11 Hidden PlayStation Gems for Horror Aficionados

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11 Hidden PlayStation Gems for Horror Aficionados

Just like movies, horror games are not for everyone, and most people either love or hate the genre. PlayStation consoles are the best for horror aficionados going back to the earlier generations. Although the games span multiple consoles, the PlayStation 4 easily had some of the best horror titles. In fact, there are so many games that many hidden gems get completely overlooked.

Not all horror games fit the same mold, as some involve puzzle solving, while others have you hacking and slashing your way through hordes of zombies. There are also action games like The Last of Us that have a horror element. Today, we are taking a close look at 11 PlayStation horror titles that you are unlikely to find in the video game aisle of your local Target or Best Buy.

11. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Best Survival Horror
The Texas Chain Saw Massacre - PlayStation 5
  • Inspired by the 1974 classic horror film
  • Newest release
  • Online multiplayer game
  • Intense, terrifying gameplay
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11/30/2023 03:57 am GMT
DeveloperSumo Nottingham
PublisherGun Interactive
ESRB RatingM for Mature
GenreSurvival Horror
Consoles (PlayStation)PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5
Release Date (USA)August 18, 2023

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is the newest game to make our list since it just came out in August. Unfortunately, it is receiving little notice from major gaming publications. The game is based on the classic horror film of the same name and largely follows its plot. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is an online multiplayer game where real people control the other characters in the game.

You play as one of the four victims or one of three people holding the kids hostage. When playing as a victim, you start tied up in the basement and must find a way to escape. Along the way, you must stay hidden and defend yourself. The gameplay is different if you play as one of the captors since each starts in a different location, and their goal is to stop the kids from escaping.

10. Dead Space

Best Shooting Game
Dead Space (PlayStation 3)
  • Fight with Weapons and Telekinesis
  • Graphics, Effects, and Sound Increase the Horror
  • True Zero-G Effects
  • Dead Space for PlayStation 3 is sure to please any action, adventure gamer looking for a bloody battle against deadly aliens
  • Gameplay takes place on the USG Ishimura where the crew has been infected by an alien scourge
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11/30/2023 04:03 am GMT
DeveloperEA Redwood Shores
PublisherElectronic Arts
ESRB RatingM for Mature
GenreSurvival Horror
Consoles (PlayStation)PlayStation 3
Release Date (USA)October 13, 2008

The original Dead Space is now 15 years old, which means most younger gamers haven’t had an opportunity to play this horror masterpiece. The survival horror title takes place in outer space on a mining ship filled with creatures that want to kill you.

Dead Space is very gruesome, with some horrifying ways to die and monsters that look truly disgusting. Even worse, you have to shoot the creatures until they are literally dismembered in order to kill them. The gameplay is very action-oriented, with a primary focus on shooting. The newer remake of Dead Space packs in even more story elements into a beautifully remastered world.

9. Fatal Frame

Best Classic Horror Game
Fatal Frame
  • Spine-chilling horror adventure
  • Based on several Japanese ghost stories
  • Players need to take photos of ghosts to make them disappear
  • First released in 2001
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11/30/2023 04:54 am GMT
ESRB RatingT for Teen
GenreSurvival Horror
Consoles (PlayStation)PlayStation 2
Release Date (USA)February 27, 2002

Fatal Frame is a classic horror game that is actually the oldest title on our list. It came out in 2002 for the PlayStation 2 and showed the world that horror games outside of major franchises could succeed. Unfortunately, the graphics and gameplay are dated, and there is not a remastered version. However, if you own a PlayStation 2 console, Fatal Frame is still a spine-chilling horror adventure.

The game is based on a Japanese legend of a little girl who goes into an eerie mansion only to find out that it is haunted. You play as Miku, who is searching for her sister inside the mansion. Along the way, she finds a camera that lets her see supernatural beings inside the house. The house’s story comes to light as you progress, and the ghosts inside slowly become even more terrifying as you struggle to get out alive.

8. Alien: Isolation

Best Action Adventure
Alien: Isolation (PS4)
  • Very good art and details
  • Set in Sevastopol, on the fringes of space
  • A desperate battle for survival
  • Play against an unpredictable, ruthless Alien
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11/30/2023 04:54 am GMT
DeveloperCreative Assembly
ESRB RatingM for Mature
GenreAction Adventure, survival horror
Consoles (PlayStation)PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4
Release Date (USA)October 6, 2014

Alien: Isolation was pretty popular when it came out back in 2014, but many people today don’t remember just how terrifying it was. The game is a survival horror title and takes place after the events of the original 1979 Alien film. You play as Ellen Ripley, the daughter of one of the original scientists. Your goal is to search the Sevastopol space station to find out what happened to the scientists.

