High Expectations Ahead of iPhone 14 Launch

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High Expectations Ahead of iPhone 14 Launch

The iPhone has made history by outnumbering any other kind of smartphone in the US. According to Counterpoint Research, the iPhone led the whole Android platform in June, capturing 50% of the US market share. Apple reached its highest-ever market share for smartphones in the United States. 

Rumor has it that the superfast chip in the iPhone 14 is the same as in the iPhone 13 Pro. The 5-core GPU in the A15 Bionic will enable all the newest features and create superfluidity in graphically demanding games and AR applications.

Announcement: Overview

This year, Apple will hold its announcement event earlier than usual. Customarily, Apple holds its events on the second Tuesday of September, which would have been September 13. Pre-orders for the iPhone 14 series will open on September 9. September 16, 2022, will see the market debut of the iPhone 14. The iPhone 14 Plus, meanwhile, will go on sale on October 7.

Apple Inc promised that iPhone 14 would be a massive leap from iPhone 13. We anticipate four iPhone models: iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max, although the lineup will probably differ from that of the last few years. This will be the first significant update since the iPhone X debuted in 2017. Apple might also decide to phase out the iPhone Mini.

It is now apparent that Apple is aiming to remove the notch at some time, given that the company secured a patent for an under-display camera for biometric identification on the iPhone. The only question is when.

Expected Features of iPhone 14

The main attractions in the far-out event will be the iPhone 14 line and Apple Watch Pro. The new iPhones are expected to set a new precedent in the smartphone industry. Let’s kick off with the most thrilling expectations.


Apple seems to have taken a page from Android phone manufacturers by including a pin-hole front camera on iPhone 14. Early leaks suggested two different trims: a pill-shaped opening for the Face ID sensor and a circular cutout for the camera.

Although it initially appeared like this would just be empty space, this is not the case. Speculation is rife that it will display the camera and microphone privacy indicators between the cutouts.

Excellent Display
Apple iPhone 14 Pro
  • 5G wireless access
  • 6.1-inch screen
  • Features the Apple A16 Bionic processor
  • 6GB of unified RAM
  • 128GB
  • Space Black
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02/24/2024 12:07 pm GMT

The software will link the iPhone 14 Pro display’s pill- and hole-shaped cuts. In essence, Apple will conceal the space between the cutouts. It will appear to be “one wide pill-shaped cutout” due to this.

If this is the case, it will bring the iPhone closer to Samsung’s premium Galaxy phones, which also use a hole-punch design. For those who dislike the notch, the hole punch should be welcome news because it is less invasive than the notch. 

The Camera app will also be redesigned by Apple, with most controls moving to the top of the screen. Picture and video settings will be located just below the display cutouts, while controls like the Live Photo button and the flash button will be in the status bar. With the controls moved upward and some others to the status bar, users will now have a larger camera preview.

Bionic Chip

Most of Apple’s significant updates seem reserved for the Pro iPhones. There’s a story asserting that Apple’s new Bionic chip A16 will only be available for Pro models. 

Best Upgrade
Apple iPhone 14 128GB– Unlocked (Renewed)
  • Vibrant 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR display with OLED technology
  • High resolution and color accuracy make everything look sharp and true to life
  • New Main camera and improved image processing to capture your shots in all kinds of light - especially low light
  • 4K Cinematic mode at 24 FPS
  • A15 Bionic, with a 5‑core GPU for lightning-fast performance
  • Super-fast 5G
  • Blue
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02/24/2024 10:27 am GMT

The regular iPhone 14 devices might continue using the A15 from last year. That makes sense from a cost-saving perspective and because of the lack of availability of components such as chips.

If things happen this way, it will be the first time Apple has made a significant performance difference between its iPhone models. Although most users won’t notice the difference, having a more powerful chip would undoubtedly be a major selling point for Pro versions.

Satellite Connection for SOS

This functionality has been rumored to be in the pipeline for years. It was originally anticipated to be part of the iPhone 13 series released last year, but the business model was still under negotiation at the time.

