Fossil Smartwatch vs. Apple Watch: Which is Better?

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Fossil Smartwatch vs. Apple Watch: Which is Better?

Apple and Fossil are two outstanding brands in the world of smartwatches. While both brands offer advanced technology, modern design, and advanced features, they cater to different audiences with their unique strengths. 

Fossil smartwatches are the epitome of fashion meets function, offering a great range of styles and customizable options to match any outfit or occasion. On the other hand, Apple watches have seamless integration with iOS devices and distinctive health-tracking capabilities. 

Whether you’re a fashion-forward trendsetter or a fitness enthusiast, choosing between Fossil and Apple is no easy feat. So, let’s dive in and explore the key differences between these two smartwatch brands.

Fossil Smartwatch vs. Apple Watch: Side-by-Side Comparison

Fossil SmartwatchesApple Smartwatches
Price$150 – $300$200 – $800
OSGoogle Wear OSApple WatchOS
MaterialsStainless steel, leather, siliconeStainless steel, titanium, aluminum, Fluoroelastomer, Ceramic, 18kt gold
SensorsHeart Rate Sensor
Barometric Altimeter
Compass, Gyroscope, Accelerometer, SPO2
Heart Rate Sensor
Barometric Altimeter
Compass, Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Thermometer
Latest ModelFossil Gen 6SE, Series 8, and Ultra

Fossil Smartwatch vs. Apple Watch: What’s the Difference?

Apple and Fossil have both been in the smartwatch game for a while, and they each have a strong lineup of wearables. In this comparison, we’ll explore the best models from each company: the Apple Watch Ultra and the Fossil Gen 6 Wellness Edition.

Price and Availability

Apple Watch Ultra is a top-of-the-line smartwatch with a premium price tag of $799. This high-end device launched on September 23, 2022, and has since been available for purchase. 

On the other hand, the Fossil Gen 6 Wellness Edition is a more affordable option, priced at $299. This stylish and excellent smartwatch launched on October 17, 2022, and is a great option for anyone seeking an excellent wearable without burdening their pocket. 

If you don’t want to spend so much money, consider older models, such as the Apple Watch Series 5 or Series 6. You can find even more attractive deals under $250. Fossil is within this price range, with budget or refurbished options available for less than $150.

Vibrant Colors and Excellent Visibility
Fossil Gen 6 Smart Watch (Black)
  • Advanced sensors for health and fitness tracking 
  • Brighter displays with vibrant colors and more pixels
  • Answer and make calls from your wrist
  • Real-time notifications for calls, texts, and apps
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11/27/2023 03:16 am GMT


As for design, the Apple Watch Ultra and Fossil Gen 6 Wellness Edition take two distinct approaches. The Apple Watch Ultra has a modern and sleek look with its extended casing, additional protection, and a flat front crystal display. 

The Digital Crown and side button have also been redesigned for easy access, even with gloves. Adding an “Action” button on the left side, which the user can customize, gives this watch even more functionality. 

The Fossil Gen 6 Wellness Edition, on the other hand, takes a more traditional approach to design. 

This watch is a classic timepiece with its beautiful stainless steel casing and function buttons. It features a 44mm casing, which is 3ATM waterproof, and interchangeable 22mm straps with color-matched stainless steel lugs. While the casing only comes in one size, it’s a good size that looks great on both big and small wrists. 


Watch Ultra has twice the brightness of previous generations and a larger display than its younger sibling, the Apple Watch Series 8. With a resolution of 410 by 502 and up to 2000 nits of brightness, the Apple Watch Ultra display is a feast for the eyes.

On the other hand, the Fossil Gen 6 Wellness Edition features a 1.28″ Color AMOLED display with a resolution of 416 by 416 and a pixel density of 326ppi. Its vibrant and colorful display makes it perfect for viewing notifications, tracking fitness goals, and checking the time. The always-on feature ensures information remains visible at all times. Additionally, with a simple flick of the wrist, the display wakes up to show more detailed information. This makes it a convenient feature for those on the go.