Soon after the game begins, you learn that a monster is on the loose inside the space station. The art and details are surprisingly accurate to the film franchise. Throughout the game, a monster lurks around in search of you. The goal of the game is to evade creatures while trying to find a way off the ship. Along the way, you will meet other survivors who help devise a plan to kill the aliens for good.

7. Amnesia: The Bunker

DeveloperFrictional Games
PublisherFrictional Games
ESRB RatingT for Teen
GenreSurvival Horror
Consoles (PlayStation)PlayStation 4
Release Date (USA)June 6, 2023

The Amnesia series has always been underrated, but the recently released title Amnesia: The Bunker may be the best. You play as Henri Clément, a French soldier during WWI who gets trapped in a bunker after being wounded. The unique location and time period is one that is rarely featured in video games, let alone the horror genre.

However, Henri quickly finds out that he is not alone and that a beast also lives in the bunker. You do get a few items, including a pistol. However, all of the in-game items fit the period. Amnesia: The Bunker breaks free from previous titles in the franchise by giving you an open world to explore. You slowly learn the story of what happened to Henri’s comrades as you try to save yourself and escape the bunker.


DeveloperFrictional Games
PublisherFrictional Games
ESRB RatingM for Mature
GenreSurvival Horror
Consoles (PlayStation)PlayStation 4
Release Date (USA)September 22, 2015

SOMA came out back in 2015 on the PlayStation 4, but this indie horror title is rarely discussed. It follows the basic formula of a survival horror title, but its unique underwater setting and sheer terror make it stand out. There are also elements of science fiction as your character wakes up in a mysterious research facility at the bottom of the ocean with no explanation as to how he got there.

The gameplay primarily consists of puzzle solving, with no combat mechanics, which leaves you running and hiding from enemies. Instead of the typical zombies or obscure creatures, SOMA is filled with robots that appear to have a human controlling them. However, they are sentient and actually take over a person’s consciousness.

5. Visage

DeveloperSadSquare Studio
PublisherSadSquare Studio
ESRB RatingM for Mature
GenrePsychological horror
Consoles (PlayStation)PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5
Release Date (USA)October 30, 2020

Visage is a relatively obscure game that isn’t very old but received a lot of attention during the development phase. The game started through crowdfunding campaigns and is now available on the PlayStation 4 and 5. It takes place in a 1980s home where you play as Dwayne Anderson after he commits suicide. He also killed his wife and children, and his spirit is now trapped in the home.

Your goal is to escape the home, which is now filled with paranormal activity that traps you there. Each of the apparitions in the game represents one of the home’s previous residents, who all suffered from mental health problems. Visage is a psychological horror game and perhaps one of the most disturbing titles on our list. Like many horror games, there are a lot of puzzles to solve as you try to escape.

4. Outlast

DeveloperRed Barrels
PublisherRed Barrels
ESRB RatingM for Mature
GenreSurvival Horror
Consoles (PlayStation)PlayStation 4
Release Date (USA)February 4, 2014

Now over a decade old, Outlast never received the attention that it deserves. Originally released on PC, this horror game made its way to the PlayStation 4 the following year. Outlast is an indie game that truly is a hidden gem of a horror title with its frequent jump scares. Although a relatively small studio made it, you wouldn’t know it, as the game features stunning graphics.

The story is also well thought out, taking place inside an asylum that is filled with unstable patients who want to kill you. Outlast’s main character is investigative journalist Michael Upshur, who is doing some detective work at the asylum. Unfortunately, the missions can get repetitive, but the gameplay is unique as there are limited resources, and you only have basic tools rather than weapons.

3. Until Dawn

Best Interactive Drama
Until Dawn Hits - PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 4 exclusive game
  • Very realistic graphics
  • Edge-of-your seat gameplay
  • Spine-tingling story
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11/30/2023 05:59 am GMT
DeveloperSupermassive Games
PublisherSony Computer Entertainment
ESRB RatingM for Mature
GenreSurvival Horror, Interactive Drama
Consoles (PlayStation)PlayStation 4
Release Date (USA)August 25, 2015

Until Dawn is a PlayStation 4 exclusive that briefly made headlines upon its release in 2015 but was largely forgotten. The game follows eight people who attend a party at a mountain lodge when things go horribly wrong. Each of the characters follows a stereotype, and each of their stories intertwine despite being apart throughout most of the game.

