How To Add Venmo To Apple Pay Without Card in 4 Steps (With Photos)

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How To Add Venmo To Apple Pay Without Card in 4 Steps (With Photos)

Apple Pay and Venmo are two convenient online payment services. Both have gone mainstream, with many debating which is the best. The good news is you can use both simultaneously. You’ll have to add Venmo to Apple Pay and use your Venmo balance to pay from your Wallet. 

But can you do so without a card? No, adding Venmo to Apple Pay without a card is impossible. When integrating any payment app into Apple Pay, you must link a debit or credit card in the Wallet. After all, Apple Wallet can hold digital cards. After adding a card, you can use Venmo and Apple Pay accounts.

If you still don’t have a Venmo card, there is nothing to worry about. Applying for a Venmo card and adding it to your Apple Pay is easy. Keep reading to learn how to add Venmo to Apple Pay without a card.

Is It Possible to Add Venmo to Apple Pay Without Card?

It’s impossible to add Venmo to Apple Pay without a Venmo debit card. Apple Pay is connected to a digital wallet that supports contactless payments without physical cards. It can only hold your cards, not your payment app accounts or profile data. So, you’ll first get a Venmo debit card and then add it to your Wallet.

Venmo doesn’t work without a bank account, debit, or credit card. So, first, you’d have to add a card to your Venmo account and then enter its details in your Apple Pay account to use both apps together. Remember, you can only pay at those merchants that support Apple Pay payments

How to Add Venmo to Apple Pay With a Card

Contactless payments have now become the new normal. Whether you go to a gas station to fill up your car or order a food delivery, you’d prefer paying with a digital app. That’s quite convenient, no? You don’t have to search your pocket for a debit card; your mobile phone will do the job for you in just a few seconds. 

You can only use Apple Pay with Venmo by adding your debit card to the Wallet. There is no other way. However, remember, you can’t add a Venmo credit card to Apple Pay, as the payment service doesn’t support the Venmo credit card. So, if you have already got a Venmo debit card and wondering how to use its balance with Apple Pay, here is what you need to do:

Step 1: Launch Apple Wallet

Your Wallet is accessible from your phone’s home screen.


Start by opening the Wallet app on your phone to access your Apple Pay account. iPhones come with the pre-installed Wallet app, so you don’t have to download it from the App Store. Just tap on Wallet’s icon to proceed.

Step 2: Tap the (+) Icon

Tap the + sign to reveal more details.


Once your Wallet opens, look for the (+) sign at the upper-right corner of your screen. Tap on it to add your Venmo debit card to Apple Pay. You can add other digital cards from this option, including your ID card, tickets, driver’s license, etc. 

Step 3: Select Debit or Credit Card

Choose the Debit or Credit Card option.


Apple Wallet allows you to add debit and credit cards to your account. Your Venmo Mastercard is a debit card, so you must add it to your Wallet. Select Debit or Credit Card from the Card Type section.

Step 4: Enter Your Venmo Card Details

Double-check your card details so you won’t waste time re-entering the wrong details. 


The next screen will require you to scan your Venmo debit card from the front and the back. You have to open your phone’s camera and hover it over the card. The details will be entered in the Wallet app automatically. 

Alternatively, you can add the card details manually too. Simply tap on Enter Card Details Manually. With this option, you must enter your card’s number, the CVC or security code, and the expiration date.

Once Apple Pay verifies the Venmo card, it will become a payment method in your Wallet. You can now use your Venmo card at any merchant that accepts Apple Pay. You can keep your debit card at home and use it virtually. 

How to Transfer Money from Venmo to Apple Pay

While you can’t add Venmo to Apple Pay without a card, you can transfer money to it without using your debit or credit card. Of course, it’s impossible through a direct route, so you’ll have to do it indirectly through an intermediary bank account. 

You can link your Apple Pay and Venmo to one bank account and transfer money from Venmo to Apple Cash. But before you proceed, ensure your Venmo account, Apple Pay, and bank account have a similar first and last name. Otherwise, all your efforts would go in vain.

Once Venmo and Apple Wallet verify your bank account, you can quickly transfer money to your account. Then, send the amount to your Apple Pay. Here is how the entire process will go:

  1. First, launch the Venmo app on your phone and open the Me tab to access the settings. Alternatively, you can select the hamburger icon to open the quick menu.
  2. Now, select Payment Methods.
  3. Tap the Add bank or card option and then choose Bank
  4. Enter your bank account details correctly on the next screen and wait for the verification process to complete.
  5. Venmo will now give you a list of supported banks. Pick the one you’re using as an intermediary, and the bank account will be added to your Venmo account.

