How to Access iCloud Photos in 2 Steps, with Photos

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How to Access iCloud Photos in 2 Steps, with Photos

If you sport an iDevice or are considering making the switch, you have probably heard of iCloud. It’s incredibly useful, and we will show you how to access iCloud photos from any device. That includes folks currently involved in Apple’s ecosystem and those who need to use other methods to access their images. 

What Is iCloud?

Anyone who has used an Apple product since late 2011 is more than likely familiar with iCloud. It’s Apple’s version of “the cloud,” a place where data is stored by a variety of companies. While anyone can use iCloud through a PC without an iDevice, it’s a perk of owning their PCs, smartphones, and tablets.

iCloud is provided free for people with Apple devices, although storage is limited. The company currently has three subscription tiers, but this pales compared to dedicated file and data storage solutions. It’s best suited for users who want to sync photos and other data across multiple Apple devices, whether it’s a MacBook, iPad, or an iPhone.

How to Access iCloud Photos from a PC

You can get to your photos via iCloud from a PC in two ways. From the official app in the Windows store or through a web browser, a method we’ll cover in our Android section.

1. Accessing iCloud with the Windows App

Locate the icon for the Microsoft Store, open it, and type iCloud in the search box. When the program appears, click on Get to download the application. 

You can download iCloud from the Microsoft Store.


2. Sign In Through iCloud

When the app is finished downloading, choose Open and accept any permissions. Use your Apple ID and password in the Sign In box to access iCloud through the Windows app. 

Open the app and sign in using your credentials.


How to Access iCloud Photos from an iPhone, iPad, or Mac

With Apple products, accessing iCloud on the company’s branded devices is a breeze. That’s because it’s built-in, so as long as iCloud is active, you simply need to click an icon. While we’re using an iPhone for this process, it’s similar to a Mac PC or laptop.

1. Open the Photos App

On your iPhone or iPad, find the stock Photos app. Tap on the app to access your albums.

how to access icloud photos
Locate and open the Photos app.


2. All Photos

With the photo app open, select Library and choose All Photos. Unless you have a folder specified for the cloud, you’ll find all of your uploaded iCloud photos here.

Choose Library to access your iCloud images.


If you’re accessing iCloud photos from a Mac, just open the Photos app on your computer to find your iCloud photos.

How to Access iCloud Photos from Android Devices

Anyone who follows tech knows that Android and iOS don’t mesh together well. Using some devices with the opposite platform, including cloud-based apps, is challenging. There’s no official Apple photo app or iCloud app for Android at this time, but you can access the cloud with these steps.

1. Go to iCloud

Open a browser on your Android smartphone or tablet. Go to the company’s official site at iCloud.com.

Go to the official iCloud site at iCloud.com


2. Sign In

Click on Sign In and enter your credentials into the box as shown in the screenshot below. If you’ve never used iCloud from that browser, you must verify your PC during this process. 

Sign in to iCloud and access your photos.


The Wrap-Up

Apple gives users a variety of services to choose from, including cloud storage. iCloud is handy to have, even if storage is limited to 5GB without upgrades. If you want to learn more about cloud storage and are curious about the top providers, check out our list of the best reasons to use a cloud storage service today.

How to Access iCloud Photos in 2 Steps, with Photos FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

How much is iCloud storage?

Every user gets 5GB for free, and the price on the 50GB tier varies by region, with prices from 99 cents to a few dollars in some areas.

Does Apple have an unlimited storage tier for iCloud?

No, 2TB is the top storage tier provided through Apple iCloud+ at this time.

What can you store on iCloud besides photos?

iCloud allows users to store pictures along with various files, including documents and videos.

Can you access iCloud photos from an Apple TV?

Yes, iCloud photos are found in the Photos app on Apple TV

If you delete photos from an iPhone, are they deleted from the Cloud?

Photos are deleted if your phone is synced with the Cloud otherwise it depends on your settings.

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