Ford Mach-E vs Tesla Model Y: How Do They Compare?

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Ford Mach-E vs Tesla Model Y: How Do They Compare?

Tesla‘s domination of the electric vehicle (EV) niche appears to be coming to an end as other carmakers begin to crowd the space with more conventional designs. An area where the competition has become stiffer in recent years is the EV SUV, where several models are seeking to dethrone Tesla’s Model Y. Nonetheless, the only worthy rival is another American model, the Ford Mustang Mach-E.

Besides being compact SUVs, the two cars share several other features, such as dual motor setup, all-wheel drive, and single-speed automation. So, which of the two should you choose? The answer depends on your perception of what an SUV should do, as well as how it should feel and look. This article is an in-depth comparison of the two cars to help you decide which suits you best.

Ford Mach-E vs Tesla Model Y: Side-by-Side Comparison

Ford Mach-E vs Tesla Model Y car comparison infographic
Tesla Model YFord Mustang Mach-E
Key marketBattery-electric vehiclesBattery-electric vehicles
Power: horsepower and torque456bhp and 497lb-ft480hp and 634 lb-ft
Self-driving capabilityAvailable as an additional packageNot available
Color optionsMidnight silver metallic paintRapid red paint
EPA fuel economy ratings111MPGe90MPGe
Standard Range291 miles270 miles
Powertrain motors1 permanent magnet synchronous AC and 1 induction AC motorPermanent-magnet synchronous motor with GT having two similar motors
Curb weight4386 pounds4838 pounds
Top speed155mph114mph (electronically limited)
Trim levels34

Ford Mach-E vs Tesla Model Y: What’s the Difference?

The cars differ in almost every way except their vehicle-type descriptions, as they are both 5-passenger, 4-door wagons, and front and mid-motor EV SUVs. To help you decide, here is a highlight of how the two cars compare. 

Build and Looks

Mustang enthusiasts will notice Mach-E’s deviation from the classic Mustang styling with its coupe-like looks. Nonetheless, it kept the trademark Mustang headlights and taillights, earning a unique, eye-catching look. 

The Tesla Model Y comes with the minimalistic, sleek, sporty design of the Tesla Model 3, only that it’s a bigger version of the coupe. Its silver look also appears too plain and dull compared to the rapid red and other color options in which the Mach-E is available.


Ford’s Mach-E comes in four trims: Select, Premium, California Route 1, and GT. Except for the GT, all the trims are RWD (rear-wheel drive) and have rear-electric drive. The GT, on the other hand, is AWD (all-wheel drive) and has a dual-motor setup thanks to the addition of a front-electric drive.

Until April 2022, Tesla offered the Model Y in only two trims: Long Range and Performance. It added the Model Y AWD as the base trim level in April. 


The price of the Ford Mustang Mach-E, as of April 2022, ranged from $43k to $68k, depending on the trim level and the additional packages you add to it. Tesla Model Y is the pricier of the two, with prices ranging from $59k to $69k.

The prices do not include destination charges of $1,100 and $1,200 for the Mach-E and the Model Y, respectively. Additionally, all Ford Mach-Es qualify for the federal tax credit of $7,500. Tesla’s Model Y, however, no longer qualifies.

Special Features

ford mustang mach-e vs polestar 2
The Ford Mustang Mach-E doesn’t have conventional door handles.

When it comes to cars, you almost always get what you pay for, and these SUVs have too many features befitting a listing in independent reviews. However, they both have unique features worth mentioning.

For example, they both come with remote access, with the one on the Mach-E allowing you to lock doors, open windows, or tailgate and activate climate control. On the Model Y, remote access lets you grant remote access to the car to family members.

Both models also have a digital key, a feature that allows a smartphone to access and, on the Mach-E, drive the car. In the Model Y, you can enable the PIN to Drive part, which requires you to input a secret PIN on your phone to drive the car.

While the Tesla Model Y provides automatic collision notification, you must enable the 911 Assist on the infotainment interface of the Ford Mach-E to receive such notifications. Also, both models come with a Wi-Fi hotspot, with Mach-E having a 3-month trial and the Tesla model with free satnav usage as a standard. You will need to subscribe to premium packages in both models to use additional features, such as recording videos.

If you drive your pet with you and want to leave it in the car occasionally, the Tesla Model Y offers a readily welcome help with its Dog Mode feature. It keeps climate control on when you lock the vehicle with your dog inside while displaying a message to animal advocates on the large infotainment screen that your pet is comfortable and you will be back soon. 

Power and 0-60 Performance

All RWD Ford March-Es come with a 70kWh battery pack as a standard, and it delivers 266 hp and a torque of 317 lb. ft. According to Ford, they can deliver the 0-60mph sprint in 5.8 seconds. The dual-motor configuration with the same battery pack delivers a whooping 428 lb. ft of torque and takes 5.2 seconds to go from 0-60mph. 