Venmo will send you $1 as a part of the bank account verification process. Ensure you have at least $2 in your bank account so you don’t end up with an overdraft. Otherwise, Venmo’s transaction will decline, and your entire efforts will go into vain. 

Add the Bank Account to Apple Pay

  1. Open the Apple Wallet app and tap on your Apple Cash Card.
  2. Select the More or Three-Dot icon on the top-right side of the screen.
  3. Tap Add Money.
  4. Type the amount you wish to add to your Apple Pay from Venmo. You can’t transfer less than $10. Once you’ve entered the amount, tap Add and confirm the on-screen prompts. 

Apple Pay may take some time to verify this transaction. You may even be asked to authenticate yourself through a passcode, Touch ID, or Face ID. Just complete the on-screen prompts to add Venmo to Apple Pay.

Can You Use Venmo to Make App Store Purchases?

You can use your Venmo debit card’s balance to make in-app purchases, including those initiated on the Apple Store. You can also use your Venmo card to pay for your favorite products at physical Apple Stores.

If you don’t want to use your Venmo card for this purpose, you can add money to your Apple Pay by using the bank as an intermediary. Once your Wallet is topped up, you can easily buy things from the App Store. 

Advantages of Linking Venmo to Apple Pay

You can add Venmo to Apple Pay through an intermediary bank account, and there are a couple of benefits to adding Venmo to Apple Pay. Here are just three of them:

  • Convenient & fast transactions: Having Venmo and Apple Pay simultaneously installed on your phone will prevent you from the hassle of scrolling through your pockets for the wallet. You can instantly make payments from either of the apps.
  • Security: Apple Pay is a secure platform using advanced encryption technology. Adding Venmo to Apple Pay means your personal payment information will be protected.
  • Cashback Incentives: Using your Venmo debit card with Apple Pay can help you earn different incentives or cashback rewards. However, it will depend on your card type. 

Can’t Add a Venmo Card to Apple Pay? Try These Fixes

You now know how to add Venmo to Apple Pay through a card. However, sometimes, you may be unable to link your Venmo debit card. It could be an error from Apple Pay’s side or Venmo’s server—it’s hard to know. In such situations, you can try the following troubleshooting steps to get started:

  • Contact Venmo Support to ensure that your card is compatible with Apple Pay.
  • Check if an update is available on your iOS, macOS, or watchOS. If so, accept them and try adding the card again.
  • Ensure you’re in a country or region that supports Apple Pay transactions
  • See if your device supports Apple Pay.
  • Check your internet connection and resolve any issues.
  • You may see Could Not Add Card, Card Device Limit, or Could Not Add Card prompts while adding Venmo to Apple Wallet. In that case, contact Apple Support or Venmo Customer Service. 

Wrap Up

Adding Venmo to Apple Pay without a card is impossible. Apple Pay is a digital wallet that can only hold cards. So, no matter what payment service you want to use with your Apple Wallet, you must connect your card to Apple Pay. There is no other way. However, there is a limitation. You can only add your Venmo debit card to your Apple Pay account, not the credit card. Just open the Wallet on your phone, press (+), tap Debit or Credit Card, scan your Venmo debit card, and you’re done. Now, you can use your Venmo balance to purchase from your Apple Pay account!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add Venmo to Apple Pay without a card?

You can’t add Venmo to Apple Pay without a card since Apple Pay is integrated into the Wallet app. It’s a digital wallet that only holds digital cards for contactless payments. So, if you want to use a payment app with Apple Pay, you’d have to connect its card to your Wallet.

Can I add a Venmo Credit Card to Apple Pay?

No, you can’t add a Venmo Credit Card to Apple Pay. However, you can use your Venmo debit card with it.

What cards can I add to Apple Wallet?

You can add your debit or credit cards, transit cards, driver’s licenses, concert passes, plane tickets, state ID, keys, and many more digital cards to Apple Wallet.

Does Apple Pay work without a physical card?

Apple Pay supports contactless payments without requiring a physical card. You just have to add the physical card to the Wallet app and use it to pay virtually.

How do I withdraw cash from Venmo without a card?

If you don’t have a card, you can withdraw cash from Venmo from the bank transfer option. Open the side menu in the Venmo app and tap Transfer to Bank. Then, enter the money you want to withdraw and choose the bank account to which you want to send it. Finally, confirm your details and hit the Transfer button. The funds will be available in your bank in a few days, and you can withdraw them anytime.

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