested in playing games with them. But it will also silence any notifications, messages, and invites.

When you need a solo gaming session, enable the Do Not Disturb status.

Xbox: Offline

As you can see, Xbox gives us a lot of options to appear offline.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can other people still join me if I set my status to offline?

Yes. Appearing offline only means other gamers can’t see that you are online and playing games. But your friends can still join you regardless of your online status.

Will someone know I set my status to offline?

It’s possible. If they find you playing in a game (it’s highly unlikely) but see your activity status says ‘Offline,’ they’ll know you set your status. However, Xbox doesn’t make it known that you set your status to Offline.

Will someone be able to see when I was last online?

Yes. Even if you go offline, your friends will see when you were last online.

Will someone know if I played a certain game?

Yes, it’s possible. If you entered a game, then went offline, other gamers can see that you played that game. Essentially, your friends will see that you were online and playing this game at some point.

What is Do Not Disturb?

Do Not Disturb on Xbox is the premium option to protect your peace. Essentially, it stops any incoming messages or chat invites. Use this feature to get a bit of peace and quiet.

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