How to Add Money to Apple Pay in 7 Steps, With Photos

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How to Add Money to Apple Pay in 7 Steps, With Photos

Apple Pay makes our life super convenient. You can use it to pay for your purchased goods and services, settle your loans, or use it as a financial backup if you run out of money anytime. The features of Apple Pay are endless, and they all take just a few taps to work. But what if you run out of your Apple Pay balance? How will you add money to Apple Pay?

Adding money to Apple Pay is also very simple. The best way is to ask your friend to send you the amount in exchange for physical cash. But if that’s not possible, you can top up your Apple Pay account via your bank account or credit or debit card. 

If you have been an Apple user for a long time, you’d know that Apple Pay is connected to the Wallet app, allowing users to pay for items from their Apple Cash card. So, link them together if you haven’t already, and then open the Wallet app, add the bank account or card to your account, type the deposit amount, and add money to Apple Pay. Simple!

Let’s learn how to add money to Apple Pay from a bank account and debit or credit card.

How to Add Money to Apple Pay From Your Bank Account

Transferring money to your Apple Pay from your bank account is pretty straightforward. If you have previously added money to your Cash App or Venmo, you’d know that you must first link the bank account to the payment app. You primarily need two pieces of information: your bank account number and the routing number. 

Just follow the below steps to learn how to add money to Apple Pay from your bank account:

Step 1: Launch the Apple Wallet App

Open the Apple Wallet on your iPhone.


You won’t find the Apple Pay app on the App Store because it doesn’t exist. Instead, it’s in the Apple Wallet app that comes with your iPhone or other iOS device by default. You can store your digital cards in the Wallet, whether gift cards, passes, concert tickets, or ID cards. This way, you don’t have to carry physical cards everywhere; the app will do the job for you!

So, find the Wallet on your device and open it. If you can’t find it on the menu, check the “Finance” folder.  

Step 2: Tap on Your Apple Cash Card

You can also see details about your latest payments when you choose Apple Pay.


Once the homepage opens, select your Apple Cash Card, with an Apple logo and “Cash” in the top-left corner. If you want to send or receive money from someone, you can do it at this step.

Step 3: Open More Options

Tap the More icon to reveal more options.


Now, look for the “More” icon with three dots on the top-right side of your screen. Tap on it to open more options.

Step 4: Select “Card Details”

Tap Card Details in the drop-down menu.


The “More” button will give you options, such as adding money to Apple Pay or transferring your Apple Pay balance to your bank account if you have already linked a bank account. 

Here, we are assuming that you haven’t done that. So, choose the “Card Details” option to add a bank account to the Wallet and then add money to Apple Pay. You can also decide whether to accept every payment manually or let Apple Pay do it automatically.  

Step 5: Choose “Bank Account”


On the next screen, choose “Bank Account” to access all the accounts connected to your Apple Pay. You can then add a new account or remove any existing one. If you already have a linked bank account, click on it, and Apple Pay will allow you to edit the information. You can also see your account number and routing number here.

If you no longer want to use this bank account, delete its information and add a new one to your Wallet and Apple Pay to proceed. Remember, you can only link one account at once with Apple Cash.

Step 6: Add a Bank Account

Enter your bank details in the respective fields.


Add your new bank account to Apple Pay. Check your bank statements to find both of these things. Enter the numbers correctly in their fields. 

Soon, Apple will send a trial deposit to your bank account for verification. These deposits are usually between $0.5 and $1. So, if you see one or two such deposits and withdrawals in your bank account, know that Apple is authenticating your account.

Step 7: Add Money To Apple Pay

Transferring money from your bank account to Apple Pay takes some minutes.


Finally, it’s time to add money to Apple Pay from your bank account. Click “Add Money,” enter the amount, press “Add,” and you’re done!

You can now use your Apple Pay balance to pay someone, buy something, or move it to another bank account. The best part? Apple Pay transfers are completely free and quick!

How to Add Money to Apple Pay via a Debit or Credit Card

Suppose your bank account is in the verification process at the bank’s end. You have to pay for an urgent goods delivery through your Apple Pay. What will you do in such a situation? Of course, you can’t wait for the verification process to complete since the payment is urgent. In that case, you can connect your debit or credit card to your Apple Pay account and add money!

Here is how you can add money to Apple Pay through your debit or credit card:

  1. First, launch the Wallet app on your iPhone.
  2. Then, tap the Apple Cash Card and open the “More” options.
  3. Select Add Money.
  4. Type the amount you wish to add to your Apple Pay account and hit “Add.”
  5. Enter your debit or credit card details, including the card number, name, expiration date, and CVV code. Confirm the information and the billing address. 
  6. Your credit or debit card provider may send you an OTP for verification. Verify yourself to move forward.
  7. Finally, confirm your identity on Apple Pay via Touch ID, Face ID, or passcode.