Characters can permanently die in the game, causing the story to change depending on who survives. The story itself is filled with homages to popular horror movies, and the cutscenes are shot like a horror film. Until Dawn consists of ten chapters, with the first half focussing on terror and the second part filled with supernatural frights.

2. Resident Evil Village

Best Survival Horror
Resident Evil Village – PlayStation 5 Standard Edition
  • Best blend of terror and action
  • The visuals are incredible
  • Next-generation technology
  • First-person action
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11/30/2023 05:59 am GMT
ESRB RatingM for Mature
GenreSurvival Horror
Consoles (PlayStation)PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5
Release Date (USA)May 7, 2021

We couldn’t have a list of horror games for the PlayStation without at least one Resident Evil game. Resident Evil Village makes the list because it is the newest game in the series and also because it offers the best blend of terror and action. Although it is not a numbered game, it is a direct sequel to Resident Evil 7 and is considered the eighth major game in the franchise.

You also continue the story of Ethan Waters as he searches for his daughter. The game’s visuals are incredible, especially if you are playing on the PlayStation 5. However, Resident Evil Village doesn’t give you a chance to soak in the scenery before sending a myriad of creatures after you. Every location in the game has unique horrors that are sure to scare the heck out of you.

1. The Evil Within

Best Overall
The Evil Within - PlayStation 4
  • Face unthinkable horrors
  • Highly-crafted environments
  • Intricate story
  • Pure survival horror
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
11/28/2023 11:10 pm GMT
DeveloperBethesda Softworks
PublisherTango Gameworks
ESRB RatingM for Mature
GenreSurvival Horror
Consoles (PlayStation)PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4
Release Date (USA)October 14, 2014

Releasing almost a decade ago on the PlayStation 3 and 4, The Evil Within remains one of the best horror games ever made. The game has a classic survival horror story where you play as a detective who is investigating a slew of unexplainable yet gruesome murders. Unfortunately, the store is pretty lackluster, but if you want horror, this is the perfect game for you.

At first glance, The Evil Within looks post-apocalyptic, although that actually isn’t the case. The creatures look very zombie-like but are actually mutated humans and animals. What makes this an extreme horror game is that you never know who or what is lurking around the next corner. If you enjoy The Evil Within, then you will also want to play the sequel, which is arguably better but equally terrifying.

Summary Table

RankGameRelease Date (PlayStation in North America)
#1The Evil WithinOctober 14, 2014
#2Resident Evil VillageMay 7, 2021
#3Until DawnAugust 25, 2015
#4OutlastFebruary 4, 2014
#5VisageOctober 2, 2018
#6SOMASeptember 21, 2015
#7Amnesia: The BunkerJune 6, 2023
#8Alien: IsolationOctober 6, 2014
#9Fatal FrameFebruary 27, 2002
#10Dead SpaceOctober 13, 2008
#11The Texas Chainsaw MassacreAugust 18, 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you play PlayStation 4 games on the PlayStation 5?

Yes, the PlayStation 5 can play older PlayStation 4 games. However, it does not work with older games for the PlayStation 1, 2, or 3. You can access some of the oldest PlayStation games through the digital store.

What are PlayStation horror games rated?

Each game is independently rated depending on the content. However, you will find that nearly every horror game available is rated M due to the graphic and gory graphics.

Can the PlayStation 4 and 5 consoles play movies?

Yes, the PlayStation 4 and 5 can play DVDs and Blu-rays as long as you have the model with a disc drive. If you don’t have a disc drive, you can also purchase games from the digital store or watch a streaming service.

Do you need a PlayStation Plus subscription for online multiplayer games?

Yes, you must have a PlayStation Plus subscription in order to use the online multiplayer mode in a game. There are several tiers to choose from, but you only need the Essential subscription to access online content.

Is it better to play the remastered or original version of a PlayStation game?

This is a highly controversial topic, and it really varies by game. Generally, it is better to play a remastered version since it usually includes improved gameplay mechanics, easier-to-use controls, and all-around better graphics.

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