Messaging Features

The Wear OS by Google powers Fossil wearables, enabling them to run messaging applications like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram. You can access the Google Play Store. Unlike Apple users, who can only use iMessage as their primary messaging app, Fossil users have access to various messaging tools. 

Users of Fossil wearables can receive and respond to texts from their watches using vocal dictation, pre-programmed responses, or the on-screen keyboard. This function lets you quickly reply to messages without pulling out your phone. If you’re in a meeting and can reply to messages right away, this function will come in handy for you. It can determine if the message is urgent enough to require an instant reaction by quickly checking your watch to see who texted.

However, the usual texting tool on Apple smartwatches is iMessage, so these watches can only communicate with other Apple products. Outside chat services like Telegram, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp can also be used. Using voice dictation, pre-set replies, or the scribble feature, which enables letter-by-letter writing, users of iMessage can receive and respond to messages directly from their watch. When voice dictation is not an option, the scribble feature can be helpful for quickly typing out brief messages. 

Health Features

The Wellness Edition of the Fossil watch and the Apple Watch have advanced sensor systems that can track various health metrics. Both models offer continuous heart rate and SpO2 monitoring, but the Ultra goes the extra mile with exclusive features like VO2 Max measurement and heart rate zone tracking during exercise. 

Moreover, Ultra’s ECG app uses sensors on the bottom and Digital Crown to detect heartbeat and rhythm, providing valuable information about your heart health. 

Regarding sleep tracking, both models can monitor your slumber, but the Ultra stands out with its ability to track different sleep stages and detect how often you wake up throughout the night. Overall, the Apple Watch Ultra takes health monitoring to the next level, making it a must-have for anyone who takes their well-being seriously.

Apple Watch Ultra [GPS + Cellular 49mm]
  • Rugged and sturdy design for outdoor use
  • .Advanced metrics for fitness enthusiasts
  • Corrosion-resistant titanium case with good water resistance.
  • Bright and magnificent retina display
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Battery Life

The Apple Watch Ultra has a great battery life of up to 36 hours owing to its larger case size and 542 mAh battery, 76% bigger than the battery in the 45mm Apple Watch Series 8. Additionally, with Low Power Mode and a battery-saving option for workouts, the Ultra can last for up to 60 hours, making it the perfect companion for your extended vacations and trips away from the charger. 

The Ultra can also support fast charging and uses an upgraded braided cable for faster charging speeds. On the other hand, the Fossil Gen 6 Wellness can get you through a day with Always-On Display and continuous heart rate tracking, but its battery life isn’t as impressive as the Ultra’s. Luckily, it can recharge quickly to keep up with your active lifestyle.


Both companies sell a variety of wearables with various features and aesthetics, but there are some significant variations in dependability. Although most people consider Fossil timepieces dependable, they have some drawbacks.

Some versions have lengthier battery lives than others, and most require daily charging. Some have reported problems with the charging system, which can occasionally be picky or call for particular adapters. Fossil runs on Google’s Wear OS, which has a reputation for being occasionally glitchy and sluggish.  While software upgrades are frequent, some users have claimed updates are adversely affecting their watches.

Conversely, Apple watches are renowned for being incredibly dependable. The Apple Watch lives up to Apple’s “it just works” reputation. Apple’s Watch OS, more dependable and secure than Google’s Wear OS, will keep your watch running smoothly, especially when you pair it with an iPhone.

Apple provides regular software upgrades to enhance the watch’s functionality and features. Another area where Apple watches excel in terms of reliability is fitness tracking. Apple timepieces have a reputation for being highly precise compared to other brands.


Waterproofing is one of the most crucial characteristics for many consumers of smartwatches. For many, wearing your watch while bathing, swimming, or engaging in other water-related activities is crucial. Although both Apple and Fossil sell water-resistant wearables, variations in the features and degree of waterproofing between the two brands exist.