Ford allows an extended-range 91kWh battery pack on all trim levels except the base Select model. The bigger battery delivers 290 hp in the RWD Mach-E and more range. However, because of the heavy battery, it is slower. When used with AWD, the battery delivers 346 hp and is quicker.

Tesla’s Model Y, on the other hand, comes with a 91kWh and a 200kWh battery pack in the front and rear electric drives, respectively. As a result, the car has more torque and delivers an eye-watering 3.6 seconds shift from 0-60mph. 


The Environmental Protection Agency, EPA, gives the RWD Mach-E with the standard-range battery a 247 miles range and an energy consumption rating of 32.6kWh per 100 miles. Using AWD increases consumption to 36.3 kWh/100 miles, thereby reducing the range of the standard pack to 224 miles.

For the extended-range battery pack, the EPA rating for RWD Mach-E models is 303 miles and 34.6kWh/100 miles. Shifting to AWD models drops the range to 277 miles at 37.1kWh/100 miles.

Thanks to software upgrades, the 2022 California Route 1 trim has a lower 100 mile-consumption of 33.3kWh in RWD models and 34.3kWh in the AWD. As a result, the Mach-Es in this trim level have better ranges of 314 miles and 312 miles for RWD and AWD, respectively.

The Tesla Model Y remains the most powerful and energy-efficient EV of the two. The Long-Range model has an EPA rating of 28kWh/100 miles and a range of 330 miles. The Performance trim is power-hungry, but with an EPA rating of 30kWh/100 miles and 303 miles, it still delivers more range and better consumption than any version of the Ford Mustang Mach-E. 


Tesla Model Y comes with a 15-inch touchscreen, while the Ford mustang Mach-E has a slightly larger 15.5-inch touchscreen, and that’s where the similarity ends. While Mach-E’s display is vertical, the one on the Model Y is horizontally mounted.

On the Ford, there is a physical volume dial below the screen and an additional small display in front of the driver for gauges and other information. On the Tesla, there is no volume knob or driver’s display. All controls are on the touchscreen, from turning on wipers to adjusting mirrors and the backup camera.

The other significant difference is that the Mustang Mach-E comes with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay support for phone mirroring. Tesla Model Y does not support these and instead has inbuilt apps such as YouTube, Netflix, an internet browser, and music streaming apps, amongst others. In both models, factory navigation, a wireless charging pad, natural voice recognition, and OTA updates are standard.


Tesla Model Y
Tesla Model Y has two ultra-responsive, independent electric motors.

Tesla’s Model Y is quick and has better acceleration than the Mach-E. Its steering is responsive, making it easier to complete precise turns, and it weighs down well as the SUV gains speed. On the hill, the Tesla easily impresses due to its Pirelli tires and high torque. 

Ford Mach-E is quick and impressive to drive, but it is only an advantage compared to other Fords. When the Tesla Model Y is the reference point, the steering wheel feels heavy as the car hits 80mph. Due to the electronically limited speed, the accelerator pedal becomes less responsive after the 100mph mark.


While Tesla is bigger than Ford now, Ford has been in the arena way too long. Such experience, or the lack thereof in Tesla’s case, is evident in the interior design. Both EV SUVs have synthetic vinyl upholstery instead of genuine leather. However, Tesla sticks to its trademark minimalist look by putting all instrument controls on the touchscreen.

The interior design of the Mach-E is not as crisp and as modern as the Model Y’s. However, its different textures and physical controls make it more acceptable to people who find Tesla’s minimalistic design too bland.

Also, the conventional design of the Mach-E makes the transition from gas cars to EVs hassle-free. Again, Tesla’s futuristic design calls for a steep learning curve compared to Ford’s.

Driving Assistance and Safety

The 2022 Ford Mustang Mach-E comes with Ford Co-Pilot 360 advanced driving assistance systems (ADAS) package as a standard. It includes Tesla’s Model Y features, such as automatic emergency braking, forward collision detection, pedestrian detection, blind spot warning, and lane-keeping assistance.

Other standard driving assistance features on the Mach-E that are not standard on the Model Y are rear cross-traffic warning, intersection turn, and emergency steering assistance systems. Both models come with adaptive cruise control, ACC, with lane-centering assistance and stop-and-go capability. This enables them to offer Level 2 semi-autonomous driving.

Tesla Model Y offers more with its Enhanced Autopilot package that adds Autopark active parking assistance and automatic lane changing. Regarding safety, the NHTSA has crash tested both models, giving them a five-star rating. However, IIHS gave the Mach-E a Top Safety Pick rating and awarded the Model Y the highest safety rating, Top Safety Pick+.

Comfort and Cargo

As family crossovers, comfort and space are essential considerations. The Ford Mach-E has softer chairs than the Tesla, though neither model has sufficient legroom at the rear seats to guarantee a comfortable long ride for tall adults. Nonetheless, the Mach-E feels roomier and has more shoulder space.

With 30.2 cubic feet of cargo space, the Model Y beats the Mach-E’s 29.7 cubic feet. However, both have powered tailgates for hands-free access, except for Mach-E’s Select trim version, which has a manual tailgate. 


