How To Add Venmo To Wallet: Step By Step With Photos

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How To Add Venmo To Wallet: Step By Step With Photos

Digital wallets like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay are popular with people who don’t want to carry cash. You can store your money and even make transactions whenever you want. You can also link a digital wallet to a mobile banking app like Paypal to send and receive money quickly. In fact, you can also add Venmo to a wallet for hassle-free transactions. In addition, you can store your sensitive financial information, including your ID card and driver’s license, in your chosen digital wallet.

If you have a Venmo Credit Card, you don’t have to transfer money to your bank account repeatedly. Simply link the card to a digital wallet and make purchases with your balance. Remember, Venmo doesn’t work with all virtual wallets. Venmo supports Samsung Pay and Google Pay but doesn’t allow you to add credit cards to Apple Pay. Lucky for you, you can add your Venmo Credit Card to your Amazon account! Keep reading to learn more about how to add Venmo to a wallet in minutes.

Which Digital Wallets Does Venmo Support?

Before we jump onto adding Venmo to digital wallets, let’s start with the basics.

A digital wallet, or electronic wallet, is a money transaction app that can run on any device with the Internet. E-wallets can store your financial information, including payment details, cloud passwords, and ID cards. Some can also contain your membership cards, plane tickets, loyalty cards, hotel reservations, and car keys. 

With a digital wallet, you don’t need to carry cash or cards around. All you need to do is enter your debit card, credit card, or bank account details in the wallet and then use your mobile device to make purchases. Popular digital wallets, such as Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, and Google Pay, say they don’t store a user’s personal information and card number as a security measure. 

You can add Venmo to a wallet the same way. Open the Samsung Pay or Google Pay app and enter your Venmo credit card details. Once you add a device, you can buy any item with your balance without transferring money to your bank account every time. Unfortunately, Apple Pay doesn’t support this feature. 

How To Add Money To Apple Cash From Venmo

Now that you know you can’t add Venmo cards to Apple Pay, let’s start the practical work. You can add money to your Apple Cash from your Venmo account while leaving the cards out of the scene. But what’s Apple Cash?

Apple Pay also has a digital card called Apple Cash, which works like other debit cards. You can buy anything from the stores, online, or in-app from it. To transfer money to your Apple Cash from your Venmo account, you must link both to one bank account. 

Remember that your Venmo account, Apple Wallet, and bank account all have the same name to make this process work. It means that you can only transfer money to yourself through this method. 

Once your bank account is verified and linked, you’ll have to send the money from Venmo to your bank account and then transfer it to your Apple Wallet. The bank account will work as an intermediary. Follow the below steps to get started:

Step 1: Open Settings in Your Venmo App

Go to settings in your Venmo account.


Venmo’s easy-to-use interface makes adding a bank account, credit card, or debit card to your account easier. Open the app on your mobile and tap the “Me” tab to see the app’s settings. You can also click the hamburger icon to open the menu and choose “Settings.”

Step 2: Choose Payment Methods

Navigate to Payment Methods under Settings.


In the Settings screen, tap “Payment Methods,” the second option from the top.

Step 3: Select “Add Bank or Card”

Under Payment Methods, tap add bank or card.


Now, tap the “Add bank or card” option, and the following screen will ask you to choose your credit card or bank. Choose “Bank.” Venmo will now ask for your banking details. Enter them correctly and wait for Venmo to verify your credentials. Remember, you must provide the same information to Apple Cash to add Venmo to a wallet.

Step 4: Tap on Your Bank 

Tap your bank from the ones shown.


After the verification, you will have a list of banks Venmo supports. Choose the one you want to link with Venmo, and you’re done! The bank account is now added to your Venmo account, so you can use it to make transactions.

Note: Venmo will verify your bank account by sending $1. That’s mainly the case when you link your account manually to Venmo. So, you must have a $2 minimum in your bank account to avoid an overdraft. If you end up there, the transaction will decline, as will the entire verification process. 

Step 5: Open Apple Wallet

Fund your digital wallet using a debit card.


Now it’s time to link your bank account to Apple Wallet. For that, you must enter your debit or prepaid card information in the Wallet to add money to it. Start by launching the Apple Wallet app and choose your Apple Cash card.

Step 6: Choose the More Button in the Wallet

Tap add money under Payment Card.


The next step is selecting the three dots on the screen’s top. A menu will open. Find “Add Money” and tap on it.

Step 7: Enter the Amount

The minimum limit is $10.


Apple Pay app will now ask you to enter the amount you want to add to your Wallet. Once you’ve typed in the correct numbers, choose “Add” to proceed in this “Add Venmo to a wallet” process. 

Finally, confirm the prompt about the card you want to use to transfer money into your Wallet. Then, ensure you’ve provided the correct billing address. The app will request your confirmation via Face ID, passcode, or Touch ID. Follow the on-screen instructions to add Venmo to the wallet indirectly. 

