GoDaddy vs. WP Engine Hosting: Which Is Best for Your Website?

godaddy vs wp engine

GoDaddy vs. WP Engine Hosting: Which Is Best for Your Website?

Key Points:
  • According to the website’s speed test, WP Engine’s server gave an average load time of just 2.43 seconds, while GoDaddy’s came in at 2.94 seconds for the managed plan and 3.02 seconds for the shared plan.
  • WP Engine offers 24/7 live chat support on their website for all plans. Both managed and shared hosting from GoDaddy come with live chat assistance Monday through Friday and 24/7 phone support.
  • GoDaddy offers affordable prices, whereas WP Engine offers higher rates due to its advanced features and services.

With the advent of the web, it has become extremely easy for anyone to set up a website. However, choosing the right web host can be confusing, especially if you’re new to website development. Many factors come into play when choosing your web host, and those can change depending on what type of website you plan to build.

A hosting service should be reliable, and its support team should be responsive and helpful if you ever need help with your site. GoDaddy and WP Engine are both excellent hosting providers. Both offer a variety of hosting options and features which set them apart. But which is better?

This comprehensive GoDaddy vs. Wp Engine guide will answer that question in great detail. If you’re considering one of these services to host your site, this article will help you decide which one to use based on your specific needs and preferences.

GoDaddy vs. WP Engine Hosting: Side-by-Side Comparison

GoDaddyWP Engine
Storage Space10-30 GB, depending on the plan10-20 GB, depending on the plan
Money-Back Guarantee      30 days60 days           
Free Domain Name           Yes, for annual plansNo
Supportphone, 24/7 email support, live chat during working hours,  knowledge basePhone and email support, 24/7 live chat    
Website immigration           Free migration on managed WordPress           Free automated WordPress migration
PricingStarts at $4.99 per monthStarts at $20/month
Free CDN       Support for CloudflareYes, built-in   
ServersLos Angeles, Chicago, Virginia, Amsterdam, Singapore, Arizona, Ashburn,  PhoenixEurope, North America, Asia/Pacific, London

GoDaddy vs. WP Engine Hosting: What’s the Difference?

There are many similarities between GoDaddy and WP Engine — both have comprehensive support teams that are available 24x7x365 and offer free migrations from other hosts to their service. But here is what sets them apart.


godaddy vs wp engine
As of December 2021, GoDaddy has more than 21 million customers.

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Both hosts offer SSD storage and high-speed servers, but the difference in performance is noticeable. According to the website’s speed test, WP Engine’s server gave an average load time of just 2.43 seconds, while GoDaddy’s came in at 2.94 seconds for the managed plan and 3.02 seconds for the shared plan.

This may not seem like a big deal, but it does affect how fast your site loads when visitors access it; especially if there are several pages on the site with images or videos embedded within them.

WP Engine offers more powerful servers for better performance and faster load times. If performance is critical to you, you should probably go with WP Engine.

WP Engine is more expensive than the two GoDaddy plans we compared. So you’re not receiving that extra performance for free. You must determine whether you appreciate faster WP Engine performance enough to spend the extra money.

Additionally, there doesn’t appear to be much of a performance difference between that plan and GoDaddy’s less expensive shared plans.


GoDaddy offers a number of different plans that range from $3 per month up to $13 per month, depending on how much space you require and how often you want to transfer files between your website and its hosting provider (they have unlimited transfers).

In addition, the company makes it extremely simple for beginners, bloggers, business owners, and others to sign up for a shared hosting package. You may select a GoDaddy hosting plan based on your precise requirements, with various options for storage space, email, processing speed, and other resources.

If your site expands to the point where it requires scalable and/or dedicated resources, the company’s team makes the transfer simple. With most plans offering unlimited storage and unmetered bandwidth, you should have plenty of room.

WP Engine’s pricing model is more straightforward. It offers four plans and an additional custom plan. Their cheapest plan costs $20 per month. They do not include the free domain in their plans. As you can see, WP Engine is more costly than GoDaddy, which may be enough for some users to shun it completely.

That said, don’t assume that GoDaddy is the better option simply because it is less expensive. Value might be a much greater predictor of which option you should choose. However, when evaluated only based on pricing, GoDaddy is far more economical.


godaddy vs wp engine
WP Engine provides fast, reliable WordPress hosting.


Support is one of the most important aspects of any hosting company. If you can’t get help when you need it, then your business won’t be able to function properly. That’s why choosing a hosting company that offers great support if needed is important. WP Engine offers 24/7 live chat support on their website for all plans.

The chat support is easily accessible on their dashboard. You don’t have to spend time searching through the site for help—it is readily available. Both managed and shared hosting from GoDaddy come with live chat assistance Monday through Friday, as well as 24/7 phone support.

