GoPro Hero11 Black vs Hero11 Mini: What Are The Actual Differences?


GoPro Hero11 Black vs Hero11 Mini: What Are The Actual Differences?

5 Must-know Facts About the GoPro Hero

  • The GoPro HERO has been around since 2004, but it actually did not go digital until 2006.
  • The GoPro Hero11 Black and Hero11 Mini also released alongside the GoPro Hero11 Black: Creator Edition. This camera was actually made especially for vloggers and other content creators.
  • Both the GoPro Hero11 Black and the Hero11 Mini have identical camera specs.
  • As of 2018, more than 30 million GoPro HEROs had been sold.
  • Unlike its competitors, GoPro has yet to release a camera capable of shooting in 8K.

The GoPro Hero — often seen stylized as the HERO — has been a staple of the GoPro brand practically since the beginning. First introduced in 2005 and seeing subsequent yearly updates, the latest version of the GoPro Hero is the Hero11 Black.

And, for the first time in several years, GoPro has also released an unexpected new model to the Hero lineup: The Hero11 Mini. Apart from their names, what distinguishes the GoPro Hero11 Black vs Hero11 Mini?

The actual differences are honestly quite surprising. So much so, in fact, they demand an in-depth examination. Let’s look at the specs, explore their key differences in detail, examine some fast facts, and compare their pros and cons to determine the winner.

Side-by-Side Comparison: GoPro Hero11 Black vs Hero11 Mini

GoPro Hero11 BlackGoPro Hero11 Mini
Release DateSeptember 2022October 2022
Image Sensor8:78:7
Resolution5.3K60, 4K120, 2.7K2405.3K60, 4K120, 2.7K240
StabilizationHyperSmooth 5.0HyperSmooth 5.0
Waterproof33 ft.33 ft.
Size71.8mm x 33.6mm x 50.8mm52.4mm x 38mm x 51.2mm
Display2.27-inch touchscreen (rear)
1.4-inch LCD (front)
Price$399.98 (w/ subscription)
$499.99 (w/o subscription)
$299.98 (w/ subscription)
$399.99 (w/o subscription)

Key Differences: GoPro Hero11 Black vs Hero11 Mini

Hero 11 Black features timelapse presets that are missing in the Hero 10 Black like the one shown.

The GoPro HERO has a history of changing with the times, and the Hero11 Black and Hero11 Mini are no exceptions. While their names are obviously different, their specs bear many striking similarities. What is it exactly that sets the two apart? The Hero11 Black vs Hero11 Mini debate comes down to just three key factors: Size, price, and functionality.

Size and weight

One of differences between the Hero11 Black and the Hero11 Mini is their sizes. The Hero11 Black is many millimeters larger on all sides, measuring in at 71.8mm x 33.6mm x 50.8mm all around. Comparatively, the Hero11 Mini measures in at 52.4mm x 38mm x 51.2mm.

This is where the “Mini” name can truly be seen best. Additionally, the Hero11 Black and Hero11 Mini weigh in at different grams. The Hero11 Black is 153g, while the Hero11 Mini is 133g. Size and weight difference don’t influence photo and video quality of the cameras, however.


Secondly, there’s a drastic price difference between the Hero11 Black and the Hero11 Pro. The Hero11 Black will cost GoPro subscribers $399.98.

Non-subscribers will pay $100 more at $499.99. The Hero11 Mini also varies depending on whether or not you’re a subscriber. GoPro subscription members typically pay $299.98 for the Hero11 Mini, while non-subscribers pay $399.99.


While the Hero11 Black and the Hero11 Mini offer the same camera quality, they differ in actual functionality, specifically, the presence (or lack) of screens.

The GoPro Hero11 Black has a 2.27-inch touchscreen on the back and a 1.4-inch LCD screen on the front. The Hero11 Mini, on the other hand, forgoes all screens across both the front and the back of the device.

Best for Action Shots
GoPro HERO11 Black
  • 5.3K video that gives you 91% more resolution than 4K
  • Water-repelling lens cover
  • 27MP photo and 5.3K60 video
  • HyperSmooth 5.0, AutoBoost for maximum stabilization
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History of the GoPro Hero

While GoPro did not make its company debut until 2002, the GoPro HERO arrived not long after in 2004. Company founder Nick Woodman conceived the brand and its name while on a surfing trip, inspired by the lack of equipment on the market capable of taking high-quality action shots during extreme sports.