How To Add Venmo To Google Pay

So what if you can’t directly add Venmo to Apple Pay? You can add Venmo to a wallet like Google Pay easily. Follow the below steps to link your Venmo to Google Pay:

Step 1: Log in To Google Pay

Sign in to your GPay account.


First, visit the Google Pay website on your device and log in to your Google account. If you don’t have an account already, you can create one from the “Sign up” option present in the upper-right corner of your screen.

Step 2: Choose “Add a Card”

You can add a Visa or MasterCard debit card.


Once you’re logged in, look for the “Add a Card” option present on the menu bar on the screen’s top. On the next screen, choose “Venmo.” You can select “Create an account” to sign up with Venmo.

Step 3: Provide Your Information

The next screen will ask for your Venmo credentials (email address and password) to complete a form. Enter your correct information and choose “Confirm” to submit the form. That’s it; you have now successfully added Venmo to Google Pay.

Things can be even easier if you can use Google Pay on your iPad or iPhone. Yes, you can benefit from this digital wallet to transfer and manage money on Apple devices. You can also earn rewards and pay for goods and services online.

However, you can’t use Google Pay to purchase items in-store from the tap-to-pay option. Instead, you’ll have to pay with your physical Venmo credit or debit card. There is no other way to spare Apple’s restriction on Venmo.

How To Add Venmo To Amazon Wallet

If you’re an avid Amazon shopper, you can also link your Venmo account to Amazon Wallet. Once you do so, you can make your Venmo account a payment method for your Amazon purchases. Ensure you have the latest version of the Venmo app then follow the below steps:

Step 1: Open Amazon Wallet

Open your Amazon Wallet and log in to your account if you haven’t already. 

Sign into Amazon and go to wallets.


Step 2: Add a Venmo Account

Add Venmo as a payment method.


Once logged in, select the “Add a payment method” option and choose “Add Venmo.” 

Step 3: Enter Your Venmo Credentials

Once you add Venmo details, you can use Venmo to make future purchases.


The next screen will ask for your Venmo login information. Provide it correctly and choose whether to receive a 6-digit code on your mobile number. Alternatively, you can provide your Venmo password to log in. It will complete the security requirements. 

Lastly, click on “Agree & complete” to move forward. Wait for Amazon to verify your information, then choose “Return to Merchant.” Amazon will send another confirmation message saying Venmo has been successfully linked to your account. 

Can You Add Venmo Cards To Apple Pay?

Venmo offers two types of cards to users—Venmo Mastercard Debit Card and Venmo Credit Card. Apple Pay doesn’t support Venmo cards, but is there any way you can still add them to the app? Many Apple users have wondered the same since Venmo cards became popular with Google Pay and Samsung Pay. The answer is obvious—you can’t add Venmo cards to Apple’s wallet.

Why Can’t You Add Venmo To Apple Pay?

While you can add Venmo cards to Samsung Pay and Google Pay, it isn’t possible with Apple Pay. This means the problem isn’t from Venmo’s side, but Apple doesn’t allow Venmo cards to integrate into its wallet app.

Apple hasn’t issued any official statement about why they do so. Maybe because Venmo is an emerging digital wallet, Apple doesn’t want to promote it. It can be true, but it doesn’t make sense since the company supports Google Pay—its biggest competitor.

Now, the question is: “Can you transfer money from your Venmo account to Apple Pay?” The good news is that you can! That’s quite helpful to have a financial backup in case you run out of cash in an emergency.


It’s possible to add Venmo to a digital wallet. Popular digital wallets, such as Google Pay and Samsung Pay, can also easily integrate with Venmo cards. However, you can’t add Venmo to Apple Pay directly. You’ll need to do so indirectly. Just connect a bank account to your Venmo, and then link that bank account to Apple Pay. That way, you can quickly transfer money from your Venmo to Apple Pay. You can also add Venmo to your Amazon Wallet.

How To Add Venmo To Wallet: Step By Step With Photos FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

How to add Venmo to a wallet?

You can add Venmo to Google Pay and Samsung Pay by visiting their websites. Apple Pay doesn’t allow you to purchase directly from your Venmo account. However, you can make your bank account an intermediary between Apple Wallet and Venmo.

Can I add Venmo to Google Pay?

You can add Venmo to Google Pay by logging in to your account and adding Venmo as the payment method. Enter your information and confirm the details to complete the process.

Can I pay from Venmo on Amazon?

You can pay from your Venmo card on Amazon by linking both accounts. Provide your Venmo card information, complete the security step, confirm the details, and you’re done.

Where can you use your Venmo credit card?

You can use your Venmo card at any store or merchant that accepts MasterCard and Visa cards. Make the card your payment method, and use it in the Venmo app or separately to purchase anything you want. You can also send money to your friends and family.

Are Venmo credit and debit cards different?

When using a Venmo credit card, you must bear the 3% standard fee when making person-to-person transactions. It is also likely to go into debt. On the other hand, Venmo Mastercard Debit uses your app’s balance to make purchases. Anyone can get a debit card, but you’ll have to fulfill some requirements to get a credit card.

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