Although the live chat feature isn’t available from any place in your dashboard, they do make it simple to discover with a specific Contact Us page. GoDaddy also provides a knowledge base where you can find answers to your questions about WordPress or web hosting in general.


Security is an important aspect of hosting as well. You don’t want your site to be hacked or compromised in any way because this could result in identity theft and other problems with your business’s reputation.

Although security ought to be a key priority for web providers, many view security as a means of increasing revenue. Instead of including security in their plans, they provide protection as an add-on that can be purchased at checkout, sometimes increasing the monthly costs.

WP Engine’s plans include some very robust security measures, such as firewalls, virus scanning, intrusion detection, and brute-force attack avoidance. Additionally, throughout the checkout process, you have the option to purchase even more extensive security features. WP Engine also employs disk write protection to ensure that malicious code cannot infect your website.

GoDaddy, on the other hand, is one of those hosts that wants you to pay extra for security. All plans include basic malware screening, but unless you choose the Ultimate plan, you must either remove any malware manually or pay extra for the Website Security add-on.

The fact that automatic malware eradication is only available in the higher-tier plan is concerning, considering that GoDaddy has repeatedly been listed among the top 5 hosts with a lot of malware issues (by URLhaus).

GoDaddy Hosting: Pros and Cons

30-day money-back guaranteeThe response from the support team is relatively slow
24/7 customer supportUptime not fully stable
Since the company started in 1997, it has become one of the largest domain registrars on the internetLimited features on the economy plan
The plans are more affordable compared to WP Engine 
Has flexible payment methods 
GoDaddy offers unlimited bandwidth on all of its packages 
User friendly 

WP Engine Hosting: Pros and Cons       

24/7 supportPricey
fast loading speedsImpossible to install plugins and themes
60 days money back guaranteeOnly for WordPress platforms
Free daily backups 
Provides a staging area 
Automatically installs WordPress updates 
Managed WordPress hosting available 

GoDaddy vs. WP Engine Hosting: 5 Must-Know Facts

  1. GoDaddy offers affordable prices, whereas WP Engine offers higher rates due to its advanced features and services.
  2. Having been established in 1997, GoDaddy is older than WP Engine, which was founded a decade later.
  3. GoDaddy has a money-back guarantee of 30 days compared to  WP Engine, which offers 60 days.
  4. WP Engine is far more dependable and consistent, whereas GoDaddy has a significantly larger margin of error.
  5. As of August 2022, WP Engine had over 185,000  customers in more than 150 countries, and GoDaddy had 21 million customers worldwide in the same period.

GoDaddy vs. WP Engine Hosting: Which One Is Better? Which One Should You Use?

GoDaddy is a popular hosting provider with a long history of reliability and great customer service. It allows you to set up your own domain name for free and can also provide other services, like email accounts and unlimited bandwidth. While this may seem like it would make GoDaddy more expensive than WP Engine, it actually isn’t as costly as many people assume.

On the other hand, WP Engine offers more than just hosting—it also provides tools for SEO and website speed optimization that help you build high-converting websites that rank well in search engines. It also offers managed WordPress hosting on its cloud servers, which means that when a site goes down or gets hacked, it can fix downtime quickly.

These two companies offer different features and benefits depending on what kind of business you’re running. If you’re building a more personal website, like a blog or online portfolio, and you don’t have much money to spend on hosting, GoDaddy may be right for you. If your site needs speed and security above all else, then WP Engine is probably better suited for your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it better to use WP Engine or GoDaddy?

WP Engine offers a 99.99% uptime average, which equals only about three and a half minutes of downtime every month. GoDaddy is less dependable, with an average uptime of 99.97%, or 12 minutes per month of outage.

Does WP Engine have a cPanel?

WP Engine exclusively offers managed WordPress hosting and does not offer a standard control panel like cPanel or Plesk. They instead use a proprietary control panel. The user interface is simple and straightforward.

Is WP Engine good hosting?

WP Engine provides high-quality, managed hosting with exceptional uptime, WordPress-specific security, cloud platform flexibility, daily backups, and other fantastic features. It also has a few drawbacks, such as going elsewhere for email accounts and domain names.

Are GoDaddy and WordPress the same?

WordPress, the world’s most popular content management system (CMS), provides a simple platform for managing your content and developing a website with no coding skills. GoDaddy, the world’s largest domain registrar, differs from WordPress in that it offers full web hosting and a basic site builder.

Is WP Engine easy to use?

Yes, using WP Engine is pretty simple. Its performance and speed are quite good, and its support is available 24/7, so you can ask for help if you encounter any problems.

Is GoDaddy domain free?

Yes. However, there are some additional costs that come with your free domain. You’ll need to purchase an annual GoDaddy Web Hosting or WordPress hosting plan to claim your free domain name.

Plus, an ICANN fee of $0.18 per domain name per year for domain name registration, renewal, or domain name transfer.

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