Fossil devices are somewhat water-resistant but not entirely watertight. Most timepieces have an IP classification of 50 meters. You can wear them while swimming or snorkeling, but not diving (not recommended). Also, you’d want to avoid water activities involving rapid water velocities, such as water skiing or jet skiing. Fossil advises customers to keep their watches away from boiling water or vapor. Exposure to moisture could harm the watch’s seals and ruin their water-resistance ability.

On the other hand, Apple wearables are made to be completely watertight. The latest versions, such as the Apple Watch Series 8 and Ultra, have an IP classification of 50 meters, making them ideal for high-velocity water activities, swimming, and snorkeling. So, fire up that jet ski, and don’t worry about taking off your Apple Watch!

Fossil Smartwatch vs. Apple Watch: 5 Must-Know Facts

  • Fossil smartwatch runs on Google’s WearOS while the Apple watch runs on WatchOS.
  • Apple Watch can detect your falls and alert emergency contacts, while the Fossil smartwatch won’t.
  • Apple watches have a feature to track menstrual cycles, while Fossil watch doesn’t.
  • Fossil watch offers more messaging options than Apple watch. But let’s not forget Apple has the covered iMessage.
  • Fossil has been making watches long before Apple, with their first classic wristwatch coming out in 1985.

Fossil Smartwatch vs. Apple Watch: Which One Is Better?

Ultimately, the choice between the Fossil smartwatch and Apple Watch comes down to your preferred style, operating system, battery life, waterproofing, and tracking ability.

Of course, price matters two. Fossil watches are generally less expensive than Apple watches, with prices starting at around $150. However, Apple watches offer more advanced features and capabilities, which may justify the higher price point for some users. If having access to a large selection of apps is vital to you, the Apple Watch may be the better option, as it has its app store. However, Fossil watches rely on the Google Play store for apps.

If you are searching for a smartwatch with many styles, Fossil might be a superior choice. Fossil provides a range of watch designs ranging from traditional to contemporary. Many of them feature interchangeable bands too. However, if you already own an iPhone, the Apple Watch might be a good pick because it can sync up with iOS devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Apple Watch worth buying?

If you already own an iPhone, an Apple Watch is a great addition to your collection. Since it integrates so seamlessly with the Apple ecosystem, it is often worth it for the improved user experience. However, if you’re on a budget, you can get similar functionality from a Fossil smartwatch.

What is the best Apple Watch?

Currently, the Apple Watch Ultra is the newest and most luxurious addition to the smartwatch family, released at the end of 2022.

What are the current Apple Watches?

As of September 2022, Apple offers multiple smartwatches depending on your budget and preferences: the Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch Series 8, and Apple Watch Ultra.


Is Apple Watch 8 or Ultra better?

While the Apple Watch Series 8 offers great middle-of-the-road performance, the increased battery life and action button on the Apple Watch Ultra makes it a better buy, as long as you don’t mind the higher price.

Is Fossil a good smartwatch?

Absolutely. Fossil smartwatches are loaded with features like tracking, voice control, and all the functionality of Google Wear OS. When you consider that the Fossil Smartwatch is significantly cheaper than the Apple Watch Ultra, then it is a no-brainer that many users consider it a great watch.

Is the Fossil Gen6 worth it?

Yes! Compared to other smartwatches at this price point, Fossil offers a level of sophistication and classy design that can’t be matched. Besides having a great design, many users report the Fossil Gen6 to be a comfortable and highly-capable smartwatch with reasonable battery life.

How old is Fossil?

Fossil has been in the watch industry for a few decades, with its first wristwatches dating back to 1985. What is truly surprising, though, is that the company pioneered what many might consider an early smartwatch, with the Fossil PDA, or personal digital assistant, wristwatch computer all the way back in 2003–way before the first Apple Watch.

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