Hart 40V Cordless Mower vs Ryobi 80V Mower: Which One Wins?

Hart 40V

Hart 40V Cordless Mower vs Ryobi 80V Mower: Which One Wins?

Hart and Ryobi’s outdoor power equipment lines are growing thanks, in part, to their electric mowers. Two mowers that have gotten a lot of buzz recently are the Hart 40V and Ryobi 80V. Hart has a number of different 40V mowers, but one of their newest ones truly puts the brand within reach of competitors like Ego and GreenWorks.

Ryobi’s 80V mower was recently unveiled, and it is unlike any other electric mower on the market. If you aren’t familiar, Hart is a Walmart-exclusive brand of power tools that are manufactured by TTI, which actually makes Ryobi, as well. Ryobi, on the other hand, is a well-known brand of power tools that are sold at Home Depot.

Hart 40V Mower vs Ryobi 80V Mower: Side-by-Side Comparison

80V Ryobi40V Hart
Deck Size30″21″
Batteries Included1-80V2-40V
Runtime (with included batteries)90 Minutes60 Minutes (Estimated)
Warranty5 Year Mower/5 Year Battery5 Year Mower/3 Year Battery

Hart 40V Mower vs Ryobi 80V Mower: What’s the Difference?

We’ve already established that there is a major difference between the Hart 40V and Ryobi 80V mowers. This includes the Ryobi having a massive 30″ deck, as well as using a single large battery. But we will also look at how the mowers are built and what is included. Additionally, we will take an in-depth look at how easy both mowers are to use, as well as how much they cost.


Hart has a few different models in their 40V line, so you should look carefully over each of them to see what they have to offer. Ryobi only has one push mower in their 80V battery line, which is considerably larger than the ones that Hart has. Additionally, Hart offers a wide range of sizes, from compact models all the way up to ones that are comparable to gas mowers.

hart 40v vs ryobi 80v mower
The Hart 40V offers single-point height adjustment with a cutting range from 1″to 4″ height.

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To keep things simple, we will be taking a look at one of Hart’s top-of-the-line models because it is the closest comparison we could find to the Ryobi 80V. These mowers included the Hart HLPM061US, which is a 21″ self-propelled mower, and the Ryobi RYPM8010, which is a self-propelled 30″ mower. Both of these models are bundles that include batteries and chargers.


Power is a major concern when choosing an electric mower because they do get a reputation for not being as capable as a comparable gas-powered mower. While there is usually some truth to that, it doesn’t mean that electric mowers can’t get the job done. In fact, the Ryobi 80V actually produces more power than most gas-powered mowers.

Because the Ryobi 80V and Hart 40V use drastically different batteries, you will notice that the Ryobi is significantly more powerful. This power is needed to spin the blades on the mower’s much larger deck. Voltage plays a direct role in the amount of power that an electric motor has, but it is not the only factor that you need to look at.

Amp-hours (ah) is essentially a measure of how long the battery will last. Typically, the more amp hours, the larger the battery is. This is also what allows for extended runtimes. While the batteries used by the Hart and Ryobi are very different, the motors share a similarity. Namely, they are both brushless, which provides optimal efficiency and a longer lifespan.

Looking specifically at the Ryobi 80V, you get a single 80-volt 10ah battery. Looking at the battery, it immediately resembles a small briefcase more than it does a tool battery. Moving over to the Hart, you get two 40-volt 6-ah batteries. This translates to about 90 minutes of runtime on the Ryobi 80V and an estimated 60 minutes of runtime on the Hart 40V.


The decks are where some major differences lie between the 40V Hart and the 80V Ryobi. First, let’s start with the similarities. Both Hart and Ryobi use composite materials for the deck rather than steel. This is a lightweight material that is also very durable. Additionally, the Hart and Ryobi use steel blades that you can replace or sharpen.

The main difference is that the Ryobi has an enormous 30″ deck while the Hart has a more modest 21″ deck. The 21″ deck will be perfect for most people since it is the same size as most gas mowers. The larger 30″ deck may be more difficult to use in small areas, but it will make cutting large yards faster. Finally, the Ryobi uses two sets of crosscut blades laid out side-by-side to achieve a perfect cut.


The accessories that come with the Hart 40V and Ryobi 80V are pretty standard and resemble those on comparably priced electric mowers. We’ve already mentioned that both mowers include a battery charger and that the Ryobi has a single battery, while the Hart has two. The Hart and Ryobi also come with clipping bags, as well as everything you need to mulch or discharge your grass clippings.

Ease of Use

Having a mower that is easy to use is a major driving factor for many to buy an electric mower. The Ryobi and Hart mowers are relatively easy to use and maintenance-free.

Of course, you will have to occasionally sharpen or replace the blades. But to get started, you will need to charge the batteries so that you don’t run out of power part way through cutting.

The next step is to drop the batteries in and press the start button. There is a lever you need to hold back, just like on a gas-powered mower, and there is also another lever that controls the self-propelled speed. While on the topic of ease of use, it is worth noting that you can have either one or two batteries in the Hart and that it will automatically switch between them.


The price difference between the Hart 40V and Ryobi 80V is going to be major. Although Ryobi has yet to release the price for this new mower, we do have a ballpark estimate.

With that in mind, pricing will likely be the deciding factor between the 40V and 80V. Also, remember to keep the battery prices in mind as you may wish to purchase more later.

The Hart 40V has a list price of $598 and it comes with two batteries and a charger. This is a pretty common price for electric mowers in this size range and with the batteries that come with them.

