What Channel Is Great American Family on Spectrum? (2024 Update)

Great American Family and Spectrum logos side by side.

What Channel Is Great American Family on Spectrum? (2024 Update)

Key Points

  • Great American Family channel offers wholesome movies and television shows.
  • The channel started as Great American Country and was a competitor to CMT.
  • Former Hallmark executive Bill Abbott purchased the channel and transformed it into a family-oriented network.
  • Great American Family airs original films and syndicated TV shows, including classic sitcoms.
  • The channel has gone through multiple name changes, including GAC and GAC Family.

Want to watch the wholesome movies and television shows airing on Great American Family but aren’t sure how to find the channel on your Spectrum guide? We have just the solution for you. Because of the way cable television works, the channel number for someone on the East Coast might not be the same channel number for someone on the West Coast. For this reason, we’ve created a chart below with dozens of the top cities nationwide and the corresponding Spectrum channel numbers for Great American Family.

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Great American Family Channel Guide

City and StateChannel Number on Spectrum
Albany, NY295
Anaheim, CA295
Bakersfield, CA231
Birmingham, AL45
Buffalo, NY295
Charlotte, NC295
Cincinnati, OH255
Cleveland, OH255
Columbus, OH54
Corpus Christi, TX69
Dallas, TX266
Durham, NC295
El Paso, TX28
Indianapolis, IN232
Kansas City, MO295
Lexington, KY823
Long Beach, CA160
Los Angeles, CA295
Louisville, KY823
Milwaukee, WI255
Montgomery, AL143
New York, NY295
Raleigh, NC295
Reno, NV130
San Antonio, TX295
San Diego, CA295

History of Great American Family

Woman watching a romance on television.
Great American Family is home to lighthearted, family-friendly entertainment.

The Great American Family channel dates back to 1995 with one very important Garth Brooks video. Called Great American Country at launch, the network introduced itself with a music video for “The Thunder Rolls” by Garth Brooks. In doing so, the network positioned itself as a serious competitor for CMT. That particular country music television station first hit the airwaves in 1983. But, like MTV, it had since gotten away from playing music videos for the majority of its daily programming. This presented the perfect opportunity for Great American Country to take over CMT’s former space.

Owner Jones Radio Network knew it would be an uphill battle taking on such a TV titan as CMT. Alas, the broadcaster was more than ready for the challenge. It hoped its subtle reinforcement of family-friendly values would be a real selling point. However, Great American Country failed to capture the market like Jones Radio Network had hoped it would. It was soon purchased by Scripps Networks (the same conglomerate behind HGTV and TLC). This new owner pivoted away from country music videos. Instead, it focused on other traditional interests of the American South and Midwest.

While the channel struggled to gain footing at first, this second try proved to be the winning formula. In the 2020s, Great American Country — now Great American Family — looks much closer to Hallmark than CMT. It offers viewers a mix of family-oriented television shows and made-for-TV films. This has everything to do with the fact that former Hallmark executive Bill Abbott purchased the channel and took creative control alongside Hallmark legend Candace Cameron Bure. (Both of which were dissatisfied with their former home’s honorable mission to be more inclusive).

GAC Media Sister Stations

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Great American Family Programming

Still from When Hope Calls: A Country Christmas on Great American Family.
Following her sentence, Lori Loughlin made her TV return in

When Hope Calls: A Country Christmas


Now that you know where to find the Great American Family channel on Spectrum, let’s talk about what kind of programming you can expect to find on the station today. From its library of television films to its catalog of television shows (both original and syndicated), Great American Family is stuffed to the gills with Hallmark-esque programming throughout the day. Many of them even star iconic Hallmark celebrities. Here’s what a typical day on Great American Family looks like on Spectrum today.


Starting in 2021 with Bill Abbott and Candace Cameron Bure’s creative takeover, Great American Family has provided viewers with dozens of original films a year. As with Hallmark, Great American Family purchases many of these films from broadcasters and production companies in Canada. It then passes them off as originals here in America.

New films air on a weekly basis — typically on Saturday nights. Output ramps up around holidays like Valentine’s Day and Christmas. Recent examples include Swing Into Romance starring Danica McKellar and Craft Me a Romance starring Jodie Sweetin. The rest of the week’s schedule is filled with TV movie rebroadcasts.

TV Shows

On the television side of things, Great American Family’s original output is a lot more limited. As of now, the network has just two original series: When Hope Calls and The Abigail Mysteries. When Hope Calls is a spinoff of Hallmark’s When Calls the Heart starring controversial former Hallmark star Lori Loughlin.

Apart from these two original series, the rest of the gaps in the broadcast schedule are filled in with syndicated shows. From Bewitched to The Facts of Life, Father Knows Best to Full House, Great American Family prides itself on its classic sitcom collection. It even has syndication rights to Netflix’s original series Fuller House. You can also catch reruns of Columbo and Murder, She Wrote.

What Happened to GAC?

GAC Family logo from 2021-2022.
Great American Family went as GAC Family between 2021 and 2022.

You may occasionally hear Great American Family called a variety of different names. Great American Country, GAC, Great American Channel, GAC Family… All are referring to the same channel: Great American Family. Why all these different names? And what happened to the GAC channel that used to be on your Spectrum guide?

The GAC name dates back to the station’s origins in the 1990s. Originally called Great American Country (as mentioned above), the country music angle was dropped under the new Scripps ownership in the 2000s. From there, the station embraced the GAC abbreviation over the original full name. Then, in the 2010s, something strange happened: Scripps brought back the full name again.

This go-round, Scripps leaned into “country” as a reference to America. It was no longer about the genre of music as it was originally. When Bill Abbott took over from Scripps’s new owner Discovery Inc. in 2021, the network once again dropped the “Great American Country” name as well as the “GAC” abbreviation. He rebranded the channel name to its current one: Great American Family.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Great American Family channel?

The Great American Family channel, formerly known as GAC, is a TV channel owned and managed by former Hallmark executive, Bill Abbott. It is dedicated to providing family-friendly and wholesome entertainment. Under the co-supervision of television actress Candace Cameron Bure, the station offers a variety of shows, movies, and special programs suitable for viewers of all ages.

How can I watch Great American Family?

The Great American Family channel is available through most cable and satellite TV providers. Some IPTV providers, such as Sling, also offer Great American Family as an add-on. For Spectrum users, check your guide for a specific channel number in your area.

What types of programming does GAFC offer?

Great American Family plays an array of made-for-TV movies as well as syndicated television shows. A typical day’s lineup might include family sitcoms, network dramas, educational shows, and soft religious content. The channel aims to uphold traditional family values and provide content suitable for family viewing through its movies and TV shows.

Is Great American Family the same as GAC?

Yes, Great American Family and GAC are the same channel. You may have heard it referred to as GAC Family or the Great American Channel, as well. All of these names have been tried on at least once or twice throughout the network’s decades-long history. Today, it goes by Great American Family.

Is Great American Family related to Hallmark?

Hallmark and Great American Family are very closely linked, but they share very different ideals and come from two different broadcasters. Bill Abbott, a former Hallmark executive, left the company when it made a point to produce and air more diverse, inclusive shows and movies. He formed Great American Family with former Hallmark actress Candace Cameron Bure and set out to produce more conservative, less inclusive programs.

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