Note: You can only add a minimum of $10 to your Apple Pay account. The card should also be in the US, or it won’t work. 

Can You Add Money to Apple Pay via a Gift Card

Gift cards are an excellent way to have a financial backup always ready. Unfortunately, you can’t directly add money from a gift card to your Apple Pay account. However, you can link them to your Apple Wallet and use them to purchase your favorite items from the app.

Most payment apps let you add money from specific Mastercards, gift cards, or Visa cards and use these cards anywhere. Stores typically consider such cards as “cash” instead of gift cards. But Apple Pay doesn’t support this feature. You can only add money to an Apple Pay account by receiving funds from someone or loading the balance from a credit or debit card or bank account. 

Checking Your Apple Pay Account Balance

You may receive a notification whenever someone sends money to your Apple Pay account. But you can also ensure the fund transfer from the Wallet app. Here is how to check if your Apple Pay is credited with money:

  1. First, launch the Wallet app on your iPhone.
  2. Select your Apple Pay Cash Card.
  3. Open the “More” options to see full details of your Apple Cash Card.
  4. You can now see your current balance. 

You’re all good if the card’s balance has topped up with the amount you transferred from your credit or debit card or bank account. Contact Apple Pay Support for further guidance if the money doesn’t arrive.

Can’t Receive Money in Apple Pay? Try These Fixes

Sometimes, you may encounter issues adding money to your Apple Pay account. A number of reasons could be behind the problem. So, you’ll want to try different fixes to see which works. Here are a few effective ones. We recommend you attempt to add money to Apple Pay after every step.

  • First, restart the device and add money to your Apple Pay again. 
  • Apple may block your account from sending or receiving money if you haven’t been verified. So, complete the verification process and see if it works. 
  • Apple has strict requirements for sending and receiving money with Apple Cash. Ensure you’re following every pointer, or your transaction attempts will fail. 
  • Check if Apple Cash is enabled on your device. Access Settings > Wallet & Apple Pay > Allow Apple Cash.
  • You may have exceeded the money sending and receiving limits. If Apple Pay asks you to try adding a lower amount, do that and try again.
  • If you have the “Accept” prompt on your Apple Pay account, you have set manual acceptance for your payments. Tap the “Accept” button to receive the amount on your Apple Cash.

Try the above fixes if you can’t add money to Apple Pay. If the problem persists, contact Apple Support to seek help. 

Wrap Up

Apple Pay is a convenient online payment platform. You can top up your Apple Cash balance anytime with any bank account or credit or debit card linked to your Apple Pay or Wallet. Choose your Apple Cash Card on Wallet, tap “More,” then “Add Money,” enter the amount, select the bank account, and the money will be added to your Apple Pay. Repeat the process with your credit or debit card but choose the “Card” option instead of the bank. The money transfer to Apple Pay takes only a few minutes, so you can instantly pay for your favorite items!

For an in-depth breakdown of Apple Pay and the Apple Wallet, check out this video:

How to Add Money to Apple Pay in 7 Steps, With Photos FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

How do I add money to Apple Pay with a debit or credit card?

You can add money to Apple Pay with a debit or credit card from your iPhone’s Wallet app. Just tap on the Apple Cash Card, select “More,” and choose “Add Money.” Then, enter the amount you want to add to Apple Pay, choose the card, and verify yourself to complete the process. 

Can I add money to Apple Pay from my bank account?

You can add money to Apple Pay from your bank account from your Wallet. Open the app, tap on your Apple Cash Card, choose the “More” option, and select “Add Money.”Afterward, type the money you want to add from your bank account to Apple Pay, choose the bank, and hit the “Add” button.

What cards work with Apple Pay?

All major card companies in the US, including Visa, Discover, MasterCard, and American Express, work with Apple Pay.

Does Apple Pay charge a fee?

Standard transfers from Apple Pay are free but take up to 3 business days to process. On the other hand, Instant transfers are processed within 30 minutes, but they have a 1.5% fee of the total amount with a $0.25 minimum and $15 maximum fees for every transfer.

Why can't I add money to Apple Cash?

You may not add money to Apple Cash if your iOS device isn’t updated to the latest version or has no internet connection. It could also be possible that your card isn’t US-based or you’re not fulfilling the Apple Cash requirements. Contact Apple Support for better assistance.

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