However, the Ryobi 80V is in a completely different league as Ryobi did announce the 80V batteries will retail for $900. At that price, the mower will easily cost over $1,000 and will likely be near $1,500.


Warranties play a large part in many people’s purchase decisions, and for good reason. A warranty is not only a measure of good faith but also a sign of how much trust a company has in its products. Warranties are especially important for outdoor power equipment because they are put to rigorous use, not to mention there is a chance that batteries will fail.

The warranty between the Hart 40V and Ryobi 80V is also slightly different. The Hart 40V comes with a five-year warranty on the mower and a three-year warranty on the batteries. In comparison, the Ryobi 80V also has a five-year warranty on the mower, but it also extends the five years on the battery. This is great, considering how expensive the batteries are.

Battery Lines

The final thing we will analyze are each mower’s battery lines. Even if you don’t plan to purchase any other tools now, this is still something you should consider. Particularly because the Hart 40V and Ryobi 80V product lines are so different.

To start with, the Ryobi 80V platform only has a few products which consist of one push mower and a couple of riding mowers. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like there will be other outdoor tools like edgers, blowers, or weedeaters because of the battery’s large size.

On the other hand, Hart’s 40V line is quite extensive, and while it doesn’t have small power tools like drills, it still has quite a few options for outdoor tools. The great thing is that you can purchase the other tools by themselves since you will already have two 40V batteries.

Hart 40V Mower vs Ryobi 80V Mower: 5 Must-Know Facts

  1. The Ryobi 80V has a large 30″ deck, while the Hart 40V has a more standard 21″ deck.
  2. Both mowers have composite decks instead of metal ones.
  3. The Hart includes two batteries, while the Ryobi has a single large battery.
  4. Ryobi has not yet released the price of their 80V mower.
  5. Hart is sold exclusively at Walmart, and Ryobi is sold at Home Depot.

Hart 40V Mower vs Ryobi 80V Mower: Which One Is Better? Which One Should You Use?

The choice between the Hart 40V and Ryobi 80V is actually one of our easier comparisons. The differences are so striking that you should be easily able to choose the best mower for your needs. This is an important distinction because the best mower might not be the best fit for you. With that being said, the Ryobi 80V is easily the better choice.

The 80V’s extra-large cutting deck makes cutting even the largest yards a breeze. Additionally, its 10-ah battery provides some of the longest runtimes on a single battery. This is great for people with an acre of ground to cover. However, if this is the case for you, then it would be better to consider getting a ride-on mower because they are much more comfortable.

For most people who need to cut their grass, the Hart 40V will be a perfect solution. It has the same cutting area as most push mowers, and its 3/4 acre battery range is plenty for those with big yards. The main reason that we’ve come to this conclusion is that the Hart is so affordable, coming in with an MSRP of $598.

Unfortunately, we still don’t know what the list price of the Ryobi 80V will be, but it will likely be double that of the Hart. Another great thing about the Hart is that you can purchase extra batteries if needed, and they won’t break the bank. Plus, Hart has a growing line of tools in their 40V lineup, so you will be able to purchase other tools as needed.

Updates for the Hart 40V Cordless Mower and the Ryobi 80V Mower

We see continuous improvement in products as technology advances. Since February 2023, we have seen the following improvements to both mowers:

Hart 40V Cordless Mower

  • New battery: New battery technology produces a longer battery life so customers don’t have to charge their mowers as often.
  • New blade: The new blades cut cleaner and better and are more durable.
  • Improved self-propelled system: The updated self-propelled system makes it easier to push the mower and navigate your lawn.

Ryobi 80V Mower

  • New deck: The improved deck is more durable and easier to clean.
  • New self-propelled system: The new system makes it much easier to push the mower.
  • New brushless motor: This brushless motor is more powerful and efficient because it uses less energy.

Possible Future Updates for the Hart 40V Cordless Mower and the Ryobi 80V Mower

Future updates have not yet been announced. However, here are some possible improvements we may see in the next six to 18 months:

  • Improved battery life: With battery technology constantly evolving, we can expect to see longer-lasting batteries that reduce the number of times customers have to charge their battery.
  • Smarter self-propelled systems: New self-propelled systems could automatically adjust the speed of the mower based on the terrain.
  • More features: Future versions of both mowers could include mulching, a side discharge chute, or a bag.
  • Bluetooth or Wi-Fi: Both mowers could add Bluetooth or Wi-Fi features to allow users to control the mower from a smart device.

Hart 40V Cordless Mower vs Ryobi 80V Mower: Which One Wins? FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Is Ryobi's new 80V line compatible with their old 80V line?

No, Ryobi’s new 80V batteries are completely different from their older 80V line, and the two platforms are not cross-compatible.

Does the Hart combine power from both batteries to create 40V?

No, even though the Hart can run with two batteries, it does not combine their power.

Why are the Hart and Ryobi mowers only available at Walmart and Home Depot respectively?

Both mowers are manufactured by TTI which has agreements with several retailers to sell products exclusively at their retail locations.

What other sizes are the Hart and Ryobi available in?

The Ryobi 80V is only available in a 30″ deck. However, Ryobi makes smaller mowers that use their smaller batteries. Hart, on the other hand, has smaller mowers, such as their 18″ and 20″, that use the 40V batteries.

Does Hart make an 80V mower?

Hart recently unveiled its first product to use an 80V battery, but that is a riding mower.

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