What Channel is FOX on DISH Network? (2023 Update)

What Channel is FOX on DISH Network? (2023 Update)

Fox Broadcasting Company is on many different channels on the Dish network. Fox has various programming, reality shows, sports, news, scripted, and cartoons.

You can enjoy watching the Fox channel from different sources, such as streaming, over-the-air antenna, satellite, or cable. It doesn’t matter if you’re searching for the latest episode of The Masked Singer, The Simpsons, WWE SmackDown, or NASCAR, we’ve got the specific channel answer for your city and state about Fox on Dish Network.

Let’s break it down below!

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Fox Channel Guide

While the national programming on Fox channel is the same throughout the U.S., the Fox Channel on the Dish Network may differ from city to city.

We’ve alphabetized the channel listing for the Fox Channel on the Dish Network based on city or region names, so scroll down to find yours.

A – C

City, StateDISH Channel Number
Albuquerque, NM13
Atlanta, GA5
Austin, TX7
Bakersfield, CA58
Baltimore, MD5
Bronx, NY5
Brooklyn, NY5
Buffalo, NY29
Charlotte, NC46
Chicago, IL32
Cincinnati, OH19
Cleveland, OH6
Colorado Springs, CO21
Columbus, OH54

D – L

City, StateDISH Channel Number
Dallas, TX3
Denver, CO31
Detroit, MI2
El Paso, TX14
Fort Lauderdale, FL7
Fort Worth, TX4
Fresno, CA26
Houston, TX26
Indianapolis, IN59
Jacksonville, FL30
Las Vegas, NV5
Los Angeles, CA11
Louisville, KY41

M – P

City, StateDISH Channel Number
Memphis, TN13
Miami, FL7
Milwaukee, WI6
Minneapolis, MN9
New York, NY5
Oklahoma City, OK25
Orlando, FL35
Philadelphia, PA29
Portland, OR12

S – Z

City, StateDISH channel
Sacramento, CA40
St. Louis, MO2
St. Paul, MN9
Salt Lake City, UT13
San Antonio, TX29
San Diego, CA5
San Francisco, CA2
San Jose, CA2
Seattle, WA13
Tampa, FL13
Tucson, AZ13
Washington, DC5

The History of FOX

In 1986, Rupert Murdoch founded the FOX Broadcasting Company. The Fox Channel targeted young, affluent audiences.

Joan Rivers hosted the network’s first broadcast with her late-night talk show. Initially, the Fox channel was available in 80% of American homes. After seven years of expansion, Fox was available in most markets across the U.S.

In the early years of Fox, original programming was the key to success. Married with Children, The Simpsons, America’s Most Wanted, and Cops brought in viewers in the late 1980s.

Programming in the 1990s brought in younger viewers, with programs like In Living Color, Melrose Place, Beverly Hills, 90210, and The X-Files. The Simpsons is still on the air today and is the longest-running sitcom in cable television history.

In 1996, the Fox News Channel launched and quickly became the number one cable television news channel. Opinion hosts such as Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity brought in viewers by the bushels.

In 2018, the Fox Corporation sold most of its entertainment television properties to Disney. The Fox Corporation hung onto the Fox News Channel, Fox Sports, Fox Business Network, and its network affiliates.

In 1989, the first episode of The Simpsons was broadcast. Today, the Simpsons is in its 35th season on Fox.

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Fox Sister Stations

There are many flavors of the Fox Channel on the Dish Network. Let’s take a look at the channel varieties.

Fox News Channel (FNC)

The Fox News Channel is a 24-hour news station that covers breaking news, business news, business news, and political commentary.

Fox Business Network (FBN)

If you seek detailed market and business information, the Fox Business Network channel delivers real-time financial information and market analysis. 

Fox News Digital

With an online presence, Fox News Digital aims to be the most viewed news website. Competing with CNN, Fox News Digital’s recent monthly performance was 20% higher than CNN. Last month, Fox News Digital reached over three billion multiplatform minutes.

Fox Nation

Consumers dialed into Fox News may appreciate Fox Nation. Fox Nation is a streaming service that augments the standard Fox programming.

