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Key Points:
  • Google One has more free storage space than Dropbox. You can use 15G for free on Google One, but you can use only 2G for free on Dropbox.
  • Google works best if you are already using other Google apps like Gmail, Google note, Google Docs, and Google Sheets. Dropbox is a better choice if you need speed and you are willing to pay for it.
  • Google One and Dropbox encrypt your data with a key generated by them, but Google takes an extra step by encrypting with a second key.

Google One and Dropbox are two very popular cloud storage spaces that people use to back up their documents, pictures, and information either for personal use or for their business.

People often wonder which of the two storage spaces is better for them. This depends on many things such as the storage space, speed, reliability, security, activities, and budget needs you may have.

Google works best if you are already using other Google apps like Gmail, Google note, Google Docs, and Google Sheets. Dropbox is a better choice if you need speed and you are willing to pay for it.

Google One and Dropbox can be used anytime and anywhere; no matter where you are, you can easily access Google One and Dropbox. Both Google One and Dropbox have free spaces you can use without paying for them. Once your free space is exhausted on both, you will need to pay for more storage space.

The question is, which one is better for you?

To help answer this question, we’ve put together an in-depth comparison of these two services to show you how they stack up against each other. Read on to learn more!

Google One vs. Dropbox: Full Comparison

Dropbox has been around since 2007. It was initially known as Duplicator and offered users the ability to upload their files directly onto the cloud. It was one of the first services of its kind and quickly became one of the most popular ways to store files online.

In recent years, however, Dropbox has undergone some major changes. The company has added features like automatic syncing across devices and a better desktop client that allows users to edit files directly from their computers.

For many, Dropbox and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) are synonymous. Both offer a similar level of functionality and accessibility, which is why they’re often used side-by-side in the same household. However, some critical differences between the two could make you choose one over the other.

Google One is newer than Dropbox but offers some unique features that make it stand out from similar services today. For example, Google One allows users to upload up to 15GB per month for free (which is double what Dropbox allows). It also offers unlimited storage space for videos and photos, which not every other service does!

A Quick Rundown of Both Services’ Offerings

Dropbox is easy to use and affordable, but it doesn’t give you access to all of your data as GCP does. You can also store files on any device with an internet connection, which isn’t always possible with cloud storage solutions like Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive.

Google One is probably for you if you want to save money on storage fees by using Google’s cloud solution. But, if you want more control over how your data is stored, don’t want to pay extra for additional features (like video editing), or just want something more intuitive than GCP’s interface, this may not be for you.

Google One and Dropbox have been around for years, and both have made a name for themselves as alternatives to the traditional email and storage services that have dominated the market.

Google One is an email service that lets you connect your Gmail account with your other Google products. It also allows you to download all of your emails in a single app, which means that if you’re using another app or service and want access to your Gmail messages, you can simply download them directly into your new service with no hassle.

You can use Google One on multiple devices at once and access unlimited storage space per user, so if you ever need more space than what the standard plan provides (20GB), it’s easy to upgrade at any time.

In addition to its convenient features, it has a unique design that helps users manage their inboxes much more efficiently. With Google One’s intuitive interface, there are many different ways users can interact with this product; they can even set reminders.

Google One
Google One may be the best for you if you already use Gmail and other Google apps as it will keep your files in the same ecosystem.


Google One vs. Dropbox: A Side-by-Side Comparison

Google OneDropbox
Storage SpaceUnlimited1TB
AvailabilityFree till 15GFree till 2G
Extra FeaturesGmail, app suites, Google docs, HangoutNone
SpeedNo block-level/LAN, fast serversBlock-level sync, LAN sync
SharingYou can share with five family members, from a $2 subscription per monthSharing starts from $20 per month
SecurityNo password on linksPassword on links
Price$10 a month$12 a month (one user only), $20 a month for 6 users

Google One vs. Dropbox: What’s the Difference?


Google One has more free storage space than Dropbox. You can use 15G for free on Google One, but you can use only 2G for free on Dropbox. Once your free space is exhausted you will need to pay for more space on both. You can earn more storage space on Dropbox by referring friends using a referral code.

You get 500MB for each person you refer to Dropbox. You can also get an extra 250MB of storage space by going through Dropbox’s Getting Started Manual. Google One, on the other hand, doesn’t offer free storage space for referring friends, rather you get free storage space if you use a Google phone.


