What Channel Is Freeform on DISH Network? (2024 Update)

freeform on dish network

What Channel Is Freeform on DISH Network? (2024 Update)

Freeform is a channel that’s included on a number of platforms but is often overlooked. You can find the network on DISH Network and dozens of other providers, although you may be surprised by their original name. The channel has been around longer than most people realize and has come a long way since their early Dobie Gillis days.

Freeform on DISH Network Channel Guide

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Freeform on DISH Network: What You Need to Know

Freeform has been known by many names over the years. Initially, the station launched as part of Pat Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network. The channel was one of the first to go out nationally through satellites in the late 70s and began airing blocks of classic, family-friendly shows in 1981.

Fox took over in 1998, and the network became known as “The Family Channel.” That moniker and the general vibe stayed the same through 2016 and the transition as the Fox Family Channel and ABC Family. When Disney took the reins, the channel was re-launched and completely rebranded as Freeform.

The channel still provides family-friendly content, although it’s not the focus of Freeform. It’s geared towards users in their late teens to early 30s. While you won’t find I Dream of Jeannie on in the afternoons anymore, Freeform has a solid lineup of original content and has also put out a handful of original films.

Freeform airs a mix of current and older content from the network and sister stations.

Freeform Programming on DISH Network

You can find Freeform on DISH Network on channel 180, but what’s airing depends on the day of the week. In the mornings, there’s the long-running show The 700 Club, which is a show Disney is required to air due to a longstanding agreement. Mixed in with The 700 Club are syndicated sitcoms from the ABC/Disney family like The Office and Family Guy.

While it’s odd to see The 700 Club air before and after six hours of Stewie, the network also airs a variety of popular movies. You can find titles from Marvel and Disney throughout the week on Freeform. They have produced a number of originals since 2016. Their current lineup is limited compared to other networks, however.

Shadowhunters was one of the longer-running series on the network, followed by Motherland: Fort Salem. At this time, the Freeform has several active programming blocks. Sunday afternoons are considered Funday, while Family Guy Fridays are self-explanatory. The same goes for Star Wars Weekends, 25 Days of Christmas, and 31 Nights of Halloween blocks. 

Freeform Sister Stations

Freeform didn’t always have the same name, and the station has had several owners over the years. They’ve aired plenty of content in that time, although it’s unlikely you’ll find classics like Leo the Lion or the Maniac Mansion. Yes, there was a show based on the cult classic video game of the same name.

S Club 7 fans will be disappointed, as the show is not currently airing on the network. ABC is the parent company of Freeform, they have some solid sister channels, however. ABC, Disney Channel, FX, FXM, and National Geographic are among the sister stations affiliated with Freeform at this time. While not a focus, it’s not uncommon to see content from these stations appear on the network throughout the year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Netflix have Freeform?

Netflix has aired content from the platform in the past, but no Freeform originals are available through Netflix at this time.

Is Freeform part of Hulu?

Yes, through ABC and Disney.

Does Freeform have a mobile app?

Yes, the Freeform app is available for Android and iOS.

How much does Freeform cost per month?

That depends on the cable provider or streaming service you’re using to access the network.

Is Freeform available in Canada?

Yes, it’s called ABC Spark and airs similar content to the US version of Freeform.

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