How to Add Commands on Twitch in 6 Steps

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How to Add Commands on Twitch in 6 Steps

Key Points

  • Twitch commands are built-in features that help manage and moderate chat, ranging from changing username colors to blocking messages and more.
  • There are two types of commands: Basic commands that can be used by users within the chat, and Mod commands that require moderator status.
  • Different roles on Twitch, such as moderators and channel owners, can create and use commands, while viewers and subscribers cannot create or modify commands.
  • To add commands on Twitch, you can use a Twitch bot like Moobot, activate built-in chat commands, and create custom commands by entering a name and response.

If you’ve been using Twitch and watching live streams, then you’ve probably noticed that the chat channels for popular Twitch streams are very clean and organized. A lot of this is done through Twitch commands. If you’ve been thinking about becoming a moderator, or you want to better moderate your channel, then learning how to use commands is important. You can use commands to assign moderator roles, ban users, and more. In this article, you’ll learn how to add commands in Twitch and how they can be used to improve your chat and streaming experience.

What Are Twitch Commands?

Twitch commands are built-in features of Twitch that help you better manage and moderate your chat. They range from simple commands to change the color of your username, to blocking messages, to shouting out another channel, and more. To use Twitch commands, all you need to do is type the command you want into the chat box and click enter.

There are two different types of commands, Basic commands, and Mod commands. Basic commands, such as “/color blue,” allow users to change the color of their username in the chat. These commands can be used by users within the chat. Mod commands are specifically designed to control the chat and they require moderator status. Some examples of mod commands are “/timeout username,” which temporarily bans a user, and “/emoteonly,” which restricts chat messages to emotes only. Please note that the quotation marks and commas are not part of the command. Some commands also have required values, such as a color name or hex value.

Understanding Twitch Commands and User Roles

With Twitch, different roles can create, access, and use commands. For example, Twitch moderators can add and use commands in chat. As the channel owner, you can also add commands to your chat.

Some users might be channel VIPs, however, they usually can’t add or modify commands. You also have standard channel subscribers and viewers who also can’t create or modify channel commands.

How to Add Commands on Twitch

Now that you have a better understanding of what Twitch commands are, let’s show you how to add commands to Twitch.

Step 1. Add a Bot to Your Server

If you want to do more than use the built-in commands, then you’ll want to use a Twitch bot. Bots make it easy to add commands to your Twitch channel without complex coding. There are a few different bots you can use, but the easiest for Twitch commands is Moobot.

First, head over to Moo.bot and click the “Connect with Twitch” button.

Add commands Twitch
Click on the white and green “Connect with Twitch” button.


On the next screen, you’ll be asked to verify the connection to your Twitch account. Simply click the “Authorize” button and the bot will be added to your Twitch account.

Add commands Twitch
Click on the purple “Authorize” button to allow Moobot to connect to your Twitch account.


Step 2. Activate Built-in Chat Commands

First, you might want to activate the built-in chat commands. The command you want to create might already be listed, so it’s important to do this first.

All you need to do is click the exclamation point icon on the left-hand side, then select “Built-in commands.” This brings up a menu where you can enable commands. Simply click the “On/Off” toggle switch to enable a command you want to use.

Add Twitch commands
Click the “On/Off” toggle switches on the right to enable a built-in commands you want to use.


Once you click the toggle, you’ll need to grant the app access to Twitch by clicking the “Grant” button. Then, click “Authorize” one more time in the pop-up.

Add commands Twitch
Grant access to Twitch by clicking the orange “Grant” button in the pop-up window.


You can repeat the process for any built-in command that you want to use in your channel chat. You’ll also notice that for every command you’ll see what you need to type into the Twitch chat to activate the command.

Step 3. Select Custom Commands

Once you’re finished with the built-in commands, you can create your very own Twitch channel commands. To do this, click the exclamation point icon again and select “Custom commands.” This brings up the menu where you can create your own commands.

Add commands Twitch
Click “Custom commands” to bring up the menu where you can create your own commands.


Step 4: Create Your Command

The first thing you need to do is enter a name for your command and click “Create”. This is what you’ll type into chat to activate the command.

Add commands Twitch
Enter a name for your command, then click the green “Create” button.


Step 5: Enter Your Response

Next, enter the response that you want to display in chat. In this case, we’ll add a message to get users to follow us on Instagram. Once you’re finished, click the “Save” button.

Add commands Twitch
Enter the response that you want to be displayed in chat when you type in the command.


Step 6: Type the Command in Chat

Then, when you’re streaming, all you have to do is type the command into the chat and it’ll display automatically in the chat.

Add commands Twitch
Enter the command in the chat and your response will display automatically.


With Moobot you can create up to 25 different commands for free. Simply follow the steps above to add even more commands.

Closing Thoughts: How to Add Commands On Twitch

Twitch commands are a regular part of the Twitch chat experience. They can make chats run more smoothly and are a great way to make the chat more fun and engaging. By creating your own commands you can better manage your chat. The easiest way to do this is by using the help of a Twitch bot, like Moobot. To summarize, here’s how to easily add new commands:

  1. Add the Moobot to your server for easy command creation.
  2. Activate the built-in commands if any of them add functionality you need.
  3. Select the custom commands option.
  4. Create your own custom channel commands with custom prompt.
  5. Enter the response that you want to display in chat.
  6. Type your new commands in your live Twitch chat.

When creating your commands, you’re only limited by your creativity, so have fun and experiment with new commands.

Summary Table

Step 1Add a Bot to Your Server
Step 2Activate Built-in Chat Commands
Step 3Select Custom Commands
Step 4Create Your Command
Step 5Enter Your Response
Step 6Type the Command in Chat

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you add custom commands to Twitch?

Custom Twitch commands can help you automate repetitive tasks. They can also stimulate engagement and interaction across the chat.

Do you need any software to add Twitch commands?

While Twitch has some native commands, most custom commands are added using chatbots like Nightbot, Streamlabs Cloudbot, or Moobot.

Can viewers add commands to your Twitch chat?

No, only the streamer and authorized moderators can add or modify commands unless you specifically allow viewers to suggest commands. Then, you can add these commands later on.

Can you remove or change a command you created?

Most bots let you edit commands you’ve created or even remove them entirely.

Can commands run automatically in chat?

Certain Twitch bots allow you to set intervals for your command to run. So, it depends on what bot you’re using to add a command. In general, most bots do allow some level of automation for running a command.

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