How To Add A Workout To Apple Watch, In 5 Steps (With Photos)

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How To Add A Workout To Apple Watch, In 5 Steps (With Photos)

Looking to make the most out of your Apple Watch for fitness tracking? This guide is for you. Whether you’ve forgotten to wear your watch during a workout or simply neglected to start tracking, don’t worry. You can easily add missed exercises later and accurately track your progress toward closing your activity rings. 

With the help of the Health app on your linked iPhone, you can manually enter workout data and get a complete picture of your fitness journey. You might already know that you can track your sleep with your Apple Watch, but tracking your workouts will take your fitness game to the next level. Let’s get to it!

Apple Watch Guide to Getting Started with Your Workout

Like other fitness trackers, the Apple Watch has its app and unique interface for you to log your activity. If you’re starting a workout and want it to reflect on your Apple Watch Activity, then make sure to log in to the Activity app first. 

Here’s how you can initiate a workout on your Apple Watch:

Step 1. Launch the Workout app

Launch the Workout app that you have installed on your Apple Watch.

Workout app is accessible from your phone’s homescreen.

Step 2.  Browse workouts until you find one that suits you

Navigate through various workouts until you find the right one. You can select from options like going for a walk outside, running, or even hiking. Besides that, you also have options for swimming, biking, and a few other activities.

Apple Watch tracks various activities including indoor run.

Step 3. Track Your Workout 

To start tracking your workout, select the workout option, and it will start automatically

Pick your workout option.

Step 4. Set the Time, Distance, or Calories

Before beginning your workout, hit the three dots to set the time, distance, or number of calories you want to burn.

Set the time, calories and distance.

Step 5. Modify the Parameters 

To modify the parameters, such as the distance or the amount of time, scroll down and click on the pencil icon.

It’s possible to adjust your parameters

For a quick walkthrough of the steps covered above, check out the following video:

Interesting Health Facts About Apple Watch

  • Apple released iOS 8 with the app and the Health Kit application programming interface simultaneously. 
  • With each new software update, the company has improved the Apple Health app and the information it collects.
  • The Health app uses the powerful sensors in your iPhone and Apple Watch to measure and store information about your activity and fitness. 
  • It can keep track of things like how many steps you take, your workouts, and your activity goals.
  • The Health app also uses information from the heart-rate sensor of an Apple Watch that is paired with it to give you information like how much energy you use when you are active and when you are resting.
  • Activity Rings are the main way the Apple Watch and the Health app show how much you move daily. The layout comprises three red, green, and blue circles.
  • The number of calories burned is shown by the color red, which stands for “Move.” The word “Exercise” is written in green, and the number of minutes is next to it. 
  • The fitness tracker’s blue “Stand” button shows how many times you have stood and moved for at least one minute. The goal is to close all your rings at the end of each day.
  • Apple Health uses sensor data and algorithmic processing to show a complete set of stats. Some examples are how fast someone walks and how well they walk in pairs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you add an exercise session to your Apple Watch that you have missed?

Find the Activity option and select it, then scroll down until you reach the Workouts option and select it.

1. In the upper right corner, select the option for Add Data.

2. Enter your workout by hand by clicking on the type of  Activity, Calories, and Distance.

Is it possible to add exercise to your Apple Watch after a workout?

After a workout has been completed, you will need to enter it into the Health app on your Apple Watch in order to add it to your Apple Watch.

How do you make changes to the Exercise app manually on the Apple Watch?

With WatchOS 9, you have the ability to customize pre-existing exercises or create entirely new ones from scratch.

1. Start the Workout app on your Apple Watch, which you have previously downloaded and installed.

2. With the help of the Digital Crown, find the workout program you wish to do and go to that menu.

3. Click on the … option.

4. After you have made your pick, select a goal, such as Calories, Distance, or Time, and then click the Done button when you are finished.

5. To begin the workout, click the goal modified in the previous step.

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