Fortnite’s Chapter 4 Season 1 Update is Here: What’s New?


Fortnite’s Chapter 4 Season 1 Update is Here: What’s New?

On December 4th, Epic Games launched a brand new season for Fortnite. This is the game’s shortest update interval so far — chapter 3 was just released last year.

These updates usually bring a smorgasbord of new skins, harvesters, and gliders. But chapter 4 brings a selection of a whole bunch of new stuff to the game, including a new map, dirt bikes, and Doomguy. Additionally, you can use a pickaxe to create a snowball in snowy areas. You can then jump into the snowball to take your enemies down by rolling over them.

Well, enough with the teasing. Let’s dive into the details of Fortnite’s Chapter 4 Season 1 update and learn what’s new!

The New Map

Chapter 4, Season 1 introduces us to a whole new island to compete in battle royales. Of course, a new island means a lot of points of interest and landmarks to explore and discover. Some notable new locations include The Citadel, Anvil Square, Brutal Bastion, and Frenzy Fields. There are a total of 9 new points of interest, and most of these are entirely new. These 9 points are scattered between 3 different biomes.

Autumn Biome — West / Northwest Map

  • Breakwater Bay
  • The Citadel
  • Anvil Square
  • Shattered Slabs

Summer Biome — South / Southeast Map

  • Frenzy Fields
  • Faulty Splits
  • Slappy Shores

Winter Biome — North / Northeast Map

  • Lonely Labs
  • Brutal Bastion

Overall, this new map has a Medieval aesthetic, and it is pretty fun to play in. It seems like the addition of Geralt from the Witcher series has heavily influenced the vibe of this update. We, for one, are quite pleased about it.

The New Battle Pass

As with every new chapter or season release, there is a new battle pass included. Chapter 4 has 14 whole pages of a new battle pass to work through. This battle pass still uses the star system we are used to seeing in Fortnite, complete with the normal amount of skins and cosmetics.

Page 1: Selene

The Tier 1 skin is Selene. Her look seems like it is a holdover from the Vibes update we got previously with her pastel-colored armor. Her mining tool and wrap are also on this first page.

Page 2: Moonglow Selene

Moonglow is technically the same character as Page 1 Selene, but her new armor looks like an entirely new character.

Page 3: Massai

We are not sure if this is the first Indigenous person character we have gotten in Fortnite, but his look is absolutely incredible. Plus, better representation is a great thing.

Page 4

This page gives Massai a masked look and some skateboarding gliders and emotes.

Page 5: Doom Slayer

Here is one of the headline characters: Doom Slayer. Although he never made it to Smash Bros. as was rumored, he has slid into the battle pass, and it is nice that he is not too far back. There’s a Cacodemon glider on this page too, which rules.

Page 6

This page will give you a white skin for Doom Slayer, plus there is an absolutely essential part to his inventory. The Crucible blade is Doom Slayer‘s mining tool.

Page 7

We have made it halfway through now. On this page, we get Dusty with a skin themed after a backyard baseball kid (kind of a mix between a punk rocker and The Sandlot).

Fortnite on PC computer
Get ready for the best Fortnite update yet.

©Cassiano Correia/Shutterstock.com

Page 8

If you are not into Dusty‘s baseball look, this page gives her a radical armor upgrade. Plus, some really cool back bling.

Page 9

There always has to be at least one anime-style page in a battle pass. Nezumi is here to fulfill that role, and boy, does she fulfill it well. The big jacket and high collar could not be better.

Page 10

Nezumi‘s secondary skin gets even more anime. She gets an alternate-style wrap, emotes, and lots of stuff.

Page 11

This page has Helise. She was seen originally in the “concept styles” surveys a while back and got enough votes to be fully realized in this battle pass.

Page 12

Bobarist Helise is an alternate style for Helise. We just want to point out that we really appreciate the secondary skins in this past are more than just a simple recolor of the primary skin.

Page 13

This page is The Ageless. They are the final tier 100 skin, and they play a vital role in Fortnite lore.

Page 14

The final numbered page for this battle pass is an excellent emote. It will give The Ageless a great set of armor on demand.

Bonus Page

What is this? A secret page with a new character? This is where Geralt Rivera from the Witcher is slotted in. Well, OK, he is not much of a secret anymore, but it is hard to keep secrets anymore. It is worth noting that he won’t show up for another 65 days.

Ride a Dirt Bike

There have been rumors swirling for months that dirt bikes are coming to Fortnite. Well, they are here now, although they are called Trail Thrashers, which in our opinion, is better than dirt bikes. These bikes can be found throughout the new island just like regular vehicles, but with these, you’ll be able to perform tricks in the air.

New Weapons

What could be left after we have got new characters, a new map, and new vehicles? New weapons, of course, and the better to eliminate your opponents with. The new weapons include the Ex-Caliber Rifle, the Thunder Shotgun, the Maven Auto Shotgun, the Red-Eye Assault Rifle, the Twin Mag SMG, the Tactical Pistol, and the devastating Shockwave Hammer.

Reality Augments

Adding new gameplay mechanics is some of the most exciting features to come from this latest update. As you play, these become available to you. Each time you receive a new Reality Augment with two options to choose from or to re-roll for different options.

  • Light Fingers: makes your weapons using Light Ammo reload faster
  • Mechanical Archer: gives you a Mechanical Explosive Blow & Mechanical Shockwave Bow
  • Aerialist: grants you Glider redeploys for the rest of the match
  • Supercharged: your vehicles won’t consume fuel, and they’ll have increased Health
  • Soaring Sprints: while sprinting, you’ll be able to jump much higher — and jump with lower gravity

Wrapping Up

Phew, that was a lot of new content. Chapter 4 Season 1 is quite the update, and we are thrilled to start playing with all these new mechanics, characters, weapons, and trail thrashers. Side note, it is going to be hard to call a dirt bike anything else now.

So, make sure your Fortnite is updated, and get out there and start playing!

Fortnite’s Chapter 4 Season 1 Update is Here: What’s New? FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

What do parents need to know about Fortnite?

Battle Royale is loaded with violence, but it’s cartoonish rather than bloody or gory. Since the object is to be the last one standing, you’ll constantly shoot other players and dodge fatal storms. However, there’s no blood; defeated enemies simply vanish. It is up to you as a parent, but we deem Fortnite safe for most children 10 and up safe to play.

How many hours should a 12 year old play Fortnite?

Playing up to three hours a day is generally not harmful, at least according to the research.

How long can one Fortnite game last?

Multiplayer games last up to 30 minutes, and players can quickly re-enter a new game. It is attractively designed and, with weekly updates and challenges, is constantly evolving.

Can you talk to strangers on Fortnite?

You can hear and talk to everyone by using a microphone. Plus, you can listen to friends and teammates and also speak to them by using a microphone.

Can you get old Fortnite Crew skins?

You can if you are part a subscriber to Crew PacksCrew Packs and the items they contain are only available to Fortnite Crew subscribers. Previously released items may be made available again to Crew members later.

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