In an emergency, like a natural calamity or a geopolitical conflict, it is said to utilize Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites to carry text messages and voice calls, particularly in areas without a regular cellular network. 

According to Bloomberg, Apple may provide the following two satellite features: SOS calling in the case of a disaster, such as a plane accident or a ship sinking, and messaging or calling using the stock iOS apps. Even sending out a satellite-connected alert to your contacts might be an option.

According to reports, Apple and Globalstar are working together to build a satellite network. When there is no network, even iOS 16 now displays a new “SOS” icon on the iPhone status bar. This might be yet another allusion to the impending feature.

Always-on Display

The android community has had this feature for a while, but it would be interesting to see Apple incorporate it. This feature will be exclusive to the iPhone 14 Pro. The iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Ultra/Pro Max might use a more power-efficient LTPO (Low-temperature polycrystalline oxide) display for this purpose. 

The wallpaper, colors, typefaces, and widgets on the AOD lock screen and the fully lighted lock screen will be the same. Even the visibility of the notification is anticipated to be comparable to that of a standard notification.

However, some interface elements may be configurable. On the iPhone 14 Pro models, the iOS 16 widgets will fade in and out at pre-set intervals to prevent OLED burn-in.

Apple Watch 8 and Apple Watch Pro

Apple fans eagerly await the Pro Apple Watch launch at the same “Far out” event. The next model could have a low-power mode feature to extend battery life up to two days. A bigger 2-inch screen and a more robust titanium case could also be part of the new watch.  

The Apple Watch Pro would be substantially bigger than the Series 7 device if all of this information turns out to be accurate. It will be the most remarkable overhaul of the Apple Watch ever since the release of the Series 4 in 2017. However, Apple is developing its current rectangular design, not the round one everyone had hoped for.

Best Everyday Use for Apple Users
Apple Watch Series 8 [GPS 41mm] Smart Watch
  • Advanced new features including Crash and Fall Detection.
  • Track your health with an ECG, heart rate monitor, and SpO2 sensor.
  • Sweatproof and resistant to dust with IP6X certification.
  • Up to 18 hours of battery life or 36 hours via low power mode. 
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02/25/2024 07:27 am GMT

According to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, the upcoming Apple Watch will supposedly have a temperature sensor that will alert you if you’re developing a fever. Even though the Series 8 won’t give an accurate reading, it may send you a notification asking you to visit a doctor or use a special thermometer.

Gurman had previously mentioned the potential of a temperature sensor being a part of the Series 8. In June 2021, he claimed that Apple was developing the feature and predicted it would probably be included in Apple’s 2022 lineup of wearables.

There is a possibility of an upgraded display in the higher-end Series 8. Other than that, there will be no major changes as series 8 will use the same processor as series 7 and 6. 

Final Thoughts

If the design of the iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 doesn’t excite you, consider holding out for the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. If the speculated features come to fruition, it will be worth the wait. All that’s left for now is to wait and hope this will not be the marginal improvement witnessed in previous model upgrades.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the expected design and colors of the iPhone 14?

The iPhone 14 handsets will have bezels thinner than those of the iPhone 13 models, but the camera housing has grown significantly to the point that the bulge now spans more than half the width of the smartphone.

The color options for the iPhone 14 are expected to expand to include purple and green, and only the Pro models should be able to use 120 Hz ProMotion. 

What’s the expected price of the iPhone 14?

It’s expected that the iPhone 14 might cost US $799. The iPhone 14 Pro will cost US $1,099, while the iPhone 14 Pro Max will cost US $1,199. However, it’s not entirely unthinkable to imagine that Apple will match this pricing with the iPhone 13 Pro models, making them US $999 and US $1,099.

Will the new iPhone have a USB-C port?

Apple seems to be sticking to its old design. The lightning port has been seen in a leaked recent model of the iPhone 14.

Are there any camera improvements expected on the iPhone 14?

The iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus only have minor hardware modifications, whereas the iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max offer excellent camera advancements.

Which new features should one expect on the new Apple Watch Pro?

Exclusive straps, updated watch faces with more statistics bands focused on extreme sports, a titanium case, a larger battery, and a low-power mode are some potential additions.

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