Commentary programs from last night (Hannity, Ingraham) are posted early the following day for streaming. In addition, Fox Nation also has investigative, crime, history, religion, lifestyle, and entertainment programming.

Fox News International

If you reside outside of the U.S., Fox News International may be your cup of tea. The channel streams the Fox Business Network and the Fox News Channel live. Fox News International also provides on-demand viewing.

Fox Sports 1 (FS1)

You’ll likely find well-known live events on FS1, such as NASCAR, Pac-12, Big Ten, Major League Soccer, hockey, football, baseball, or the World Cup. FS1 has daily sports news, discussion, and commentary. 

Fox Sports 2 (FS2)

FS2 has live events but slightly different sports than FS1. You’ll find drag racing, boxing, rugby, soccer, skiing, surfing, and the occasional UFC match. FS2 carries replays of live events that you may have missed from FS1.

Fox Soccer Plus

The Fox Soccer Plus channel carries soccer matches from around the world from Major League Soccer, LIGA MX, and CONCACAF Champions leagues.

If you’ve had your fill of soccer, Fox Soccer Plus also has live and streaming events from the Australian Rules Football and National Rugby League.

Fox Deportes

A Spanish-speaking channel, Fox Deportes provides sports programming in Spanish for the NFL, Liga MX, boxing, WWE, and Major League Soccer.

Fox Channel Programming

Fox Channel programming content falls into several different categories. 


Any mention of animated programming leads back to The Simpsons. The Simpsons will soon kick off season number 35, and Fox has given the green light for season 36 in 2024.

Fox also has other standout animated programs like Housebroken, Bob’s Burgers, The Great North, and The Family Guy.


The FOX Channel discovered that (critics be damned) consumers like reality-based programming.

Cops rolled into U.S. living rooms in 1989, and the age of reality television was born. American Idol cut its teeth on the Fox Channel in 2002 and ran on the Fox Channel through 2016.

Today, you’ll find plenty of reality-based shows to keep you entertained, from Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars, Stars on Mars, Crime Scene Kitchen, Farmer Wants a Wife, and Hell’s Kitchen.

Hell’s Kitchen is Gordon Ramsay’s reality cooking TV show


©Disney – License

TMZ Investigates

Fox Channel partnered with TMZ News for the latest news that might not make it to the top of the Fox News Channel headlines but is nonetheless fascinating. This includes programs like Britney Spears: Divorce and Despair, Gilgo Beach Serial Murders Episodes, 9/11 The Fifth Plane, Lamar Odom Sex Drugs and Kardashians, and Johnny VS. Amber From Love To Hate.


The Fox Channel isn’t only about celebrities or reality television; it also has a bevy of scripted TV shows like Animal Control, 9-1-1, Fantasy Island, Accused, Monarch Island, Call Me Kat, and Alert: Missing Persons Unit.


You won’t lack sports content with the Fox Channel with big-name programs like Big Noon Kickoff, FOX NFL Kickoff, FOX NFL Sunday, or USFL Clips.

The Fox Channel also covers college sports like football and basketball and some professional sports such as baseball, soccer, football, and boxing.

Local News

Local Fox Channels have local programming. The Fox News “lean” doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re local Fox Channel will (or won’t) lean in the same direction. The local news is very similar to the local news you’ll find on the other local channels in your area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is FOX available on the DISH Network?

Yes, the FOX Channel is available on the DISH Network. Other FOX channels may or may not be available in your specific region or monthly subscription.

Is there a free FOX channel?

Yes, you can view the free FOX channel with an over-the-air antenna. If you have a subscription to Hulu Live TV, YouTube TV, Sling TV, or Fubo, you can stream the FOX channel as part of your subscription.

What are the FOX Sports channels?

FOX Sports 1 (FS1), FOX Sports 2 (FS2), FOX Soccer Plus, and FOX Deportes are available as subscriptions.

What are the best FOX television shows ever?

If you’ve got a few minutes, check out the top five viewer-rated FOX television shows: The Simpsons (1989-present), The X-Files (1993-2002, 2016-2018), 24 (2001-2010, 2014), House (2004-2012), Beverly Hills, 90210 (1990-2000).

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