How To Add Money To Cash App in 4 Steps, With Photos

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How To Add Money To Cash App in 4 Steps, With Photos

Whether you want to pay a loan or trade in crypto, loading money on Cash App is pretty easy. Like Venmo and PayPal, Cash App is quite popular as its easy-to-use, has various features, and is convenient. No wonder many people call it a portable “mobile banking app.” However, it’s much more than that. 

Cash App works similarly to other payment services, but it has an added point of the Cash App Card. You can use a Visa Debit Card like a standard debit card at online and physical stores. In fact, you can also withdraw money from it through an ATM. 

Besides sending and receiving payments, you can also invest in stocks or company shares, buy and sell Bitcoin, and make direct deposits to your bank account. But to avail of most of these features, you must have sufficient balance in your Cash App account. Keep reading to know how to add money to Cash App in the easiest ways!

Loading Money on Cash App From Your Bank Account

You can receive money in your Cash App account right after signing up. However, you’ll have to link it to your bank account to send money. Of course, you can skip this step if you already added your debit card to your account. But if you didn’t, follow the below steps to load money on Cash App from your bank account:

Step 1: Tap the Bank Icon in the App

Scroll down and tap the bank icon.


Start by launching Cash App on your device. Once the homepage loads, look for the “Bank” icon on the bottom-left side. Tap on it, and the following screen will give you multiple options to proceed.

Add your bank account as a payment or funding method.


If you want to add money to Cash App from your debit card, press “Add Credit Card,” enter the amount, and tap “Add.” A prompt will then pop up asking for your debit card number. Just provide your information and follow the on-screen instructions to move forward.

You can also choose the “Bank Account” option. It will bring the debit card prompt to let you enter your details. If you don’t have a card, tap “No Card” when the debit card info prompt appears. Cash App will allow you to choose a bank account from which to add money. Your option will be a secure login method, similar to other net banking transactions.

Step 3: Tap “Add Cash”

Select the Add Cash option.


Now, choose the “Add Cash” option present underneath your current account balance.

Step 4: Type the Amount and Press “Add”

Enter the amount you want to load to your Cash app, then tap Add.


You must type the cash amount you wish to deposit to your Cash App account. Once entered, tap “Add” and enter the PIN or Touch ID to confirm that it’s you making the deposit. And you’re done! The money will start displaying in your account instantly.

Add Money To Cash App From a Store

Another way to add money to your Cash App or Cash Card is from a retail store. Walmart, 7-Eleven, and Walgreens are just a few stores that allow people to deposit paper money into their Cash App accounts. You can add a maximum of $500 to your Cash App after the store’s cashier scans your unique barcode. 

Here is how you can add money to Cash App from your nearest retail store:

Step 1: Find a Nearby Store

Start by searching for a store that allows users to add money to Cash Card through paper money. To locate a store, open Cash App on your device, tap the “Bank” icon from the bottom menu, and choose “Paper Money.” 

Scroll down and tap Paper Money to find a local store that accepts Cash App payments.


Allow Cash App to access your location and enable this feature on your device. Tap any place to get its address. Choose “Directions” or “Copy Address” to paste into Apple Maps or Google Maps for easy navigation. 

Step 2: Visit the Store and Show Your Barcode

Walk to the nearest store and ask the cashier to add funds to your account.


Once you arrive at the store, inform the cashier that you want to add money to Cash App by scanning your barcode. The cashier will ask for your barcode instead of your Cash Card. However, in some stores like HEB or Walmart, you will be directed to customer service for paper money deposition. Many merchants also ask for ID, so take it along.

Tap “Show Barcode” in Cash App when the cashier asks for your barcode. You can also reaccess the option by tapping the “Bank” icon, then Paper Money, choosing the store’s name, and selecting “Show Barcode.”

Step 3: Deposit the Paper Money

You can deposit

between $5 to $500 at a time.


Now, pay the deposit fee and amount to the cashier. Cash App allows you to deposit from $5 to $500 each deposit at a meager fee of $1 per deposit. The app limits users to deposit up to $1000 a week (on a rolling calendar basis) and $4000 monthly. 

Moreover, you can make one deposit per barcode. To add over $500, you must generate a new barcode to complete the transaction.

Step 4: Tap Done

Scroll down and tap the green “Done” button to complete the process.


The money will instantly display in your Cash App balance in a few minutes. 

Add Money To Cash App By Requesting Your Friend

You can also ask your friend to send a certain amount to your Cash App account in exchange for physical cash. This way, you won’t have to add your debit card or bank account to your app account. Here is how you can request money from your friend on Cash App:

Step 1: Tap the “$” Icon in the App

Scroll down and tap the dollar sign icon.


Launch the app and look for the “$” sign in the middle of the bottom menu. Tap on it.

Step 2: Enter the Amount

Enter the amount you would like to request.


In the next step, type in the amount you request from your friend and tap “Request” to proceed.

Step 3: Provide the Sender’s Details

Enter the contact information of the sender.


Provide the sender’s contact details, specifically their phone number, $Cashtag, or email address, in the “To” box. Then, move on to the “For” field and enter why you requested the money. Finally, choose “Cash” from the “Send as” option.

Step 4: Tap Request

Tap the Request button.


