The GoPro Hero11 Black Has New Features in an Old Package

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The GoPro Hero11 Black Has New Features in an Old Package

Key Points

  • GoPro is known for its high-quality action cameras.
  • The GoPro Hero11 Black looks just like its predecessor, but inside it’s packed with new features.
  • For those looking for a more compact version of the Hero11 Black, GoPro also has a Mini version.

GoPro is known for its high-quality action cameras. They’re so popular that many movie and TV show production companies use them. GoPro‘s affordability and innovation also drive its popularity. However, many people expected that the new GoPro Hero11 Black would have many of the same features as the GoPro Hero10.

This was due to some leaks showing that the GoPro Hero11 was the exact same size as GoPro 10. But with the GoPro Hero11 officially launched, we now know that’s not the case. The most notable addition was a higher megapixel sensor that allows it to capture more light and higher quality photos.

This will lead to better image quality and video in low light in fast-moving environments.

GoPro Hero11 Black: Overview

Best for Action Shots
GoPro HERO11
  • 5.3K video that gives you 91% more resolution than 4K
  • Water-repelling lens cover
  • 27MP photo and 5.3K60 video
  • HyperSmooth 5.0, AutoBoost for maximum stabilization
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11/26/2023 01:46 am GMT

On the outside, the GoPro Hero11 Black looks just like its predecessor, but inside it’s packed with new features. From the larger sensor to better image stabilization, this camera is sure to impress.

We’ve already mentioned the new sensor that’s capable of up to 24.7 megapixels, but it can also film 5.3K resolution at 60 fps and 2.7K resolution at 240 fps. Also new on the Hero11 is HyperView, which captures ultra-widescreen video.

GoPro Max

The GoPro Max is great for dusty or windy conditions.


But the new sensor also allows the Hero 11 to capture taller videos, which will work well for social media uploads. Another great feature is HyperSmooth 5.0, which is like having a built-in gimbal that can keep the video straight and level even when upside down.

The most popular version is the standard GoPro Hero11 Black. It features a new cold weather Enduro battery and is waterproof up to 33′. In addition, it has both a front and forward-facing screen so you can see exactly what is being recorded regardless of direction.

GoPro Hero11 Black Mini

For those looking for a more compact version of the Hero11 Black, GoPro also has a Mini version. GoPro scheduled the Mini’s release a few weeks after the standard GoPro Hero11 Black, so details on it are still a little slim.

However, we do know that it will launch at $100 less than the Hero11 Black. But it does not have any screens on it like the regular camera. The good news is that you still get all the great benefits, such as HyperSmooth and the 5.3K resolution of the Hero11 Black.

One nice feature of the Mini is that there’s a second attachment point on the back of the camera. Its compact size is also very convenient, especially if you’re wearing it on a helmet or on your chest. Best of all, it’s compatible with all the other GoPro accessories.

GoPro Hero11 Black Creator Edition

Best for Outdoors
GoPro HERO11 Black Creator Edition
  • All-in-One creative solution
  • High-Res photos + videos
  • Includes battery grip, remote, and tripod
  • Video can be played back in slow motion for better editing
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11/27/2023 04:13 pm GMT

If you like the GoPro hero 11, but want a little bit more out of your camera, then you may want to check out the Creator Edition. It uses the base model Hero11 but adds a few extra accessories. However, this feature-packed bundle comes at a high price, costing nearly $200 more than the standard Hero11.

The Creator Edition includes the Volta hand grip, the light mod, the media mod, and an Enduro battery. Of course, all of these accessories can be purchased separately from the camera, but buying them all together as part of the Creator Edition does save a little bit of money.

While it does increase the camera’s cost quite a bit, these are all great additions, depending on how you use your GoPro. The Creator Edition is a great choice for Vloggers as it includes everything they need. The Volta handgrip is perfect for holding the GoPro, and it also doubles as a mini tripod.

Another vlogging necessity is a good microphone which is part of the media mod. Finally, if you plan to film at night, you will need a light, and the included light mod is a great solution as it sits neatly on top.

akaso vs gopro

Action cameras enable you to capture crystal-clear footage of your adventures.

©Denis Kornilov/Shutterstock.com

The entire bundle is very compact, and the microphone and light additions are very tight to the camera, so they don’t awkwardly protrude and risk damage. These addons are also very rugged and designed for use in action shots.

Release Date and Pricing

The GoPro Hero11 Black was released alongside the Creator Edition on September 14, 2022. It costs $399.98 with a GoPro subscription and $499.98 without a GoPro subscription. The Creator Edition costs quite a bit more at $579.98 with a subscription and $834.95 without a subscription.

Those looking for the GoPro Hero11 Mini will have to wait a bit longer as it is set to release on October 25, 2022. Luckily, this is quite a bit cheaper at $299.98 with a subscription and $399.98 without a subscription.

What is a GoPro Subscription?

If you are new to GoPro or haven’t bought one in a while, you’re probably wondering what the deal is with this GoPro subscription. It serves both as a loyalty club and as a software subscription for GoPro’s strongest supporters.

A GoPro subscription costs $49 a year and gets you access to great features, such as unlimited cloud backups with auto uploads. Of course, you can also save on the purchase of new GoPro cameras and get up to 50% off on the GoPro website. It also includes access to premium features on the Quik app, such as auto highlight reels.

A GoPro account also lets you live stream directly from your camera. A link generates that you can then share, so others can watch your stream. But by far, the best feature is the guaranteed camera replacement. With this, you can exchange up to two cameras per year with no questions asked; however, there is a premium you will have to pay to get a new camera.

GoPro Hero11 Black: Is It Worth Buying?

The GoPro Hero11 Black is definitely worth buying if you don’t already have a GoPro camera. However, if you already have a fairly new GoPro, then you may want to consider forgoing this generation for now. Instead, consider waiting for the Hero11 to go on sale.

With that in mind, the Hero11 is still a great buy and is packed with new features. Determining what you use your GoPro for will help specify whether or not it’s time to upgrade. For instance, if you use your camera for action shots and demand the best video quality, then the Hero11 is probably the best.

GoPro’s continued innovation with stabilization is a driving force to purchase the Hero11. Another added benefit is the 8 X 7 image sensor that fairs well in low-light situations. Similarly, if you make a lot of content for social media such as Instagram, then the tall shots are also a very nice feature.

gopro hero 11

GoPro Hero 11 is the most powerful GoPro yet.

©Photo by Cyrus Crossan on Unsplash – License

But if you use your camera for still recording, then you may want to consider going with an older version, such as the GoPro Hero10. One of the great things about GoPro cameras is that the accessories are compatible with every generation. So, even if you purchase a Hero10 or an even older model, you can always reuse your accessories.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are GoPro cameras indestructible?

No, GoPro cameras are very durable, but they are certainly not indestructible.

How is video stored on a GoPro camera?

You need to use a MicroSD card to store your footage.

Are GoPro cameras waterproof?

GoPro cameras are water resistant and will be great in semi-wet environments. However, they are not made for prolonged underwater use.

Where can you buy GoPro cameras?

GoPro cameras are available at most major retailers, as well as directly from GoPro.

Is the GoPro Hero11 Black compatible with older accessories?

The Hero11 is compatible with all previous mounts.

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