How To Add Bots To Discord Server, In 5 Steps

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How To Add Bots To Discord Server, In 5 Steps

Key Points

  • Discord bots are internet programs that help with tasks and add new functions to Discord.
  • You need permission to add bots to a Discord server, and only those with administrative privileges can do so.
  • To add a bot to a Discord server on the desktop app, you need to visit the bot’s website and click on the invite option.
  • The process of adding a bot to a Discord server on the mobile app is similar to the desktop app, requiring you to visit the bot’s website and select the invite option.

Do you need a little help managing servers or getting new features? Discord bots are extremely helpful additions that can perform important tasks for you or add valuable functions. But before you can take advantage of bots, you must learn how to add them to your server.

You must add Discord bots to each Discord server that you manage, meaning they aren’t account specific. But don’t worry, the process is incredibly simple; you don’t need any coding experience, and even novice Discord users can complete the easy steps outlined below in a pinch. So, if you’re ready to add a bot to your Discord server, keep reading!

How to Add Bots to a Discord Server – Prerequisites

Learning how to add bots to Discord is much easier when you understand a few prerequisites. If you’re already familiar with the basics, skip ahead. But for those of you who are new to Discord, we’ve included this section to give you a crash course in Discord bots.

A bot, especially a Discord bot, is an internet program that helps with various tasks and integrates new functions that native developers didn’t include. There are thousands of Discord bots available, and most are perfectly harmless and won’t violate any of Discord’s Terms of Service.

You can add and maintain your bots on their website, but you must enable permissions and assign roles before they’ll work on your Discord account. You can handle all of those tasks by going to server settings>roles in Discord (we’ll talk about that more in the next section).

Lastly, only those with permission can add bots to a Discord server. If you aren’t sure how to do that, the next section is for you.

How to Get Permission to Add a Bot to Discord

Now, before you can add bots to your server, it’s a good idea to ensure you have permission to do so. If you’re a server admin or owner, you can follow these steps to grant the permissions as well.

Only those with administrative privileges can add bots to a server. But don’t worry because we’re about to walk you through the steps.

Here’s what to do:

Note: If you already have a role ready, skip to step 6, below.

Step 1: Click Server Settings

Click the Discord server on the left side of Discord. Then, click the dropdown icon at the top (next to your server’s name). Then, click Server Settings in the dropdown menu.

Find the Server Settings option.


Step 2: Click Roles

Before we can assign a member to a role with bot-adding privileges, we must create one. Click Roles on the left side near the top.

The Roles option is in the top left-hand corner of the screen.


Step 3: Click Create Role

Now, click the Create Role option to the right.

Find the Create Role button on the right-hand side of the page.


Step 4: Name the New Role

Name your role. This step is essential because you’ll need to know which role to assign in step 8.

After naming the role, select Save Changes at the bottom.

Name and save the role.


Step 5: Toggle the Manage Server Switch

Click the Permissions tab at the top of the page. Then, scroll down to Manage Server and toggle the switch so it turns green. Then, click Save Changes.

Note: If you don’t want the user to have any other permissions, you can leave only this one enabled. However, if you have a good friend who frequently likes to help with server management, toggle more options.

Toggle the Manage Server option.


Step 6: Go to Members in Server Settings

Now, we’ll go back to the menu on the left where we started. Click Members in the Server Settings.

Go to the Members option under Server Settings.


Step 7: Click Roles Next to the Member’s Name

Hover your cursor over the server member who wants to add bots to Discord. Three dots will appear. Click the three dots. Then, click Roles in the dropdown menu.

Find the Roles option next to the Member’s name.


Step 8: Check the Role

Lastly, check the role you want to assign. That’s it! Now your friend can add bots to Discord!

Note: We named ours Test Role History-Computer, as you can see in the screenshot.

Check the specific role you want to assign.


How to Add Bots to a Discord Server – Desktop App

Fortunately, adding bots isn’t nearly as complicated as assigning the permissions to do so. Start out by locating your favorite new bot, and follow these instructions:

Note: We’re using MEE6 for our example, but the steps remain similar for any Discord bot.

Step 1: Launch the Bot’s Website

Open your favorite web browser and go to the bot’s website you’d like to add to Discord.

If you aren’t sure which bots are the best, we have an article here.

Add Bots to Discord
Choose the bot to add.

Step 2: Click Invite

Each bot has a different option to add them to Discord. Some say Invite and others have a Add to Discord button. Look on the page for something matching that instruction, and click it.

Add Bots to Discord
Click Invite or Add to Discord.

Step 3: Log Into Your Discord Account

The next page on the bot’s website will ask you to log into your Discord account. Input your Discord username and password, then log in.

Add Bots to Discord
Now you have to log in to your account again.

Step 4: Authorize

A new box will appear letting you know exactly what sort of information your bot will have access to. Scroll down the page a bit and click the Authorize button.

Add Bots to Discord
Authorize the setup of the bot.

Step 5: Select the Server

Finally, select the server you’d like the bot to access on Discord.

Now, your new bot is added to your Discord account!

Add Bots to Discord
You need to select the server for the bot to access.

How to Add Bots to a Discord Server – Mobile App

The instructions for those using a mobile device to add a bot to Discord are nearly identical to those for the desktop app. Fortunately, it’s simple either way.

If you’re using a smartphone or tablet, follow these instructions to add a bot to Discord:

Step 1: Go to the Bot’s Website

Open a mobile browser and go to the bot’s website.

Find the bot’s website.


Step 2: Click Invite

Now, select the Invite or Add to Discord option. These options vary depending on the bot, but you get the idea.

Click on Invite or Add to Discord.


Step 3: Log Into Your Discord Account

Input your Discord login credentials to proceed.

You have to log in to your Discord account.


Step 4: Authorize

Review the list of items the bot can access. Then, scroll to the bottom and tap Authorize.

Click on Authorize at the bottom of the page.


Step 5: Select the Server

Finally, select the server you want to add the bot to. The bot will appear in the Members list on your server after adding it.

Select the relevant server.


Adding Bots to Discord – Wrap Up

Bots are an invaluable addition to any well-functioning and engaging Discord server. They’re easy to add and even easier to manage. Simply follow the steps above and add an AI helper to your server.

Summary Table

Step 1Click Server Settings
Step 2Click Roles
Step 3Click Create Role
Step 4Name the New Role
Step 5Toggle the Manage Server Switch
Step 6Go to Members in Server Settings
Step 7Click Roles Next to the Member’s Name
Step 8Check the Role
Step 1Launch the Bot’s Website
Step 2Click Invite
Step 3Log Into Your Discord Account
Step 4Authorize
Step 5Select the Server

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I remove a Discord bot?

Testing out new and exciting bots is a lot of fun. But sometimes, we just don’t jive well with our computer-programmed friends. If you want to remove a Discord bot go to the server’s member list and click on the three-dot icon. Then, click Kick [Bot].

Can I add multiple Discord bots?

Absolutely! Your dear author uses several and you can add them all using the instructions above.

Where can I find Discord bots?

The best and fastest way to find a Discord bot that fits your needs is to Google it. However, some sites like top.gg and GitHub are excellent places to find new and interesting bots.

How do I customize Discord bots?

You can customize your Discord bots by going to the bot’s website. Click on the dashboard and see what customization options you have.

Can Discord bots be harmful?

While most Discord bots are perfectly safe, some developed by unknown individuals may lead to problems. Before you add a bot, take a look at the reviews and ensure it was built by a legitimate developer.

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