Google’s Pixel Fold Vs. Oppo Find N: Which Is Better?

Google’s Pixel Fold Vs. Oppo Find N: Which Is Better?

Key Points

  • Google’s Pixel Fold and Oppo Find N are two foldable smartphones competing in the market, with different strengths and weaknesses.
  • Pixel Fold boasts a larger cover display and improved hinge design, while Oppo Find N has a better processor and camera setup.
  • Pixel Fold features a Tensor G2 chipset and 12GB of RAM, while Oppo Find N has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chipset with larger shared AI memory and 8GB or 12GB of RAM.
  • Pixel Fold advertises itself as having the best camera setup, but Oppo Find N’s camera array is superior with a 50MP primary lens and 32MP selfie cameras.
  • Pixel Fold has a larger battery with Extreme Battery Saver function, while Oppo Find N has standard wireless charging options and reverse wireless charging.

After years of rumors, Google finally announced the release of its much anticipated Pixel Fold on May 10, 2023. The new foldable device has to face fierce competition, though. Beyond popular high-street brands, smaller players like Oppo threaten the market position of the latest arrival. So, how does Google’s new phone stand next to tried-and-tested handsets? This head-to-head between Google’s Pixel Fold vs. Oppo Find N can help you discover.

Google’s Pixel Fold Vs. Oppo Find N: Side-by-Side Comparison

Pixel FoldOppo Find N
Release year20232021
Mobile network5G5G
Cover display size5.8”5.49”
Inner display size7.6”7.1”
Display typeOLEDAMOLED
ChipsetTensor G2Qualcomm Snapdragon 888
Internal storage256GB, 512GB256GB, 512GB
Rear cameras48MP, 10.8MP, 10.8MP50MP, 13MP, 16MP
Front camera9.5MP32MP
Inner camera8MP32MP
SoftwareAndroid 14Android 11, ColorOS 12
Battery capacity4,821mAh4,500mAh
Starting price$1,799$1,200

Google’s Pixel Fold Vs. Oppo Find N: What’s the Difference?

Foldable smartphones have conquered the market recently, with newer models joining previous releases each year. GooglePixel Fold is one of the most anticipated phones ever, with rumors circulating since 2019. Finally, the tech giant introduced the device at Google I/O on May 10, 2023. The Pixel Fold is not yet on the market, but you can pre-order it. Deliveries will begin at the end of June when most carriers already have it in stock.

Chinese brand Oppo is not that popular in America, but the Find N foldable phone might become one of Pixel Fold’s main competitors in its native land. This handset is roughly the same size as the Pixel Fold but has a slightly better processor and camera setup. The only real downside is it’s only available in China – even though you can find the Oppo Find N2 (a flip phone) in the US and Europe.

OPPO Find N2 Flip
  •  Dual-SIM, 5G smartphone
  • 6.8 inch, foldable LTPO AMOLED
  • 256GB ROM + 8GB RAM
  • 25.6 hours of talk time
  • Factory unlocked device
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Visual appeal is one of the most sought-after features in handsets – after all, everyone wants a stylish smartphone. In this aspect, Google Pixel Fold and Oppo Find N are similar, even though the latter comes in more colorways.

As expected from a Google phone, the Pixel Fold has many elements inspired by the original Pixel lineup. The design is sleek, with soft curves and round edges. An infinity display on the cover maximizes screen space, although the hinge side of the cover is more abruptly cut compared to high-end competitors, such as the Samsung Fold.

Pixel Fold’s rear cover is a copycat of all other Google handsets. There is no change in the camera array layout, and if it weren’t for the asymmetric design and smaller size, there wouldn’t have been much difference between this phone and others in the Pixel lineup. What makes a difference, though, is the improved hinge design that allows the two sides to fold flush one against the other, increasing the aesthetic value.

Oppo Find N has a similar design, and considering that it was launched years before the Pixel Fold, we might say it’s pretty avant-garde. Not only can you expect an infinity display on the front cover, but also inside. By comparison, Google opted for a simpler solution with no camera cut in the inner display. The inner selfie cam stands above the display line, a choice that reduces the size of the inner screen.

Oppo’s hinge design is similar to Pixel Fold’s in that the two sides fold flush against one another. The rear features a classic triple-camera array arranged in a pattern similar to the Samsung S series. A difference between Oppo Find N and the Pixel Fold is the size, with the latter being slightly larger.


Like all Google’s top-of-the-line phones, the new Pixel Fold has a Tensor G2 chipset. This CPU delivers speed and performance but can hardly compete with Qualcomm processors – including the older versions. Even if the Snapdragon 888 was released in 2021, it still has a superior benchmark score. Compared to Apple’s A15 Bionic CPU, Oppo’s Snapdragon delivers improved performance and larger shared AI memory than the Tensor.

This makes Oppo a better choice if you need stamina and speed from your handset. Pixel Fold is fast but less significant for multitasking and running hard-core apps, such as resource-avid games, creator tools, and image or video editing apps.

However, this doesn’t mean that the Pixel Fold disappoints; on the contrary. AI features include split screen responsiveness, advanced speech recognition for improved dictation, real-time translations while you’re talking, and enhanced battery life.

Internal Storage

Beyond the chipset, another crucial feature in a handset is internal storage, especially since most phones nowadays don’t have expandable memory. However, there isn’t much of a difference between Google’s Pixel Fold and Oppo Find N in this department.

Both brands offer their flagship handsets in 256GB and 512GB options. A difference is that both Pixel Fold models feature 12GB of RAM, whereas the Oppo Find N 256GB has 8GB of RAM, with 12GB RAM only available on the 512GB version. Neither one of the two phones supports memory expansion.