Dropbox is faster and more innovative than Google One, making it very popular. It uses block-level file copying to sync files. The first time uploading a file on Dropbox will take a bit long, but once it has been uploaded, you will easily upload your files once you make changes. Google does not use block-level file copying. It runs fast with small files. Hence, you won’t notice the slow speed except with big files.

Dropbox vs Google Drive
Dropbox is considered to be a faster service than Google One.

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Google One files are secured by the use of two-factor authentication support. This works by allowing you to receive a code by phone call, SMS, or a physical key (like the one Google employees use) which helps you to access your files.

Google One and Dropbox encrypt your data with a key generated by them, but Google takes an extra step by encrypting with a second key. Anyone who wants to access your data must have access to the two keys.


When it comes to the sharing of files, Dropbox has a better sharing option compared to Google One. Both Dropbox and Google One allow you to select which member of your team has access to shared files. They both allow you to share files by either sharing the file link or sending an email to those you want to share the file with.

If you share the file by email, you can state those who have access to the file and also change it later on. If you share a link, anyone who gets the link can access the files. If you want to change it later, you will need to stop link sharing of the shared file totally.

Dropbox and Google One are identical in this aspect, but Dropbox has other unique features. When you share links to a file on Dropbox, you can add a password so only someone with the password can access the file. You can also set an expiring date for the link shared. Once it reaches the date, the link will stop working. The link can only expire after days, not hours. It is, however, better than what Google One offers.

You can request files from others if you use Dropbox, you can also set the file destination and wait to receive the file.

Google One can allow you to share bought storage space with five family and friends (this makes it six users) using a package of $2 monthly.

Dropbox doesn’t allow sharing at $2; it only works when you start paying $20 monthly for 2TB of storage.

4 Must-Know Facts About Google One and Dropbox

  • Google One and Dropbox are good cloud storage spaces that can be used anywhere and anytime. They are easily accessible and have some free storage space.
  • The bigger the file, the longer it will take to upload on Google One. However, the size of the file doesn’t matter on Dropbox; Dropbox transfers big files easily.
  • Dropbox has passwords for file links, which help to avoid security breaches.
  • As a user of Dropbox, you will pay for using more than three devices to access your file, but Google One allows you to access your file from numerous devices.

Which One Should You Use?

Pick Google One if You Want…

  • Cheap storage with a generous amount of space; Google One is free with a whole 15G storage space.
  • To store personal photos easily
  • To continue using Google apps. This means if you are already using Google apps like Google Docs, Good Sheets, and Google Photos, you will have all your files in one easily accessible place.
  • Free access to the Google One VPN on Android
  • Discounts on purchases in the Google Store. You get discounts for using Google One when you buy from the Google store.
  • Occasional deals on travel and other items. Google offers different travel packages for its users.

Pick Dropbox if You Want…

  • Excellent speed; Dropbox syncs very fast (for both small and big files) and it is reliable.
  • Ease of use when working with large files regularly
  • To organize your files with ease

Wrapping Up

While these two cloud storage platforms are great tools you can leverage, the one that’s best for you depends on your circumstances.

For many, Google One ticks more boxes compared to Dropbox. We can say that Google One is the winner in this competition because it has unlimited storage space and free storage of up to 15GB, the Sharing plan starts at $2 monthly, and the monthly subscription is $10 as opposed to the $12 monthly offered by Dropbox. Overall, you get more for less money with Google One.

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Google One vs. Dropbox: Which Storage Solution is Better? FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Which is better, Google One or Dropbox?

Google One is the winner. While Dropbox has a better interface, performance, LAN sync tool, and user experience, Google offers better value for the price and very tight security for your files. The price is very good for users who can’t afford much.

Dropbox is still good if you value user experience over space and if you don’t have highly confidential files that need strong security. The most preferred one, of course, depends on your particular needs.


Is Google One safer than Dropbox?

Google One is safer because of its tight security. You need two passwords to gain access to files. Google and Dropbox encrypt your data with a key generated by them, but Google One takes an extra step by encrypting with a second key. Anyone who wants to access your data must have access to the two keys.

Dropbox is not very safe. There have been issues of hacking into Dropbox documents. It can be harmful if you have highly confidential files.


What are the disadvantages of Dropbox?

Dropbox lacks a reliable security system. There is always an incessant hacking of Dropbox. When sharing Dropbox files in an organization, a little mistake by one user can lead to the leakage of information. If one user is careless with information or leaks his or her password, your document can leak.

Dropbox also has a limited search function. If you have a large cloud of information on Dropbox, you will struggle with searching for them.


Is Dropbox owned by Google?

Dropbox is an independent company and it is not owned by Google.

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