Hisense Universal Remote Codes and TV Programming Guide

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Hisense Universal Remote Codes and TV Programming Guide

Key Points

  • Having a universal remote can help cut down on clutter and make devices easier to control.
  • Programming a remote to work with a TV can be challenging, as each remote and TV model has unique codes.
  • There are 3-digit, 4-digit, and 5-digit codes available for programming a Hisense TV remote.
  • There are alternative methods to program a TV remote, such as using apps or an automatic code search function.

From cutting down on clutter to making your devices easier to control, the benefits of having a universal remote are easy to understand. What’s not so easy, though, is programming your remote to work perfectly with your TV set. While some remotes can be programmed automatically and may come with a list of codes, this isn’t the case for all of them. To help you get your remote up and running, we’re going to give you the codes you need for your Hisense TV and show you how to set it up.

Hisense TV Universal Remote Codes

All in all, there are a lot of codes here. This is primarily because every remote and TV model has unique codes, so the code that works for one model probably won’t work for another. Remotes will use one particular type of code with the same number of digits. You can check out the next section to try entering a code to see what code length you’re working with. Then, find your remote brand in the appropriate table.

3-Digit Codes

Remote3-Digit Codes
RCA042, 237
Ge073, 081, 182, 216
Spectrum004, 021, 031, 072, 198, 236, 251, 268, 363, 387, 419, 442, 619, 630, 631, 705, 752

4-Digit Codes

Remote4-Digit Codes
Hisense0009, 0073, 0145, 0156, 0182, 0208, 0216, 0227, 0508, 0696, 0748, 0753, 0780, 0821, 0848, 1170
RCA0178, 0706, 0748, 0818 0885, 1042, 1138, 1204, 1237, 1314, 1602, 1660, 1756, 2049, 2098, 2183, 2355, 2360, 2419, 2434, 3519, 3183, 3382, 4029, 4149, 4398
Philips0001, 0036, 0115, 0223, 0535, 0583, 0671, 0708, 0819, 0908, 1203, 1219, 1651, 1718, 1741, 2081, 2141, 2211, 2891, 3671, 4381, 4391, 5331, 5341, 6001, 6161, 6171, 6251,
GE0001, 0073, 0081, 0182, 0216, 0671, 1176, 1651, 1741, 2081, 2141, 2211, 2891, 3671, 4381, 4391, 4671, 5078, 5319, 5209, 5284, 5331, 5345, 5341, 6001, 6161, 6171, 6251
One For All0009, 0208, 0508, 0556, 0698, 0753, 0780, 0860, 0891, 1208, 1363
Magnavox0016, 0069, 0097, 0133
Comcast0748, 0178, 1756
Spectrum0021, 0041, 0178, 0341, 0411, 0706, 0871, 0885, 1041, 1098, 1228, 1279, 131 4, 1564, 1660, 1756, 2049, 2098, 2131, 2183, 2355, 2360, 2434, 2511, 2801, 2971, 3382

5-Digit Codes

Remote5-Digit Codes
Hisense10748, 11758, 12183
RCA10178, 10818, 10885, 11314, 11756, 12049, 12098, 12183, 12360, 12419, 12434, 12355, 13183, 13382, 13519, 14398
Philips10005, 10065, 10071, 10179, 10258, 10277, 10375, 10473, 10571, 10679, 10777, 10821, 10875, 10973, 11071, 11179, 11277, 11375, 11476, 11574, 11672, 11422, 11666, 11764, 11862, 11960, 12074, 12128, 12561, 12846, 12859, 13450, 13359, 13846, 13944, 14564, 14643, 14662, 14972, 15532, 15972, 16070, 16178, 16513, 16551, 16703, 16738, 16744, 16969, 17206, 17231, 17415, 17440, 18247, 18437, 18459, 18557, 18655, 18924, 18962, 19351, 19367, 19715
One For All21262, 24344, 24525, 25612, 26146, 34243, 35254, 42224, 43155, 44631
Comcast10178, 10706, 10748, 10885, 11314, 11602, 11660, 11756, 11993, 12049, 12089, 12098, 12183, 12296, 12360, 12434, 13118, 13382
DirecTV10178, 10706, 10748, 10818, 10885, 11314, 11602, 11660, 11756, 12049, 12098, 12183, 12355, 12360, 12419, 12434
Spectrum10178, 10748, 10885, 11314, 11564, 11660, 12049, 12098, 12183, 12360, 12434, 13382, 14398, 14740

TV Programming Guide

It isn’t too hard to program your remote, but the method does depend on the remote type. The steps below will help you get started with programming.

