HEXEUM Telescope Review: A Good or Bad Choice?

hexeum telescope

HEXEUM Telescope Review: A Good or Bad Choice?

Is the HEXEUM Telescope worth a purchase? Telescopes can be an expensive endeavor, especially for a newcomer looking to whet their teeth on viewing the cosmos. Generally, getting an acceptable telescope is a matter of balancing features and usability with what you can afford.

HEXEUM’s telescope is a different matter. It’s priced affordably and is lauded by customers. But is it actually worth the price? This review will do a deeper dive into the popular telescope to find out if you should actually order it for yourself.

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Our Pick
HEXEUM Telescope
  • 600mm focal length and 80mm aperture
  • 24x and 60x magnification
  • Three heights and three angles
  • Comes with a phone adapter and an adjustable aluminum tripod
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10/03/2023 03:39 am GMT

HEXEUM Telescope Overview


The HEXEUM telescope retails for around $199.99. This includes both the black and white color selections. You can routinely find it for well below that, though. Sale prices generally hover below $150, making this quite an affordable purchase for the amateur astronomer.

Different Models

The HEXEUM telescope comes in two different color variations for the 80mm aperture model. You have your selection of a black body with white accents or a white body with black accents.

There are other models of telescope available, as well, with a 70mm aperture variant in differing colors. This one is generally priced lower, retailing for around $169.99. You can also find it on sale for considerably less, with sales prices under $100 not being uncommon.


The HEXEUM 80mm telescope comes with a variety of eyepieces as standard equipment. You have access to 25mm, 3x + 25mm, 10mm, and 3x + 10mm eyepieces. The telescope comes with a wireless controller, which serves as a shutter control for a smartphone camera.

A smartphone adapter is included to capture pictures of planets, stars, and the Moon. You’ve also got a carrying tray, finder scope, and a tidy bag to tote everything around. The telescope itself is mounted on an aluminum alloy tripod that is height-adjustable.


HEXEUM Telescope
Aperture Size80mm
Focal Length600mm
Included Lenses25mm, 10mm, 3x magnification Barstow lenses
Length22.8 inches
Width5.1 inches
Height8.2 inches
Tripod Range of Motion360° rotation, 180° vertical adjustment range

HEXEUM Telescope Review

hexeum telescope
The 80mm HEXEUM telescope makes for a good companion to your stargazing.


The HEXEUM telescope is challenging the notion of what a beginner’s instrument should be. When you factor in the low cost with the variety of accessories and the excellent image quality, it is a great choice for amateur stargazers. The telescope is designed for ease of use, meaning you’ll have minimal setup to actually view the sea of stars in the night sky.


The overall design of the HEXEUM is intended to make the user comfortable with its operation. Adjusting the tripod is a cinch, with the adjustable angles easily sliding into place depending on where you have the telescope placed.

Putting the eyepiece into focus is also relatively simple, needing just a twist of the focus ring to bring things in or out of view. From top to bottom, this is a telescope engineered for hobbyists and beginners alike.


The overall image quality from the 80mm HEXEUM telescope is astounding for the price. You won’t be getting high-dollar visuals out of it, but there is more than enough to get a good view of the Moon and other astral objects.

The inclusion of a smartphone adapter means you can share your interstellar findings with friends and family. There are some slight complaints about the overall quality of the image, which comes under scrutiny if you’re more accustomed to better telescopes.

There is light bloom and bleed, which will be noticeable with brighter objects. Some users have complained that the magnification lenses aren’t adept at looking at the likes of Jupiter or Saturn when they’re more visible in the night sky.

Ease of Use

The HEXEUM is marvelously easy to get running. HEXEUM provides installation videos that you find online that will guide you through the entire process. Aside from that, it is simply a matter of locating the object you want to view through the zenith mirror.

Once located, you can install the eyepiece and bring the telescope into focus. The whole process shouldn’t take more than a few minutes for a beginner, as you aren’t having to calibrate viewfinders or other mechanisms.

You can also opt for using the finder scope, which functions similarly to the zenith mirror. The finder scope may be a more ideal choice, as you can align the telescope with an eyepiece already installed.

Optics Quality

HEXEUM telescope
The HEXEUM doesn’t have the best optics, but it is more than enough to view a stunning supermoon in the night sky.

©Fernando Astasio Avila/Shutterstock.com

If there is one weak link in the 80mm HEXEUM package, it’ll come down to the optics. The price is very much reflective of what you’re getting. They are average, which is a sight better than some of the lower-cost telescopes you’ll find on the market.

For casual stargazing, they are more than adequate. If you’re looking to do photography, you might want to invest in better equipment. Still, this is very much a beginner’s telescope for a hobbyist or a massive birthday present for a child, so you can’t expect all home runs.

Included Accessories

The 80mm HEXEUM comes with an eyepiece tray that is directly installed on the tripod. Other accessories include the tripod itself, which is angle and height adjustable, as needed. You also have a finder’s scope and carrying case.

Finally, the whole package includes a wireless remote and a smartphone adapter. You’ll want to use these in conjunction with one another to get steady photographs without having to mash your phone’s screen and jar the telescope.

HEXEUM Telescope: Pros and Cons


  • It is a very affordable telescope
  • The installation process is simple and comes with video instructions
  • The 80mm aperture is more than enough for capturing light from most things you’ll see in the sky


  • The optics are adequate but aren’t exemplary
  • It doesn’t come with an adjustable finder scope
  • The included manual isn’t very useful

HEXEUM Telescope: Is It a Buy?

Buy It if…

You’re in the market for a beginner’s telescope. There are few options as fully featured as the HEXEUM 80mm telescope, especially in this price range. You’ve got more than enough hardware to view the night sky. It’s built to be a friendly piece of equipment, so it’s a great introduction to telescopes that won’t break the bank.

Don’t Buy It if…

You’re expecting stellar visuals out of a $200 telescope. Yes, the image quality is better than most low-end telescopes would lead you to believe. However, you’ll find some drawbacks to the optics under closer scrutiny. The HEXEUM isn’t meant as a mid- to high-end telescope, so temper your expectations accordingly.

Our Pick
HEXEUM Telescope
  • 600mm focal length and 80mm aperture
  • 24x and 60x magnification
  • Three heights and three angles
  • Comes with a phone adapter and an adjustable aluminum tripod
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
10/03/2023 03:39 am GMT

HEXEUM Telescope Review: A Good or Bad Choice? FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Can you take photos with the HEXEUM 80mm?

Absolutely, it comes with a smartphone adapter packaged with the telescope. After setting your telescope up, it is simply a matter of attaching the adapter to your smartphone and syncing it to the wireless remote.

How many eyepieces does the HEXEUM have?

You’ve got a 25mm and 10mm with a 3x magnifier you can attach. You’ve got three eyepieces in total, but could also potentially purchase other eyepieces if you’re in need of higher magnification. That said, you will be limited by the aperture and focal length of the telescope.

Do I need to calibrate the HEXEUM before using it?

Many users have reported that it is usable straight out of the box. Some telescopes make it so you have to calibrate the viewfinder to get the absolute best results. It seems HEXEUM has made a simpler device overall, even if it lacks an adjustable finder.

What does the aperture mean for my telescope?

The aperture is the apparatus that lets light into your telescope. It would stand to reason that a larger aperture means more light is captured. For its price, the HEXEUM has a large aperture when compared to its contemporaries.

What does the focal length mean for a telescope?

The focal length is the distance between the aperture to the actual mirrors that reflect the image to your eyepiece. A longer focal length means you have more magnification when locating celestial bodies in the night sky.

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