What Channel Is FS1 on the DISH Network? (2023 Update)

fs1 on dish

What Channel Is FS1 on the DISH Network? (2023 Update)

Key Points

  • FS1 on the DISH Network is a direct competitor to ESPN.
  • FS1 rebranded from Fox Sports 1 in 2015 and offers NASCAR, MLB coverage, and WWE Smackdown.
  • FS1’s sister station, FS2, serves as an overflow for other sports and programs on the network.
  • FS1 offers a variety of sports coverage including baseball, boxing, bowling, college sports, dog shows, soccer, horse racing, motorsports, and professional wrestling.
  • FS1 also features original programming such as Undisputed, First Things First, and TMZ Sports.

Are you looking for FS1 on the DISH Network? The ESPN competitor is one of the hottest channels around currently for catching MLB and WWE Smackdown. Thankfully, you don’t have to miss a minute of the action if you’re on the DISH Network. This channel guide will give you a broader overview of the channel, what you can expect to catch, and where to tune in.

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FS1 on DISH Network: Channel Guide

San Diego, CA150
Sacramento, CA150
Denver, CO150
Washington DC150
Orlando, FL150
Tampa, FL150
Atlanta, GA150
Chicago, IL150
Seattle, WA150
Dallas, TX150
Austin, TX150
Portland, OR150
Memphis, TN150
Oklahoma City, OK150

A History of FS1 on DISH

fs1 on dish
Undisputed is one of the current popular shows on FS1.

©Fox Corporation – License

FS1 on the DISH Network is a match made in heaven for sports fans. That said, the network has an interesting history behind the scenes. It is argued that Fox has succeeded where few other companies have in providing a direct competitor to the juggernaut, ESPN.

Development and Overall Aim

The Fox Entertainment Group is the driving force behind FS1, as you might imagine. Seriously talks began in 2012 to consolidate sports coverage, as Fox Sports was just a loose collection of local affiliates and pieced together national broadcasts. Out of the many channels owned by Fox, the Speed channel would be the birthplace of FS1. It had a larger built-in viewer base of motorsports fans and was readily available to cable and satellite television providers across the country.

Launch and Coverage

FS1 went live in March of 2013 and was one of the first channels to take a solid shot at ESPN. As the Speed channel had built-in subscribers already, pivoting to a broader sports network was just the trick. This would prove to be pivotal to the channel’s early success. The use of Speed’s built-in fandom led to around 90 million households viewing the channel.

Fox was a phenom in the 90s with its terrestrial broadcast stations actually posing a real threat to the likes of NBC, CBS, and ABC. Its own dedicated sports network would be leveraging this same sort of business savvy to compete toe-to-toe with the likes of ESPN and other national sports broadcasters.

Current Day

Fox Sports 1 rebranded to FS1 in 2015, helping to separate itself from the other channels and products in the Fox Entertainment Group’s umbrella. Things are going well for the channel, and the streamlined branding has only done favors to its overall strengths.

You can still catch NASCAR, as well as exclusive MLB coverage for regular season and post-season games. It is also the home of the popular WWE Smackdown. It usually airs a few hours behind the terrestrial broadcast stations, unless there’s a problem.

FS1 on DISH Network: Sister Stations

FS1’s primary sister station is FS2. It serves as an overflow for the rest of the sports and programs on the network. It’s carried by the DISH Network, so you won’t have any issues tuning in. As with its sibling, FS2 can be found readily on channel 149 for all current DISH subscribers. The market you’re in won’t change its location, so this should be universal for all viewers.

FS1 on the DISH Network: Current Programming


fs1 on dish
Major League fans will be right at home with FS1’s coverage of the sport.

©Andrey Yurlov/Shutterstock.com

FS1’s biggest draw is arguably Major League Baseball. Fox has an exclusive agreement with the MLB to show up to 40 regular season games and a selection of post-season games. You won’t be finding the World Series here.

That said, you’ll be catching some pivotal moments as some of the biggest teams in the MLB square off against one another. In addition to the MLB, FS1 has also secured the broadcast rights for the World Baseball Classic. This is a more internationally driven baseball promotion, and you can catch the games on FS1.


Boxing might not have the same draw for fans as the UFC. However, there is still plenty of excitement to be had. Now, bigger fights are going to be relegated to pay-per-view. The days of title bouts on broadcast TV are long over. However, that doesn’t mean you have to skip out on seeing top fighters perform.

FS1 has been host to major names like Errol Spence Jr, Deontay Wilder, and Tyson Fury. If you’re a combat sports fan, there is plenty to enjoy when watching some of the best pugilists in the world square off with one another.


Ten-pin bowling isn’t the first televised sport many viewers will think about watching. However, fans won’t be disappointed in choosing FS1 for their fix. The sports channel is home to select matches from the Professional Bowling Association Tour.

College Sports

FS1 doesn’t have as much dedicated coverage as the likes of the ACC or SEC networks. However, if you’re looking for a fix of your favorite collegiate teams, you’ve got some options. Football fans have matches from Big 12, Pac-12, and Big East during the regular season.

Basketball fans aren’t left out, either, with games from the Big East, Big Ten, and Mountain West being regularly featured during the season. As with most dedicated sports networks, you’ll likely have to tune into a terrestrial broadcast for the major bowl games.

Dog Shows

Who doesn’t love seeing some adorable dogs? FS1 is home to the Westminster Dog Show, a Thanksgiving staple. It might not pose the same level of excitement as the football game. However, this is a low-stakes competition for viewers of all ages.


fs1 on dish
You’ve got some of the best soccer coverage around with FS1.

©Vasyl Shulga/Shutterstock.com

One of the larger draws behind FS1 is its soccer coverage. Not only are you getting regular games from the MLS, but you also have the World Cup. That’s right, FS1 has exclusive broadcast rights for the World Cup, with the next airing in 2026. In addition to local and major events, you can also catch a great many international games. You’ll find games for Coupe de France and Liga MX, among other leagues.

Horse Racing

Equestrian racing doesn’t have quite the same draw as the other sports here. That said, you’ll find coverage on FS1 with select races from the New York Racing Association. These are prestigious events, featuring horses from some of the finest breeding stock in the country.


It only makes sense that FS1 has some of the best motorsports coverage around. NASCAR fans are well covered, with The Cup Series, Xfinity Series, and World Truck Series all being part of the regular coverage. If you prefer drag racing, then the NHRA airs regularly, as well.

Professional Wrestling

FS1 doesn’t have the live broadcasts of WWE Smackdown, but you can catch the replays. This is great if you work late but still want to tune in for the latest storylines and matches. Smackdown will occasionally air first on FS1 — in the event of some sort of technical difficulties on the home stations.

Original Programming

You’ve got to break up sports with commentary and news, it’s just a requirement for sports channels. FS1 is no different and features a similar level of programming as its peers. Shows like Undisputed, First Things First, and TMZ Sports help fill the gaps in games and events.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does FS1 show title bouts for boxing?

No, you’ll have to tune in to pay-per-view for title matches.

Does FS1 air MLB games?

Yes, it has an exclusive agreement to air MLB games currently.

Does WWE still air on FS1?

Yes, you can catch Smackdown regularly.

Will FS1 be airing the World Cup?

The 2026 World Cup will be airing on FS1.

Can you still catch NASCAR races on FS1?

You certainly can, and there are also drag racing events from the NHRA.

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