Google One vs. Google Drive: What’s the Difference, Which One Is Better?

google one vs. google drive

Google One vs. Google Drive: What’s the Difference, Which One Is Better?

Key Points

  • Google One offers subscription-based storage with tiered pricing plans and additional benefits like 24/7 customer support and family sharing options.
  • Google Drive provides 15 GB of free storage to users with an active Google or Gmail account, focusing primarily on file sharing and cloud storage.
  • Google One allows for easy sharing of storage among family members, while Google Drive excels in document sharing and syncing capabilities for group collaborations.

As more users turn toward cloud storage solutions, Google remains one of the leading players. The recent introduction of Google One has confused many as they attempt to understand its distinction from the previously established Google Drive.

Though both services provide storage and sharing solutions for documents, photos, and videos, key differences make one superior. Our analysis reviews both services and compares their features to help you determine which one best fits your needs.

So, whether you are looking for an inexpensive and basic storage option or you’re an organization in need of an economical backup option, continue reading to understand the benefits and services provided by each one.

Google One vs. Google Drive: Side-by-Side Comparison

Google OneGoogle Drive
DescriptionIt provides storage spaces at an affordable monthly subscriptionIt is a free storage space by Google to account holders.
Storage CapacityOffers various plans with flexible storage optionsIt comes with 15 GB of free storage.
PricingA subscription-based model with tiered pricing plansFree with the option to upgrade for additional storage
Customer support  It offers 24/7 support providing live chat, phone calls, and email assistance for users.Wait extended periods until your query is addressed.
Additional BenefitsIt provides access to family sharing, Google experts, and extra member benefits.It focuses primarily on file sharing and cloud storage
PurposeSubscription service to increase storage capabilitiesCloud storage solutions that allow users to back up and store files safely.
RequirementsAn activated Google account and Google Drive with recognized payment methods.An active Google or Gmail account is required to use this feature.
FeaturesGoogle One subscriptions can be shared among several family members at once.Document sharing and syncing capabilities allow groups of users to collaborate on the same file simultaneously.
AccessibilityIt can be accessed by those who can afford the subscription  Anyone can access it since it’s a free service.

Google One vs. Google Drive: What’s the Difference?

Understanding the difference between Google One and Google Drive can be essential when selecting which service best serves your storage needs. Both platforms offer similar functionalities, but their pricing plans, storage capacities, and extra features differ significantly. Here are the main distinctions between them.


Pricing strategies vary between Google One and Google Drive. The former provides users with an affordable subscription-based model featuring tiered pricing plans. Thus, plans range in storage capacity, offering flexibility and scalability.

Additionally, subscriptions to Google One feature added benefits, such as access to experts from Google, family sharing options, and extra member benefits.

google one vs. google drive
In March 2023, Google added a dark web monitoring feature for Google One users in the US.

On the other hand, Google Drive gives every user 15 GB of free storage with an option to purchase additional space as required. Accordingly, this storage option makes a good fit for those requiring only limited capacity, or those looking for something more cost-efficient.

Google One and Drive offer users different pricing models in order to meet their storage requirements and budget restrictions.

Storage Capacity

Google One and Drive provide different solutions that meet users’ storage requirements. On the one hand, Google One offers flexible storage plans of various capacities, so users can select an amount that best meets their storage needs.

Additionally, plans range from modest storage to large capacities to give users adequate room to store files, documents, and media. Google One also gives family members an easy and hassle-free way to share storage by offering a convenient way to organize, access, and manage files collectively.

On the other hand, Google Drive currently provides 15 GB of free storage per user. So, this offer provides ample storage space and is suitable for users with moderate needs. However, users can upgrade their storage capacity based on individual or professional needs.

Customer Support

Google One and Drive provide unique customer support experiences that are essential to users’ satisfaction. Google One stands out by offering excellent customer support 24/7.

Additionally, users can rely on live chat, phone calls, and email support services to promptly resolve all their inquiries or concerns. Accordingly, accessing immediate support ensures users receive assistance whenever needed, further enriching their overall experience.

On the other hand, Google Drive customer support may not always be responsive, and users could experience long wait times before their inquiries can be addressed.

Google Drive does provide some support resources, like help articles and community forums. However, its inability to offer immediate assistance may frustrate users looking for answers quickly.