Unlike Tesla, Ford does not provide a dedicated charging network for its Mach-E, so the owner must rely on ChargePoint, Electrify America, and third-party DC chargers. Therefore, with a Mach-E, you need to plan your route carefully or have a home charging system. As a result, it is not a ride you would want to take on a road trip.

The other disadvantage of charging on third-party networks is that the charging speed varies from one provider to the next. However, at charge stations that use Level 3 EV chargers, it takes between 30 to 60 minutes for a depleted battery to charge to full capacity.


Ford offers a 3-year or 36,000 miles warranty on the Mach-E and a powertrain warranty and roadside assistance of 5 years or 60,000 miles. It also provides an 8-year or 100,000 miles warranty on electric vehicle components.

On the Model Y, Tesla offers a four-year or 50,000 miles standard warranty and a similar one for roadside assistance. You get eight years or 120,000 miles of warranty on the powertrain and electric vehicle components.

Ford Mustang Mach E vs Tesla Model Y: 9 Must-Know Facts

  1. The Mach-E’s battery comes in two options: 70-kWh and extended 90-kWh. Meanwhile, the Tesla Model Y has a long-range battery.
  2. The Mach-E has a maximum range of 305 miles with a 90kWh battery pack, whereas the Model Y has a maximum range of 330 miles (EPA est.).
  3. The Mach-E seats up to 5 people, whereas the Model Y seats up to 7.
  4. Both cars have 19″ and 20″ alloy wheels.
  5. The Mach-E’s acceleration goes from 0-60 mph in 5.8 seconds in standard trim and 3.7s in GT trim. On the other hand, the Model Y’s acceleration goes from 0-60 mph in 4.8 seconds.
  6. Can tow and has a towing capacity of 3,306 pounds.
  7. The Mach-E’s premium trim offers the best value for money.
  8. The Tesla Model Y has a dual motor all-wheel drive.
  9. The Mach-E comes with SiriusXM radio, Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay as a standard. The Tesla Model Y, meanwhile, has games and Netflix but does not have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Ford Mach-E vs Tesla Model Y: Which One Is Better? Which One Should You Choose?

The decision regarding the model you choose depends on several factors, with your tastes and preferences playing a significant role. The Mustang Mach-E offers the best value for money when comparing entry trims, though the GT costs almost the same as top Model Y models. 

The Model Y provides an acceptable interior if you live an ultra-minimalistic life. Otherwise, go for the Mach-E, especially if you are transitioning to an EV and do not wish to worry about where to touch to turn on the wipers. The exterior is also better than the plain color of the Tesla Model Y, which might be an issue for stylish car owners.

On the other hand, the Tesla Model Y is the model to choose if performance and dynamics are a priority. With a sub-4 0-60mph, light-switch acceleration, sharp and responsive steering, and a heavy curb that keeps it planted on the road, the Model Y is the car of choice. Additionally, its suspensions are far much better than Mach-E’s.

If an EV battery is your concern, then, again, the Tesla is the option to go for. Remember, Tesla is the pioneer in the EV industry, and it offers smaller batteries with more range than Ford. On the infotainment system, if you can forgive Tesla’s decision to dump all its functionalities on the touchscreen, you will enjoy more features, including PlayStation, YouTube, Hulu, Disney+, and Netflix.

All this is a way to bring your home entertainment with you on your road trip. However, if controlling your car’s secondary functions from a touchscreen display is unbearably scary, go for the Mach-E.

In summary, the Ford Mustang Mach-E is an ideal EV SUV option for those transiting from conventional gasoline cars to EVs. It offers traditional looks compared to the futuristic design of the Model Y. It is the best option for classic car lovers. However, choose the Texas-built Model Y if you prefer performance, driving quality, and EV battery management.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Sync system does the Ford Mach-E use on its infotainment?

It runs on the latest SYNC 4 system, an improvement over the SYNC 3 found on most 2022 Fords.

Is the Model Y an upgraded Model 3?

If they were in the same category, the answer would be yes. However, being an SUV, the Model Y is 60mm, 70mm, and 183 mm longer, wider, and taller than the Model 3, in that order. Otherwise, you might not easily tell the difference.

Which other EVs has Ford produced?

The Ford Focus Electric was the first fully electric car by Ford. The Mustang Mach-E is the second in a list that is bound to grow fast in the coming months.

Is the Tesla Model Y self-driving?

While Tesla offers a Full Self-Driving package for the Model Y at an additional $10,000, the added features do not allow the car to drive itself. The closest you can get is the Smart Summon, which lets the Model Y drive itself to where you are in a parking lot, but this is available in the Enhanced Autopilot version.

Do Ford and Tesla offer free scheduled maintenance for their EV vehicles?

Ford recommends a multi-point inspection and wheel rotation every 12 months, or after 10,000 miles. Tesla advises rotation of tires for the Model Y every 6,250 miles.

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