Review your information again and then tap the “Request” option on the upper-right corner of your screen. When the sender accepts your request and pays, the money will instantly be added to your Cash App account. 

Can You Cash Out in Cash App?

So, you can add money to Cash App, but can you cash it out? Yes, you can! It’s easy to deposit money into your bank account from the app. Here is how to cash out money in Cash App:

  1. Launch Cash App and open the “Bank” tab from the bottom-left side of the screen.
  2. Select the “Cash Out” option below your current balance. 
  3. On the next screen, type in the money you want to cash out from your account and press “Cash Out.”
  4. As you click on the “Cash Out” option, a prompt will appear on the screen with two payment options: Standard and Instant. The former takes a few days for the money to transfer to your bank account from the app, but it’s for free. The latter option has a fee, but it will instantly deposit money into your bank account. 
  5. Pick either of the options and tap “Done” to complete the transaction. You can now cash out the money.

Can’t Add Money To Cash App? Try These Methods

While being one of the highly-demanded apps, Cash App can have multiple issues that restrict users from adding money to their accounts. You may not be able to send or receive money as well. 

If Cash App is showing errors when adding money, follow the below troubleshooting methods to solve them:

Restart the App

This goes without saying: your first troubleshooting step should be restarting the app. Close the app entirely through force-closing, so it is not opened in the background. Once you’re sure the app is closed, relaunch it and see if you can add money to Cash App.

Add Money From the Cash App’s Website 

If the app still shows issues, you can try logging in to your account from Cash App’s website. Explore the app thoroughly before adding money to prevent any mishap. 

Check Cash App’s Online Server

Typical of any online app, Cash App requires a reliable online service to work smoothly 24/7. However, its server can go down, resulting in multiple issues in the app. 

Fortunately, Cash App has a dedicated “Status” page, allowing users to check if any service is unavailable, such as Add Cash, Send & Receive Money, Direct Deposits, Cash Card, etc. If the “Add Cash” option is offline, you can only wait for the Cash App to resolve the issue. 

Ensure a Stable Internet Connection

The next troubleshooting method is to ensure you have a stable internet connection. Cash App doesn’t work without an internet connection, so if your WiFi network has some issues, you can try switching to a cellular service. 

Once done, check the signals on your phone’s top status bar. If they’re full, you have a good internet connection. You can try to add money to Cash App now. 

Clear Your Data Cache

Another way to fix the issue is deleting the data cache from your Cash App. Over time, the cache can become corrupted and cause errors in the app’s working. On your iPhone, you can clear the Cash App’s data cache by deleting and reinstalling the app. 

If you have an Android device, you’ll have to go to the Settings > Apps > See All Apps > Cash App > Storage & cache > Clear cache. Try relaunching the app and see if you can add money to it.

Contact Your Bank 

Sometimes, the issue might be from your bank’s side, causing errors when completing a transaction. To solve this problem, contact your linked bank’s customer support and determine what’s causing the transaction failure.

Connect With Cash App’s Customer Service

Your last resort should be contacting Cash App’s customer service department. Luckily, its team is responsive on both the mobile app and the website. Just tap on your profile, choose “Account & Settings,” then select “Support.” 

On the next screen, start a chat by tapping on the “Start a Chat” option. Unfortunately, the website version doesn’t have the live chat option. You can access the Support from the Settings option. From there, you can connect with Cash App’s customer support team via email. 

Best Reasons to Not Use Cash App

Cash App is one of the most popular money transfer apps, with over 36 million active users. However, there are a few reasons that consumers are hesitant to send or receive through Cash App (and similar apps).

  • No Customer Service Phones: Cash App customer service can only be contacted through email or chat, but we’ve created an easy guide with photos for contacting a representative.
  • Not FDIC Insured: Cash App as a business is not insured by FDIC, which means that if it goes out of business your money sitting on the platform would not be protected.
  • Scams and Fraud: There are scammer accounts registered as actual users to trick others to send their money by mistake, and there are fake advertisements to get users to send money for false reasons.

Wrap Up

You can add money to Cash App in multiple ways, such as transferring cash from your bank account and requesting your friend to send you money. While you don’t have to link your bank account to Cash App to receive money, you need it to send payments. So, it’s better to enter your debit card number when signing up on Cash App. 

Cash App also allows you to cash out money from your account. Simply deposit the app’s balance into the linked bank account. You can then withdraw the money and do whatever you want to do with it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I add money to Cash App?

You can add money to Cash App from the “Banking tab”. Open it, tap the “Add Cash” option, enter the amount, and press “Add.” The money will be deposited from your bank to your Cash App account.

Where can I reload my Cash App Card?

You can reload your Cash App card from 7-Eleven, Walmart, Dollar Tree, Rite Aid, CVS, Target, Dollar General, Family Dollar, and Walgreens.

Can I add money to my Cash App account without a bank account?

You can add money to your Cash App by requesting your friend for funds. Cash App doesn’t require users to link a bank account to receive money.

Why can't I add cash to my Cash App?

You most likely can’t add cash to your Cash App due to bank or app server issues or poor internet connection.

Can I withdraw my Cash App money?

You can withdraw your Cash App money by depositing it into your linked bank account. Navigate the “Banking tab,” tap “Cash Out, enter the amount, pick the payment option, and choose “Done.”

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