How to Forward Calls on iPhone in 3 Steps, With Photos

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How to Forward Calls on iPhone in 3 Steps, With Photos

Key Points

  • Call forwarding on iPhone allows you to never miss a call by sending incoming callers to a different number, ensuring you stay reachable even when you’re not carrying your main phone.
  • Call forwarding on iPhone can help protect your privacy by allowing you to screen calls and forward them to a private line, keeping client information safe and preventing your main phone from getting cluttered with cold calls.
  • Forwarding calls on your iPhone helps you balance your personal and work life by keeping these two aspects separate and preventing interruptions during your personal time.
  • To forward all calls immediately, dial *72 followed by the forwarding number. Dialing *71 and the forwarding number allows calls to come to your primary number before being forwarded when you’re busy.
  • To turn off call forwarding on your iPhone, simply dial *73 and the call forwarding will be stopped, allowing all incoming calls to come to your primary number again.

Tired of missing calls because you weren’t near your phone? Sick of calls going to voicemail while you’re on the other line when they could’ve simply been sent to a more responsive number? This is what the glory of call forwarding is for. And yet, some aren’t even aware that call forwarding is a thing — let alone a thing you can do on your iPhone. Thankfully, we’re here to walk you through the steps. Here’s how to forward calls on your iPhone (and, for good measure, how to turn call forwarding back off again).

Why Forward Calls on iPhone?

Make WiFi calls on an iPhone
Get your phone calls, regardless of where you are.


Knowing how to forward calls on an iPhone can come in handy for a variety of reasons. From staying connected to protecting your privacy to balancing your schedule, forwarding calls can help make sure no call goes unanswered, and no person goes ignored. Let’s elaborate on a few good reasons to forward calls on the iPhone below.

Never Miss a Call

Call forwarding helps ensure you never miss a call. When you set up call forwarding on your iPhone, you send any and all incoming callers to a different number. Whether it’s a work phone, a friend’s phone, or a second phone of your own, this handy feature helps you stay reachable even when you’re not carrying your main iPhone. This helps you never miss another call, even when you’re on the go.

Protect Your Privacy

For doctors, therapists, lawyers, or other professionals who deal with confidentiality, call forwarding allows you to screen your calls and maintain client privacy. With this feature, you can forward incoming calls to a private line. This helps keep your client’s information safe while also keeping your primary iPhone from violating their right to privacy. Plus, call screening helps prevent your main phone from getting cluttered with cold calls from potential new clients and their private info.

Balance Life and Work

Knowing how to forward calls on your iPhone also helps you better balance your personal life and work life. Too many of us take work calls during our time off. Conversely, some of us find our working hours spent dealing with personal matters. Forwarding calls helps keep these two aspects of your life separate. That way, personal life stays work-free and work stays professional and free from interruption.

How to Forward Calls on iPhone

Now, let’s walk through the steps required to forward calls on an iPhone. We’ll show you three different aspects of call forwarding: forwarding all calls immediately, forwarding calls only when you don’t answer, and stopping call forwarding. Don’t be intimidated, though — each one of these three steps is as easy as the last. Plus, every step takes under a minute at most. Follow along with the steps below and keep this page handy for future reference.

Step One: Forward Calls Immediately

*72 dialed on iPhone.
Dial *72, then the number you want to forward calls to.


To send all your incoming calls straight to a different number immediately, dial *72 and then enter the forwarding number. Be sure to include all ten digits, including the area code. Then, hit the green call button. You’ll hear a series of beeps, and then the call will end. Now, all future incoming calls will be sent to the forwarding number.

Send Two: Forward Calls Only When Busy

*71 dialed on iPhone.
Dial *71, then the number you want to forward calls to when busy.


You may not want to forward all your calls immediately. You may want them to come to you first before they’re forwarded. In these instances, dial *71 and then the forwarding number. Hit the green call number and wait for the beeps. Once this is done, all incoming calls will come to your primary number before going to the forwarding number should that number be busy at the time of the call.

Essentially, this keeps callers from being sent to your personal voicemail or getting a busy signal. Instead, they’re transferred to your forwarding number.

Step Three: Turn Off Call Forwarding

*73 dialed on iPhone.
Dial *73 then hit call to stop forwarding.


Now, let’s talk about how to stop forwarding calls on an iPhone. Turns out, it’s just as easy as setting up call forwarding. Simply hit *73 and then the green call button. There’s no need to enter any ten-digit phone numbers this time. You’ll hear those reliable beeps, then the call will automatically end. This is your sign that you’ve stopped call forwarding on your iPhone. All incoming calls will now come to your primary number again.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is call forwarding?

Call forwarding is a feature on your iPhone that redirects incoming calls to another number. (This can be another phone number or a voicemail.) The feature comes in handy when you don’t want to miss calls or when you can’t answer your phone.

How do I activate call forwarding on my phone?

To activate call forwarding on your iPhone, open the Phone app and dial *72 or *71, then enter the number you want to forward the calls to. *72 forwards all incoming calls immediately, while *71 forwards them only when you don’t answer. If you have a dual SIM card, you can also find forward settings in the Settings app under Phone.

Does it cost money to forward calls?

Most major phone carriers offer free call forwarding to subscribers. However, some may charge extra for the service. Ultimately, the answer depends on your phone plan. Check with your provider for details to make sure you don’t rack up unwanted charges while call forwarding.

What happens if one of my forwarded calls leaves a voicemail?

Voicemails left on forwarded calls are typically stored in your voicemail box, just like regular voicemails. You can retrieve them later by switching to the Voicemail tab on your Phone app on your iPhone. If you’re forwarding calls to a separate, private voicemail, then you can listen to voicemails at that number instead.

Can you forward calls to multiple numbers?

Most phones only allow call forwarding for one number at a time. However, some advanced call-forwarding services or apps may offer options for forwarding to multiple numbers beyond the capabilities of your iPhone. Be warned, though: these advanced services may cost money.

Can I forward calls internationally?

Yes, you can forward calls internationally. This is a great idea when traveling abroad without a phone plan that supports international calls. Conversely, it’s a convenient way to work with international clients while you’re still here in the U.S. But, as you might have assumed, international call forwarding might result in additional calling charges depending on your phone plan.

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