Google One and Drive have specific criteria for accessing their storage solutions. Google One requires users to have an activated Google account and Drive, with approved payments, before proceeding with this product.

Thus, users must create and manage a Google account and provide payment details to access all its features and storage capacities.

Dropbox vs Google Drive
Before 2013, Google reportedly did not encrypt data stored on its servers.

On the other hand, Google Drive has more basic requirements. Possessing an active Google or Gmail account is all it takes to take advantage of this feature.

Therefore, users can quickly and conveniently access Google Drive by signing in using their Gmail credentials.


Google One subscriptions are easily shared among multiple family members simultaneously. Accordingly, this feature makes it easier for families to share storage resources and access all their files under one subscription plan.

Contrarily, Google Drive stands out regarding document sharing and syncing abilities, making this one of its key strengths. Thus, users can work simultaneously on one file, making this an excellent solution for group projects or team collaborations.

Ultimately, real-time synchronization ensures all participants can access the latest version of a document for optimal collaboration and productivity.


Google One can be obtained by those able to afford its subscription fees. It provides users with additional storage and features through an affordable subscription model; thus, the service makes itself accessible to those willing to invest.

In contrast, Google Drive is an open and free service available to everyone. Therefore, users can create or sign into their Google Account to gain access to Google Drive for storage and file management features at no additional charge.

Google One vs. Google Drive: 7 Must-Know Facts

  1. Google One is an optional subscription-based storage solution from Google that offers additional space beyond what’s provided for free with Google accounts.
  2. Google Drive is an accessible cloud storage solution offered for free by Google that anyone with either Gmail or a Google account can take advantage of.
  3. Google One offers various storage plans tailored specifically to users’ requirements, while Google Drive gives all users 15 GB of free storage.
  4. Google One subscribers enjoy additional benefits like 24/7 customer service, family-sharing features, and exclusive perks.
  5. Google Drive allows users to collaborate in real-time on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations by sharing files securely between devices.
  6. Google One subscriptions can be shared among multiple family members, while Google Drive cannot; it remains accessible only to anyone with an active Google account.
  7. Google One requires an active Google account and the respective payment approved by the payment provider, while Google Drive only needs an active Gmail or Google account.

Google One vs. Google Drive: Which One Is Better? Which One Should You Use?

Understanding the differences between Google One and Drive can be essential when making an informed choice between them. Google One offers subscription-based storage capacity and exclusive benefits like 24/7 customer service and family sharing.

On the other hand, Google Drive provides free cloud storage to anyone with an active Google or Gmail account. However, users desiring additional storage, beyond the Google Drive free offer, can subscribe to Google One to avoid inconveniences.

Still, Google Drive could be an appropriate option if a user only requires cloud storage with basic storage capacity, without additional subscription costs. The choice between Google One and Drive ultimately comes down to personal requirements, budget constraints, and personal taste.

It’s important to consider factors like storage space, customer support services, sharing options, and if one is willing to cough up money for extra features. Assess your needs and reach a decision that matches both your circumstances and priorities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use both Google One and Google Drive simultaneously?

Yes, Google One and Drive can both be utilized simultaneously. Google One is a subscription service offering additional storage and benefits in addition to those provided free by Google Drive.

By subscribing to Google One, you can expand your storage capacity while taking full advantage of the file-storing and sharing features of Google Drive.

Is Google One a free service like Google Drive?

Google One is not free like Google Drive. Google One is an additional subscription-based storage option that offers more space, enhanced customer support services, family-sharing functionality, and more on Google products.

What additional features does Google One offer compared to Google Drive?

Google One provides several additional features when compared to its counterpart Google Drive. These include 24/7 assistance through live chat, phone calls, and emails, family sharing of subscriptions among multiple members in a family unit, and many other benefits not available in Google Drive.

Can I upgrade my Google Drive storage to Google One?

Yes, Google Drive storage can be upgraded to Google One storage. Subscribers of Google One can expand their storage capacity beyond that offered free by Google Drive.

How do I transfer my files from Google Drive to Google One?

Transferring files between Google Drive and Google One is an effortless experience. Since Google One offers enhanced storage plans that expand upon those provided by Google Drive, your files remain fully accessible when switching services without needing separate transfers or migration processes — the transition is smooth.

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