Step 1: Switch on Your TV

To begin, turn on your TV set at the button.

Step 2: Hold the Device Key

The “device key” on your remote could say “Code Search” (for RCA and Magnavox), “Setup” (for Philips and GE), “Magic” (for One For All), or “TV”. Otherwise, you may have a “Device” or “Mode” button. In the case of these, press the button until “TV” is highlighted. The remote’s LED should be lit.

Philips universal remote
Your remote should have a device key, setup, or TV button, usually at the top.

©Dwight Burdette / CC By 3.0 – License

Step 3: Try the Code

Next, enter a code. You may need to keep the TV button held down if you have one. If the code is correct, the LED on the remote will blink (usually two or three times) and then go out, or simply go out without flashing. This means that the code is correct. The TV may turn off, depending on your remote.

When the code is incorrect, the LED will blink (either one, four, or five times for most remotes) and then remain lit up. At this stage, you can try another code.

Remote Not Working? Try These Troubleshooting Tips

Hopefully, you’ve managed to find the correct code without too much trouble. But if your remote isn’t working as it should, there are a few problems that might be to blame. We will discuss these next.

  • Buttons not held down: You may have a remote that requires you to hold down the TV or device key button. If this isn’t done, then the code entry won’t work properly.
  • Remote batteries are low: Remotes are often shipped with dud batteries or with none at all. Always try replacing the batteries, as this can be an easy solution.
  • Interrupted signal: Universal remotes tend to have a slight delay after input to make sure that they work with the TV. If the line-of-sight between the remote and the TV is broken before the TV can respond, then they won’t communicate properly. Make sure you’re pointing the remote at the TV, then wait a few seconds for a response.
  • Faulty parts: The problem could be that your remote, or even your TV, is defective. Check that your TV is working properly with the manual buttons. If you can’t get any lights to appear on your remote, then there’s a good chance that it’s damaged.
  • Device interference: If you have a lot of devices connected to your TV via HDMI, these can interfere with the remote signal. To be sure that this isn’t causing issues, go into your TV settings and turn off “HDMI CEC”.

Alternative Methods to Program Your TV

For some remotes, there are other ways to program them. Some will have apps that can simplify the process, such as One For All remotes. Other remotes have an automatic code search function, such as GE remotes. This can take a while, but it allows you to search for codes without entering them manually. See the steps below to find out how.

Step 1: Press the Device Key

First, press the device key button or the device/mode button to highlight the TV option.

Step 2: Use the Power Button to Send Codes

If you point your remote at the TV and press and release the power button, this will send 10 codes. The LED light should blink as this is happening. Once the TV turns off, you’ve found a code, and you can proceed. If the TV remains on, repeat this process to send more codes.

Step 3: Store the Code

Now that you’ve found the series the code belongs to, you need to isolate and store the code for use. Turn your TV back on by pressing the button. After this, press the volume-up button to send the first code again. Keep doing this while waiting a few seconds until the TV turns off. Lastly, you can press the device key or TV button to save the code.

Step 4: Test the Remote

Now that you’ve got the code, it’s sensible to make sure the remote works. Turn on the TV, and then try out all the buttons you need. If something doesn’t work, you might have to try to find another code.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are universal remotes?

Universal remotes can provide a broader range of infrared signals than a standard remote, so are designed to replace original remotes. They can be used for multiple devices at once, which reduces the need to have lots of remotes for each device.

What codes do I need for my remote?

The code you need depends on both the model of your remote and your TV. Each remote uses codes of the same number of digits. Once you know your brand of remote and code length, you can check the associated table to see the possible codes. You may also be able to find a code list on the company website.

The code isn't working, what should I do?

If the code isn’t working, it’s a good idea to try another code out. Otherwise, check the troubleshooting section for potential issues. Make sure the batteries are charged, the remote is aimed directly at the TV, and that there’s nothing that is causing interference.

How do I stop HDMI interference?

Go into your TV settings and turn off “HDMI CEC”. This will prevent connected devices from interfering with your remote.

What other ways can I program my remote?

If you have a remote with an app, such as One For All, you can use this to automate the process. Alternatively, you can use the automatic search function to try out codes without entering them.

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