What Channel Is FS1 on DirecTV? (2024 Update)

fs1 on directv

What Channel Is FS1 on DirecTV? (2024 Update)

Are you trying to find FS1 on DirecTV? Fox Sports 1 and its sister station are some of the most popular dedicated sports networks on broadcast television today. Thankfully, if you’ve got the sports package through DirecTV, you’ve got access to FS1.

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FS1 on DirecTV: Channel Guide

San Diego, CA219
Sacramento, CA219
Denver, CO219
Washington DC219
Orlando, FL219
Tampa, FL219
Atlanta, GA219
Chicago, IL219
Seattle, WA219
Dallas, TX219
Austin, TX219
Portland, OR219
Memphis, TN219
Oklahoma City, OK219

A History of FS1

While you might be enjoying FS1 on DirecTV, the channel itself has a long and varied history. It comes as no surprise that the Fox Entertainment Group developed the platform as a rival to the Disney-owned ESPN. How it got here is a different story altogether.

Development and Overall Aim

FS1 started as a way to give a flagship broadcast sports hub for the Fox Entertainment Group. In 2012, when things really started getting underway for FS1, Fox Sports was a loose conglomeration of local and national broadcasts.

fs1 on directv
FS1 replaced the motorsports network Speed on August 17, 2013.

Fox itself had sports broadcasts fragmented around numerous local affiliates, as well as platforms like Speed and FX. Speed would undergo a rebrand in 2013, relaunching officially as Fox Sports 1. This was a blow to NASCAR fans.

Launch and Coverage

FS1 officially launched in March of 2013 and emerged as one of the few real threats to the ESPN umbrella. Fox Entertainment Group’s strategy relied on leveraging Speed subscribers to have an in-built audience for the new sports network, a move that amounted to around 90 million households.

Fox Entertainment Group also had the advantage of brand recognition, thanks to a media blitz with on-air broadcast appearances by Fox Sports 1 staff and social media. As the programming will show, the media giant took time to secure vital contracts for some of the top sports coverage on the market.

Current Day

Fox Sports 1 began to rebrand to FS1 in 2015, reflecting common pop culture references to the network and streamlining branding as a whole. Fox has been busy securing rights to a variety of other sports broadcasts since its launch.

It is home to the NASCAR Sprint Cup series, FIFA, and Major League Soccer, among other coverage. FS1 is also in a long-term agreement with the National Hot Rod Association to show exclusive races for the Mello Yello Drag Racing series. If there’s a sport you enjoy, chances are FS1 has something related to it.

FS1 on DirecTV: Sister Stations

FS1 on DirecTV has a sister channel in the form of FS2, which shows alternative programming as a means of overflow for the main network. You can find FS2 on the following channels for the included markets:

San Diego, CA618
Sacramento, CA618
Denver, CO618
Washington DC618
Orlando, FL618
Tampa, FL618
Atlanta, GA618
Chicago, IL618
Seattle, WA618
Dallas, TX618
Austin, TX618
Portland, OR618
Memphis, TN618
Oklahoma City, OK618

What Does FS1 Show?

So, what sports does your FS1 on DirecTV subscription show? Here is a choice selection of some of the biggest names in sports.


fs1 on directv
You can catch up on up to 40 on-season games a year with FS1.

If you’re a major league baseball fan, FS1 is the place for you. The network covers up to 40 regular season games a year, usually airing on Saturdays. In addition to regular season showings, you’ve also got 15 games in the postseason. International fans aren’t left out either, as FS1 does show the World Baseball Classic. The network just entered an agreement this year to get rights for games played in the WBC.


It’s not quite MMA, but fans of combat sports will be delighted. FS1 has broadcast rights to the Premier Boxing Champions, or PBC. The boxing promotion is one of the only places you can watch broadcasted fights without the need for a pay-per-view purchase.

The promotion is home to some top fighters, too, with past broadcasted fights including Errol Spence Jr., Tyson Fury, and Deontay Wilder, among other top names in the sport. If you want to watch title fights, you’ll likely still have to lean on pay-per-view, unfortunately.


Fans of televised bowling can watch select matches from the Professional Bowling Association Tour. FS1 entered into rights acquisition to televise the sport in 2019. Now, bowling isn’t the first thought many might have when it comes to watching sports. However, the matches themselves are kinetic and exciting. If you’re a fan of ten-pin bowling, FS1 has something to tickle your fancy.

College Sports

Fall weather heralds the arrival of college football. If you’re a fan of the NCAA, FS1 has you covered. You can find regular broadcasts of NCAA football and basketball. Football events covered are the Big 12, Pac-12, and Big Ten.

Basketball events are likewise fairly diverse. You can catch Big East, Big Ten, and Mountain West conferences regularly on the network. If you’re looking for the big bowl games or March Madness, you might be disappointed. However, this is a good cross-section of games for the year.

Dog Shows

Thanksgiving wouldn’t be complete without the Westminster Dog Show. FS1 has had broadcast rights for the annual dog show since 2017. If you’re ready to see some adorable dogs, the network has you covered. There aren’t any other national shows covered, but Westminster is a high-profile event every year.


fs1 on directv
FS1 is home to many soccer events like the World Cup and select MLS games.

If you’re a soccer fan, FS1 on DirecTV has you covered. You’ve got access to CONCACAF, the FIFA World Cup, and so much more. FS1 has exclusive rights to broadcast both the World Cup and Women’s World Cup.

You can also watch Coupe de France, Liga MX, and Major League Soccer matches. FS1 is also home to the MLS All-Star game, an exclusive agreement that just started in 2022. If you’re a fan of the world’s most famous game, FS1 might be the subscription for you.

Horse Racing

Horse racing isn’t quite as popular on TV as it used to be. However, fans of the sports do have quite a bit of coverage through FS1. The New York Racing Association has select races that air, like America’s Day at the Races. There are also select graded stakes racing events, with a handful airing every year.


It should come as no surprise that the former Speed channel has a plethora of motorsports to watch. You’ve got access to some of the best NASCAR coverage in the country for starters. The Cup Series, Xfinity Series, and World Truck Series all air on FS1.

If NASCAR isn’t your thing, the NHRA Drag Racing series is also readily available. You can catch in-season races on Fridays and Saturdays, with elimination races taking place every Sunday during the series.

Professional Wrestling

If you’re a fan of the WWE, you can catch reruns of Smackdown regularly. FS1 on DirecTV usually gets to rebroadcast shows after they’ve occurred. However, if there is some sort of issue with regular Fox broadcasts, you can catch Smackdown on coast-to-coast showings with FS1.

Original Programming

Much like its main competitor, FS1 on DirecTV shows quite a bit of original programming. You’ve got in-depth analysis, news, and even some gossip regarding athletes. You’ll find shows like Undisputed, First Things First, and TMZ Sports airing regularly on FS1.

Undisputed even has Skip Bayless, an ESPN alum, who is sure to be a familiar face. There are also seasonal shows covering specific sports like NASCAR and a simulcast of college football coverage that airs across other Fox affiliates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does FS1 show the World Series?

No, but it does show regular post-season games leading to the World Series.

Does FS1 still show NASCAR races?

Yes, the former Speed Network still shows regular programming for NASCAR.

Can I watch UFC fights on FS1?

Not anymore; to catch fights you’ll need to tune into ESPN.

Will the World Cup air on FS1?

Yes, the 2026 World Cup will air on FS1.

Is Smackdown broadcast live on FS1?

Typically, no, it’s usually a replay. However, if parent networks have any sort of issues, you can catch it on FS1.

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