Google Fi vs. Visible Wireless: Which is the Better Value?

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Google Fi vs. Visible Wireless: Which is the Better Value?

When looking for a reliable cell phone plan, Google Fi and Visible Wireless offer competitive packages at convenient rates. These network providers have unique cell service packages that provide value to customers looking for affordable and unlimited data plans.

Due to their respective low prices and the similarity of their offered plans, they tend to draw in the same kind of customers. As such, choosing between the two can be challenging given that they both offer remarkably comparable plans.

In this article, we will compare Google Fi and Visible Wireless to help you determine which mobile carrier is the best fit for your needs and budget. Let’s jump in!

Google Fi vs. Visible Wireless: Side-by-Side Comparison

Google FiVisible Wireless
Coverage5G, 4G LTE 5G, 4G LTE 
NetworkT-Mobile, U.S. CellularVerizon Wireless
Phone CompatibilityAll Android phones and unlocked phonesAll Android phones and unlocked phones
Price$50 per month for the Simply Unlimited plan per SIM
$65 for the Unlimited Plus plan
$20 + $10 per GB per SIM for the Flexible plan 
$30 per month for the Visible plan
$45 for the Visible+ plan
Activation Fees?NoneNone
Unlimited Data35GB or 50GB full-speed data, capped at 22GBUnlimited, no data cap
International RoamingInternational roaming services are available, uses the same data for international calls and texts in over 200 countriesNo international roaming but you can enjoy free international calls to over 30 countries and international texting to 200+ countries
Mobile Hotspot Data?Yes (Shared)Yes (Unlimited at 5Mbps)
Customer Service24/7 supportLimited
Family PlanMulti-Line Members plan starts at $40 per month for the Simply Unlimited plan
$55 per month for the Unlimited plan
$18 per month + $10 per GB for the Flexible Plus plan
Party Pay starts at $25 for family, friends, and online strangers

Google Fi vs. Visible Wireless: What’s the Difference?

Each of the mobile providers has a specific difference in terms of coverage, networks, pricing, unlimited data, international services, mobile hotspot data, customer service, and family plans. Let’s uncover the key differences between Google Fi and Visible Wireless.


4G LTE is the most common network in the world, especially in the United States. Both Google Fi and Visible Wireless offer 5G and 4G LTE coverage to compatible devices. You will not see many 5G smartphones on the market, which is the reason most customers use 4G LTE technology.

Verizon is the parent company of Visible Wireless, and the Verizon network offers Visible Wireless a platform to operate. Similarly, T-Mobile and U.S. Cellular provide network platforms for Google Fi to operate in the U.S.

In densely populated areas like urban cities, both Google Fi and Visible Wireless provide strong coverage to their customers. On the contrary, Visible Wireless has strong coverage in rural areas. If you are looking for a provider with a strong 5G network, then Google Fi is the best option. However, because 5G is not yet widespread, the upgrade from 4G is unnecessary. Visible Wireless is better than Google Fi in terms of coverage. 


The pricing between Google Fi and Visible Wireless depends on sharing features, data limits, and speeds during traffic. Furthermore, you will see which plan costs less in the long run. 

Visible Wireless is the best option when you compare pricing with Google Fi. Visible Wireless has two pricing plans: the Visible plan which starts at $30 per month, and the Visible Plus which is $45 per month. You will get more value with the Visible Plus plan because unlimited data and premium 5G speeds are included. 

In contrast, Google Fi has three mobile network plans: Simply Unlimited for $50 per month, Unlimited Plus for $65 per month, and Flexible Plan for $20 + $10/GB per month. Furthermore, Google Fi offers a lower price for limited data if you go with the Flexible Plan. However, you have 15GB available that need renewal after depletion. 

You should select the Visible Plus plan that maintains high-speed data during high-traffic bandwidth. Likewise, Visible Plus has a higher data threshold to avoid slowing down during network congestion. Visible Wireless wins when it comes to pricing because it costs less per month in the long run. 

Mobile Compatibility

Android devices are compatible with both Google Fi and Visible Wireless. Also, you can benefit from using Visible Wireless because it supports iOS devices. In addition, Google Fi works on iPhones but requires a custom installation to unlock the best features of the provider. If you are among the many unlocked T-Mobile network users, you will benefit from Google Fi’s carrier service. 

Visible Wireless requires Android users to have Verizon’s VoLTE devices for carrier services. Importantly, you will benefit better from Visible Wireless because it is compatible with both iOS and Android.  

Hotspot Data 

You have a better choice with Visible Wireless if you want to use a mobile hotspot at 5 Mbps. Furthermore, the unlimited data speed is better if your demands are limited to a single device for streaming music, gaming, and watching videos. In contrast, Google Fi is ideal if you want tethering capability and higher speeds. However, you trade higher speeds for a limited data plan. 

google fi
Google Fi has superior speeds and tethering capabilities compared to Visible Wireless.

International Features

If you travel frequently outside the U.S., you will benefit from the roaming options that Google Fi offers. Likewise, you can make unlimited calls and send text messages to over 200 countries with the Flexible Plan. This is a bargain since international calls cost $0.20 per minute on average. 

