How to Activate an Apple Card in 6 Steps, With Photos

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How to Activate an Apple Card in 6 Steps, With Photos

Key Points

  • The Apple Card offers seamless integration with Apple Pay and the entire Apple ecosystem of products and services, simplifying financial management and making it easier to track expenses.
  • Apple Card provides a unique rewards program that offers varying percentages of cash back on every purchase, allowing users to earn rewards without changing their spending habits.
  • Apple Card prioritizes privacy and security, with no visible card numbers or CVV displayed and advanced security measures such as biometric authentication.

So, you finally have your hands on a new Apple Card. You’re probably super excited to start using it, right? Considering all the excellent benefits, you must be eager to make purchases right away. But, first things first, you need to activate it before you can start using it. Thankfully, it’s a simple process to activate an Apple Card. Allow us to guide you through the quick and hassle-free activation process so that you can finally start making your purchases. Let’s dive in and get your Apple credit card up and running.

Why Get an Apple Card?

Don’t have an Apple Card yet? Or simply on the fence about applying for one? There are several great reasons why the Apple Card is worth your attention. From its sleek integration to its attractive benefits to its next-level security, it’s obvious why the Apple Card is a very smart move for many. Before explaining how to activate an Apple Card, let’s elaborate on the top four reasons to get an Apple Card today.

Pairs Well With Apple Pay

First and foremost, the Apple Card offers seamless integration with Apple Pay and the entire Apple ecosystem of products and services. This integration allows users to track spending, view transaction details, receive real-time notifications, and manage their finances directly through the Wallet app on their iPhones. In short, the Apple Card simplifies financial management, making it easier to track expenses, categorize transactions, and set budgets compared to rival cards. As an added benefit, Apple Pay automatically categorizes Apple Card transactions for easier budgeting.

Great Cash Back Rewards

The Apple Card also offers a unique rewards program that provides varying percentages of cash back on every purchase. This cashback instantly deposits into the user’s Apple Cash account. From there, you can use it for other purchases or transfer it to your bank account. The rewards structure is straightforward, ranging from 1% to 3% depending on the retailer. This generous cash back enables users to earn lots of rewards without having to alter their regular spending habits. Over time, this results in some nice walking around money.

Apple pay
Apple Card users can use their cash back in their Apple Pay accounts.

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Private and Secure Transactions

You already know Apple takes privacy and security very seriously. This seriousness translates directly into the Apple Card, which reflects this commitment on its shiny titanium surface. The Apple Card has no visible card numbers and no CVV or expiration date displayed. All you’ll see is your name, the Apple logo, and the chip. The card also utilizes advanced security measures, such as biometric authentication, to authorize transactions, among other cutting-edge security measures. This focus on privacy and security provides great peace of mind to Apple Card users.

Access to High-Yield Savings Accounts

By signing up for an Apple Card, you also get the opportunity to deposit funds into an exclusive high-yield savings account. Offering 4.15% APY, this high-yield savings account — dubbed Apple Savings — integrates right into your Apple Pay account. You can send your cashback rewards to Apple Savings, deposit money from your bank account, and even transfer money sent to you through Apple Cash. All in all, an excellent high-yield savings account with unbeatable convenience and remarkable ease.

How to Activate an Apple Card

The time has come to activate your new Apple Card. While it might go without saying, make sure you’ve ordered your titanium Apple Card before beginning this process. You can opt to receive this physical version of your card through the Wallet app. You also have the option to ship your card after completing the application process and accepting your Apple Card offer. Once your package arrives in the mail, you can start following along with the steps below.

Step One: Open Apple Card Mailer

Apple Card in cardboard mailer.
Open the Apple Card mailer using the cardboard pull tab on the back.


First, open up the package and remove the thin cardboard mailer from inside the envelope. Reveal the white Apple Card envelope using the pull tab on the back of the mailer.

Step Two: Remove White Envelope

White Apple Card packaging.
Your Apple Card will arrive in a sturdy white envelope.


Second, remove the Apple Card envelope from inside the cardboard mailer. This thick, sturdy thing holds your Apple Card inside.

Step Three: Open Apple Card Envelope

Opened Apple Card envelope with Apple Card displayed.
Open up the envelope to reveal your Apple Card with activation instructions.


Next, open up the envelope to unveil your Apple Card. You’ll also see some instructions guiding you through the activation process at the bottom of the envelope. No need to remove the card just yet — let’s get it activated first.

Step Four: Hold iPhone Near Apple Card

Apple Card activation screen on iPhone.
Holding your iPhone near the Apple Card reveals activation instructions.


Now, with the Apple Card still in the envelope, hold the top of your iPhone where the icon indicates. In a moment, you’ll see a pop-up on your iPhone screen like the one pictured above.

Step Five: Hit Activate

Apple Card in the process of activation.
Hit “Activate” to begin activating your Apple Card.


Hit the “Activate” button on the pop-up screen. Wait for a moment as the Apple Card activates. Before long, the pop-up will proceed to the next screen.

Step Six: Tap Continue

An activated Apple Card on iPhone screen.
Hit “Continue” to begin using your Apple Card.


Lastly, hit the “Continue” button. This officially completes the activation process for your Apple Card. With this, you’re officially free to start spending!

To Review

  1. Open up the Apple Card mailer, pull the cardboard tab, and remove the white envelope
  2. Flip the envelope open and hold your unlocked iPhone near the icon at the bottom
  3. Follow the on-screen prompts on your iPhone and complete the activation process

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you apply for an Apple Card?

You can apply for an Apple Card directly from your iPhone by opening the Wallet app and tapping the Apple Card option. Then, follow the prompts to apply. You’ll provide some personal information about your income, then agree to the terms and conditions. Once submitted, you’ll typically receive a response within a matter of seconds. From there, you can choose to accept or decline the offer.

Can you use the Apple Card anywhere?

You can use the Apple Card anywhere Mastercard is accepted. This goes for both physical and online transactions. The physical Apple Card can be used at any location that accepts traditional credit cards at a terminal, while the virtual Apple Card can be used for online, in-app, and contactless purchases through Apple Pay.

What are the benefits of Apple Card?

The Apple Card offers several attractive benefits, including daily cashback rewards on eligible purchases, a user-friendly interface for managing finances, detailed transaction insights, and enhanced security features for all Apple Card users. It also integrates seamlessly with the Apple Pay ecosystem, providing even easier access to financial management tools and budgeting assistance.

Do you need an iPhone to use the Apple Card?

While the primary way to manage and use the Apple Card is through the Wallet app on an iPhone, you can still use the physical Apple Card like a traditional credit card for in-person purchases. However, certain features, such as transaction tracking and spending insights, are only available through the Wallet app. In other words, it’s best to have an iPhone paired with your Apple Card.

Is the Apple Card safe?

Yes, the Apple Card is super safe. It utilizes advanced security measures, such as biometric authentication and encrypted transactions. Additionally, the card does not display a visible card number, CVV, or expiration date, greatly reducing the risk of card fraud. Apple also emphasizes privacy by refusing to sell personal information for advertising or marketing purposes.

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