Camera Setup

Google advertises its Pixel Fold as the foldable phone with the best camera. However, Pixel Fold’s setup pales when compared to the Find N. Both phones feature a similar setup, with a triple-camera main array and selfie cams on the front cover and inner display.

In detail, Pixel Fold’s rear camera array includes a 48MP primary lens, a 10.8MP ultrawide lens, and a 10.8MP dual-PD telephoto camera. Oppo Find N features a 50MP primary lens, a 16MP ultrawide lens, and a 13MP telephoto camera. Improved AI on the Pixel Fold, including cutting-edge computational photography, can help you capture outstanding shots. Yet, Oppo’s camera array is superior.

The same is true for the selfie cams. On the front cover, Pixel Fold features a 9.5MP cam and an 8MP inner camera. Oppo Find N comes with 32MP selfie cameras on the front cover and inner display.

That said, Pixel Fold’s photos might be of higher quality. Some exclusive features you can’t find in other brands include real tone matching that adjusts the color balance and lighting to represent various skin tones in most light conditions accurately. Another unique feature is Photo Unblur which allows you to improve the quality of your pics, removing visual noise and blur.


An essential difference between the Pixel Fold and Oppo Find N is the software. Both handsets run on Android, albeit the latter comes with its operating system (ColorOS 12), which is based on Android 11. The Chinese company offers its global users four major ColorOS updates and five years of security updates. This handset will become obsolete shortly because Android 14 is almost out.

Google plans to launch Pixel Fold after the official release of Android 14. This handset will likely run on the latest Android version straight out of the box and receive another five years of system and security updates. For this reason alone, Pixel Fold is a better choice.


For a long time, speculations had it that Pixel Fold would come with a 5,000mAh battery. The rumors were close to the truth, but not quite. This handset comes with a 4,821mAh battery that delivers a full day of runtime. With the Extreme Battery Saver function, you can extend the battery life for up to 72 hours, which would significantly limit the phone’s functionality.

Considering you’ll get a fast charger, there isn’t a need to go to such lengths unless you find yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere with no wall outlet nearby. You can charge your Pixel Fold wirelessly, too. Disappointingly, though, this phone doesn’t come with fast wireless charging or battery share, two features seen in other brand handsets, including the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro.

Oppo Find N features a smaller battery of 4,500mAh. However, you’ll still get good battery life. As you can expect, this foldable phone comes with standard wireless charging options and reverse wireless charging at 10W. The latter function allows you to use your phone as a power bank to recharge an accessory.


Ultimately, the cost can make or break a deal when searching for a new smartphone. In this aspect, Oppo wins. Even if it isn’t available in Western markets, the Find N is priced at about US$1,200. Google Pixel Fold’s price is closer to flagship phones like the Samsung Fold 4. Pre-order prices start at $1,799 or $49.97 monthly with 36-month financing.

Like most brands, Google will likely adjust the price once the Pixel Fold is out there. Bundles and deals from carriers might also make it possible to grab one cheaper.

Google’s Pixel Fold Vs. Oppo Find N: 5 Must-Known Facts

  • The Pixel Fold is Google’s latest addition to its high-end lineup. The tech company introduced it on May 10 at Google I/O and will release it in late June.
  • Oppo Find N is the first foldable phone from the Chinese phone maker Oppo. It launched in December 2021 but is only available in the Chinese market.
  • Google’s Pixel Fold advertises itself as the foldable phone with the best camera setup. However, Oppo’s array is superior.
  • Pixel Fold and Oppo Find N are similar visually, but the Pixel Fold is larger. Both phones feature improved hinge designs compared to Samsung Fold phones, with the two sides folding perfectly flush against one another.
  • Google offers its Pixel Fold in Porcelain and Obsidian colors. Oppo Find N comes in black, white, and purple.

Google’s Pixel Fold Vs. Oppo Find N: Which One Is Better? Which One Should You Buy?

Google’s Pixel Fold is not as groundbreaking as expected from a phone in the works for years. Sure, it features a great processor and advanced AI features, but that’s about it. The camera setup is better in the Oppo Find N, and the batteries are similar between the two models. However, Find N delivers surprising overall performance at a lower price.

Oppo Find N is not available outside of China. Unless you plan to visit the country and buy the handset there, you’re out of luck. Pixel Fold’s launch is currently scheduled in the US, but Google will likely introduce it to the global markets, too. So, if you want a foldable phone but don’t want a Galaxy for one reason or another, Google’s Pixel Fold is your best bet.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I expect Pixel Fold?

Google’s Pixel Fold is already available to pre-order from the Google Store. Shippings are expected to start in the second half of June, and the expected release date at Verizon is 27 June.

Will the Pixel Fold have a stylus?

No, Pixel Fold will not have a stylus. This phone doesn’t come with stylus support either. Thus, if you want a pen to go with your phone, you might want to opt for a Galaxy Fold.

How big will Pixel Fold be?

When open, the Pixel Fold dimensions are 6.2 x 5.5 x 0.2 inches. The size goes down to 5.5 x 3.1 x 0.5 inches when the phone is closed. As far as the weight is concerned, Pixel Fold is one of the heaviest smartphones, weighing 10 ounces.

Is Oppo part of Huawei?

No. The only relation between Oppo and Huawei is that they are both from China. However, they are independent companies belonging to different parent organizations.

Is Oppo available in the US?

Officially, Oppo is not available in the US. The Chinese brand doesn’t operate its own US front stores and doesn’t have any US partners. This is because Oppo considers the US to be one of the most competitive markets. However, some of the newest Oppo handsets, such as the Find N2, can be found at various US retailers and online, including Amazon and eBay.

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