Amateur photographers typically could not afford expensive, compact, waterproof cameras, and professionals weren’t interested in putting their gear at risk for such basic action shots. Thus, the idea for GoPro — the name deriving from the desire to “go professional” — was born.

Woodman spent two whole years perfecting the GoPro. By the time the industry’s top trade shows rolled around in 2004, Woodman was ready for the first official GoPro model — the GoPro 35mm HERO — to make its debut.

It was able to capture a series of photos on a 35mm roll of film. The Digital HERO arrived two years later in 2006, capable of only 10 seconds of video. Despite its limitations, the product still sent GoPro sales skyrocketing. Sales quadrupled, reaching nearly $3.5 million for the year.

Subsequent GoPro HERO releases continued this established trend of bringing the latest camera quality standards to the miniature GoPro body. For instance, the HERO3+ brought 4K UHD to the GoPro family in 2014. Likewise, the HERO6 Black brought 4K60 video to the product line in 2017.

A year later, GoPro reportedly hit 30 million HERO sales. The camera was immensely successful because it could capture superior photos and videos. On top of that, it had a compact, durable, waterproof body.

History of the Hero11

The GoPro Hero11 was first announced on September 14th, 2022. Unique to this version of the HERO was the decision to release separate versions of the camera: The Hero11 Black, the Hero11 Black: Creator Edition, and the Hero11 Mini.

In the announcement, GoPro proclaimed that “all three cameras feature a new, larger sensor that delivers the highest resolution, highest 10-bit color depth, highest level of video stabilization and widest field of view ever featured natively in a HERO camera.”

Obviously, this makes the Hero11 a pretty big deal compared to previous HEROs. Additionally, all three Hero11s boast the ability to send highlight videos to users’ phones automatically. While exclusive to members of GoPro’s subscription service, this feature is an essential function of the Hero11 family.

akaso vs gopro

Action cameras enable you to capture crystal-clear footage of your adventures.

Similarly, subscribers also have their day’s footage backed up immediately to the cloud upon plugging the camera in to charge. Capable of capturing over a billion distinct color shades at 5.3K resolution at 60 fps (frames per second), the Hero11’s quality and convenience create the most remarkable HERO model yet.

While the Creator Edition is unquestionably cool for those who shoot and edit their own videos, the Hero11 Mini might actually be cooler. The Hero11 Mini sacrifices none of the Hero11 Black’s photo or video quality. Its image sensor, resolution, stabilization, and waterproof certification all remain intact from the Hero11 Black to the Hero11 Mini.

The biggest differences are in its size and its screens. The Hero11 Black and Hero11 Black: Creator Edition released in September, while the Hero11 Mini arrived later in October.

Pros and Cons of the Hero11 Black vs Hero11 Mini

Hero 11 Black

Two displays, one on front and one in backNo 8K video
Incredibly high-quality video and photosRequires a GoPro subscription to enjoy all features
$100 cheaper for GoPro subscribersMore expensive without a GoPro subscription
Edits and sends footage to cloud when chargingOnly waterproof to 33 feet

Hero11 Mini

More affordable than the Hero11 BlackNo display on the front or the back
Smaller in size than the Hero11 BlackRequires a GoPro subscription to enjoy all features
Lighter than the Hero11 BlackMore expensive without a GoPro subscription
Same camera quality as the Hero11 BlackOnly waterproof to 33 feet

GoPro Hero11 Black vs Hero11 Mini: Which Is Better?

Hero11 Black and the Hero11 Mini have so much in common that it’s hard to point out the superior camera. Their recording and photography specs are identical. However, it’s still possible to say which is better by looking at what ultimately divide them starting with the price.

The Hero11 Mini is much smaller than the Hero11 Black, and the cheaper camera too. Some may prefer the Hero11 Mini for its price and size, but others will want to see what they’re shooting enough to pay an additional $100-200.

That’s where the Hero11 Black has an upper hand as it features two screens. For this reason, we give it to the Hero Black.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When was GoPro founded?

GoPro was founded in 2002, but the first GoPro did not hit shelves until 2004.

Who founded GoPro?

GoPro was founded by Nick Woodman, inspired by lack of proper waterproof cameras for shooting action shots in all terrains.

What is the latest GoPro HERO model?

The latest GoPro HERO model is the Hero11, released in September 2022.

Who owns GoPro?

GoPro’s majority ownership falls on founder Nick Woodman, who owns 64% of the company.

Can GoPro shoot in 8K?

To date, no GoPro cameras can shoot in 8K.

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