The Highest Snapchat Scores Ever Are Insane


The Highest Snapchat Scores Ever Are Insane

Key Points

  • The Snapchat score is a log of all your activity on the app, including photos sent, stories posted, and friends on your list.
  • The user with the highest Snapchat score is Mustbecris, with a score of 320 million.
  • Other top users on the leaderboard, like Dion-19 and Cris-this guy, also built their scores through heavy use of filters, lenses, and in-app games.
  • Snapchat scores drop significantly as you go down the leaderboard, with a drop of over 100 million from first to second place.
  • Your Snapchat score is not a reflection of your popularity, but rather a measure of your app usage.

When Snapchat burst onto the scene, it was a revelation. For the first time, people could post quick videos about practically anything. The app also allowed great contact between friends and followers with the ability to send each other messages.

The most interesting feature, however, was the ability to build up a Snapchat score through regular use of the app. Some folks have used the app so much that they have scored incredibly high. In this article, we will explore the highest Snapchat scores in history — and, quite frankly, these rankings are insane.

Snap Score Breakdown

The Snapchat score basically functions as a log of all your activity on the app. Everything from the number of photos you send to friends to how many stories you’ve posted or how many people are on your friends list. All these things inform your score. However, the exact way Snapchat determines your score remains a mystery.

Your Snapchat score can be found on the home screen. The number that sits right below your profile picture is your Snapchat score. It also can be a pretty good indication of your usage of the app. If your score is only in the hundreds or low thousands, chances are you aren’t as active on the app as someone with, say, a score in the tens of thousands.

The great thing about the Snapchat score is you get out what you put into it. It no doubt takes some solid time, consistency, and incredible engagement to reach the fabled heights of those users with the highest Snapchat scores.

Highest Snapchat Scores

highest snapchat scores
User Mustbecris has the highest Snapchat score in the world, which sits at three hundred and twenty million.

The user with the highest Snapchat score is Mustbecris, with a whopping three hundred and twenty million. To even come close to this score requires a lot. You would have to send and receive over one million snaps daily for a considerable period of time. As an early user of the app, Mustbecris built his score with snaps of his daily life and friends and family. As of late, his page seems focused entirely on helping other people reach high Snapchat scores.

The second-highest Snapchat score belongs to Dion-19 who has a score of two hundred and thirty-nine million. Dion-19 built his score through daily snaps noted for their extensive use of filters and lenses. He also is a prominent user of Snapchat’s map feature, which allows users to see where their friends are and interact with them in real time.

Third place goes to Cris-this guy, who racked up a score of one hundred and thirty-four million. He is also noted for his heavy use of filters for his snaps, as well as the app’s chat feature. Cris-this guy built up his score with heavy use of Snapchat’s built-in games, ratcheting up his score even higher by challenging his friends.

Fourth place is held by user Michael86l with a Snapchat score of thirty-one point two million. Much like the other top users on the leaderboard, Michael86l built up his score with a lot of in-app game playing, as well as creative use of filters and lenses.

Other High Scores

After the top four highest scores, the rankings kind of puddle around twenty or thirty million. This is still a feat in and of itself, and it’s interesting to see how these other users got to such a level. Ciqlo, for example, holds the fifth place spot with a score of twenty-eight million. While he did this in much the same way as the top four with games and extensive use of filters, he has an extra edge. His frequent snaps with various celebrities have no doubt boosted his score a ton.

The sixth and seventh places are a bit of a back-and-forth between users Gpierson_20 and Daydrunks. Both users have scores hovering between twenty-two and twenty-three million. Gpierson_20 built this score by playing games and filters on his snaps, while Daydrunks built her score by documenting life with her friends.

It is notable that there is such a consistent drop-off in scores as you go down the leaderboards. For example, going from first to second place drops the number by over one hundred million. Then, going from third to fourth place, we see another drop-off of one hundred million. First place is doing something right (or wrong), but that doesn’t mean there still aren’t ways to boost your Snapchat score.

Improving Your Snapchat Score

highest snapchat scores
Enhance your Snapchat score by sharing snaps of your daily activities, such as working out or going to a restaurant.

These high scores may seem daunting, but it’s important to remember that all these users started off with a score of zero at some point. It’s also important to know that your popularity on Snapchat isn’t a one-to-one comparison with your score. It is simply a reflection of how much you use the app.

That said, Snapchat scores have become an object of desire and competition between users. Luckily, there are numerous ways you can boost your score to a level that will impress your friends and instill a sense of accomplishment.

Some of these strategies include the following:

  1. Snap as much as you can: the easiest way to boost your score is simply increasing your activity on Snapchat, and that means sending a boatload of snaps.
  2. Boost your friend list: every time you add a new friend to your friend list, your Snapchat score will increase and even adding your phone’s contact list will give you a noticeable boost.
  3. Enhance your snaps with the use of filters and lenses: by using Snapchat’s big list of filters, you can increase engagement for your snaps by making them fun, dazzling, and vibrant.
  4. Post stories: posting stories on your Snapchat will increase your score, especially if a couple of your friends interact with them.
  5. Share snaps with celebrities: if you follow any celebrities on Snapchat and snap back and forth with them, this will increase your score to a noticeable degree.
  6. Play games with friends: by playing the in-app Snapchat games with your friends, your score will receive a boost.
  7. Share snaps during big events: often, Snapchat will put out filters made specifically for things like the Superbowl, and by using those filters for your snaps, your score will increase.


Snapchat scores are a great and fun way to track your activity on the app. While the high scores seem impossible, it seems that to get such a score, you have to like the app to such a degree that you use it constantly. Even a score of one hundred thousand is considered exceptionally high.

Many apps these days have implemented more gambling/game-style dynamics to encourage users to keep up with activity. The users with the highest Snapchat scores seem to have implemented a personal gamification of the app, which has led to their insanely high scores.

Remember, though, that your Snapchat score is not a reflection of your popularity. It only measures your usage of the app. While competition via scores can be fun, ultimately, it’s important to use the app for its original purpose: to have fun and share with family and friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is a popular app where videos and pictures are shared between users in the form of ‘snaps.’

What is a Snapchat score?

A Snapchat score is the number featured below your profile picture. It’s a measurement of how much time you’ve spent using the app.

Who has the highest Snapchat score?

User Mustbecris has the highest Snapchat score on earth, sitting at three hundred and twenty million.

How can I improve my Snapchat score?

You can improve your Snapchat score by using the app more. Anything from playing games, enhancing your snaps with filters, and adding more friends can give your score a nice boost.

Why should I improve my Snapchat score?

Snapchat scores can be a fun and competitive way to use the app with friends, but having fun with Snapchat should come first.

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