How to Activate Voice to Text on Android In 4 Easy Steps

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How to Activate Voice to Text on Android In 4 Easy Steps

If you’ve ever typed a lengthy text message on your smartphone, you most likely know how inconsistent some smartphone keyboards can be. Maybe you have large fingers that don’t work well with the keyboard icons, or the keyboard is slow to respond. Either way, the Android’s voice-to-text feature can help you avoid the hassle of typing everything manually. With the voice-to-text capability, you can dictate what you want to write, and your phone will type it out. Here’s how to use voice-to-text on Android in just a few simple steps!

What is Android Voice to Text?

Simply put, voice-to-text is when your device turns your speech (verbal) into text as you speak. Modern voice-to-text programs can comprehend your speech in practically any dialect, at regular speaking speed, and with typical vocal dynamics. You do not need to teach the software how to recognize your voice.

Modern text dictation is highly accurate, but you could still experience problems where the program doesn’t quite produce the text you want or misunderstands your speech. So to ensure a clear voice-to-text message, keep your distance from your phone, and talk naturally. We recommend choosing a language that is compatible with your accent.

How do I Activate Voice to Text on Android?

Most Android devices typically support voice-to-text. You can also select your language to boost performance. Open the Google app on your smartphone, navigate to Settings from your profile icon in the top right corner, and download your language by going to “Voice > Offline Speech Recognition.”

Voice-to-text is compatible with a wide range of languages, so be sure you find the one that suits you best! 

How to Use Voice to Text on Android

Now that you know how it all works, let’s talk about how to use voice to text on Android easily!

Step 1: Go to a New Message

First, create a new message or go to a chat you’re currently in and create a new voice to text. You can do this easily by contacting someone you need to text or chat with.

Step 2: Click Your Microphone

Once you’re in the chat, you’ll click on the microphone. Keep in mind that there are usually two different microphone options for Android. One records your voice and sends the message as a voice text. The other types out the words that you dictate. For this, you’ll want to click on the lower of the two microphones, aka the one closest to your keyboard.

Click on the microphone just above the keyboard.

Step 3: Say Your Text Outloud

Once your voice-to-text is set up, it will tell you it’s listening. From there, you can say the message that you want to send. Remember to speak clearly (although it doesn’t have to be loud).

Verbalize your words, and voice-to-text will type it out for you.

You can say period or any other punctuation mark when dictating, and the phone will add it.

You can use punctuation marks when dictating to your device.

Then, once you’ve stopped speaking, the voice-to-text assistant will ask you if you’re ready to send your message.

Step 4: Send Your Message

You can do one of two things once you are ready to send your voice message. The first is to click the arrow button to send the message. However, if you’re driving or visually immoment, we don’t advise you to do so.

So instead, say “send,” and the voice-to-text microphone will send your message for you.

You can use the voice command to ask your messaging app to send your text message.

Wrapping Up

See? It’s super simple and fast to use voice-to-text on Android phones. And it can make texting easier when you’re busy with other things but need to reply to a message!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use voice to text if I have an iPhone?

Yes, you can! However, the tips we shared above for Androids may not work the same with an iPhone.

Why is my voice to text not working?

Your settings may not be completely enabled. Go to settings, apps, click Gboard, and ensure that voice to text is set to “only when app is running”.

Where did my talk to text microphone go on my Samsung?

It may have disappeared from your Samsung keyboard. You can update the settings by going to “keyboard list and defaults” and using either “Samsung voice input” and/or “Google voice typing” and make sure they are turned n.

How do I know if my microphone is working on my Android?

A simple way to check is to click the microphone in a text and see if it records your voice. If not, your microphone may not be working, even if it’s enabled.

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