However, if you do not travel a lot, you can enjoy free international calls to over 30 countries and send over 200 texts to several countries with Visible Wireless. Unfortunately, Visible does not support international roaming, making Google Fi the better option. 

Extra Features

There are no activation costs or contracts when you pick Google Fi or Visible Wireless. If you want an unlimited trial period where you can cancel or pause the plan, Google Fi is your best option. Similarly, you get the option to upgrade or downgrade the subscription plan once a month if you choose Google Fi. Also, the Google Fi app is excellent at managing your network accounts. 

If you want information on taxes and charges for each subscription plan, then Visible Wireless is the best option. The availability of the family plan discount is ideal if you want to want to spend less. Google Fi has three family plan options that include price discounts for customers. Visible Wireless does not have a family plan, although it has the Party Pay discount that was cheaper for users in the same network plan. In terms of additional features, both network providers are similar.

Customer Service

You can access customer service online or by a phone call with either Google Fi or Visible Wireless. Also, both carriers provide network activation and SIM card devices. The instructions are easy and your registration process to either network becomes active at the same speed.

You can reach Google Fi’s customer service support at 1-844-TALK2Fi. However, Visible Wireless has limits in customer service. You can reach customer service support through their app, chat with an agent, or through social media.

You should pick Google Fi if you want 24/7 support for customer service.  

Google Fi vs. Visible Wireless: 10 Must-Know Facts

  • Google Fi has three carrier plans that offer fasters speeds for customers.
  • Visible Wireless has the cheapest carrier plan for users seeking unlimited data.
  • Visible Wireless is suitable for both Android and iOS smartphones.
  • Google Fi offers the best services if you are looking for the best network coverage.
  • Visible Wireless users can increase their savings with the subscription plans available. 
  • Google Fi is the best option for customers that use international roaming services.
  • Visible Wireless has the strongest 4G LTE network coverage in the U.S., both in urban and rural areas.
  • There are no activation costs when subscribing with either Google Fi or Visible Wireless.
  • Google Fi offers 24/7 customer support service which is better in comparison to Visible Wireless.
  • Visible Wireless features taxes and charges details in each of its subscription plans.

Google Fi vs. Visible Wireless: Which One is Better for You?

Ultimately, the choice between Google Fi and Visible Wireless will depend on your needs and budget. The unlimited data option makes Visible Wireless a good option if you do not want data caps. Similarly, Google Fi is suitable for customers that use Android devices. This is because it has excellent software features tailored toward delivering fast internet speeds to Android users.

Likewise, if you are looking for an affordable plan for several family members, Google Fi is the better choice. Furthermore, the family plan increases your savings when sharing costs among users. Visible Wireless supports tethering options if you are using unlimited data for hotspot access, so you can share data easily across several devices at quicker speeds.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Google Fi?

Google Fi is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that provides wireless phone and data services using cellular networks operated by Sprint, T-Mobile, and U.S. Cellular. Google Fi offers flexible and affordable plans, with no contracts or activation fees, and provides a range of features such as international roaming, Wi-Fi calling and texting, and network switching to ensure the best possible coverage and connection quality. Google Fi also supports a wide range of devices, including the latest smartphones from Google, Samsung, and other manufacturers.

What is Visible Wireless?

Visible Wireless is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that offers affordable and simplified mobile phone plans for individuals and families. Visible Wireless operates on the Verizon network and provides unlimited talk, text, and data, with no annual contracts, credit checks, or hidden fees. Visible Wireless also includes features such as mobile hotspots, Wi-Fi calling and texting, and 5G network access at no extra cost. The company also offers a range of smartphones for purchase or financing, as well as a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program that allows users to activate their existing devices on the Visible network.

Does Google Fi work with an iPhone?

Yes, Google Fi works with iPhone devices. In fact, Google Fi can be used with most iPhone models running iOS 11 or later. However, some features, such as network switching between cellular networks and Wi-Fi calling and texting may not be available on all iPhone models. Additionally, Google Fi’s international roaming features may be limited on iPhones compared to Android devices. It’s recommended to check Google Fi’s website for the latest information on device compatibility and features.

Does Visible Wireless offer 5G network access?

Yes, Visible Wireless offers 5G network access at no additional cost, as long as your device is compatible with 5G and is within a 5G coverage area. Visible Wireless operates on the Verizon network, which has been expanding its 5G coverage across the United States. However, it’s worth noting that 5G network access may not be available in all areas or on all devices, and speeds may vary depending on network congestion and other factors.

Can I use Google Fi internationally?

All Google Fi plans include data, calls, and texts within the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Plus, the Flexible and Unlimited Plus plans also come with international data in 200+ destinations, and for supported Pixel and Samsung phones, 5G coverage is available in select countries and territories.

Does Google Fi or Visible Wireless offer unlimited data?

Visible Wireless offers unlimited data, talk, and text on its phone plans, with no data caps or overage fees. On the other hand, Google Fi offers unlimited data plans, but they come with certain limitations. Google Fi offers an Unlimited plan that includes unlimited data, talk, and text, but data speeds may be slowed after a certain amount of usage.

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