Ford Bronco vs. VW Scout EV: What We Know

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Ford Bronco vs. VW Scout EV: What We Know

Which vehicle wins between the Ford Bronco vs. VW Scout EV? Ford recently unveiled the Ford Bronco plug-in hybrid, a new take on the sporty all-terrain vehicle. Likewise, Volkswagen has revealed its plan to resurrect the Scout brand for a new line of all-terrain EVs.

With both of these vehicles looming on the horizon, which one is the better choice? There has been quite of talk concerning hybrids and EVs alike as daily drivers.

A market gap still exists when considering the likes of sporting and camping, with only a select few options like the Subaru Solterra and Rivian R1T rising to the occasion.

New users could very easily consider both of these vehicles, but let’s take a closer look at what is known about both and how they stack up against each other.

Ford Bronco vs. VW Scout EV: Side-by-Side Comparison

Ford Bronco Plug-in HybridVW Scout EV
Battery Range30 milesRumored to be over 400 miles
Battery Capacity18 kWhUnknown
Tax Credit QualifiedYesYes
HorsepowerUnknown (but is estimated to be around 450 hp)Potentially between 300 to 400 hp
DrivetrainAll-wheel driveAll-wheel drive
Fuel EconomyRumored to be a combined 42 mpgUnknown
Intended MSRP$35,000 to $55,00 tentativelyVW is rumored to be setting the price at around $40,000
Release DateLate 2024 for the 2025 production yearLate 2025 for the 2026 production year

It is always a bit tough to extrapolate details surrounding upcoming products. The VW Scout EVs, both the truck and SUV, are little more than concepts currently. However, some users have seen the testing units for the Bronco Hybrid out and about, so a release could be announced very soon.

Ford Bronco vs. VW Scout EV: What’s the Difference?

There isn’t a lot to go on in terms of specs right now, most auto authorities are basing specs and stats off of other vehicles in both these manufacturers’ product lines.


It has been said that Ford designed the Bronco revival with electrification in mind. As such, one can only hope the Bronco Hybrid is able to handily provide more fuel economy. Its gas-powered sibling isn’t really known for being fuel-efficient.

Still, industry experts have taken a closer look at the likes of the Ford Escape to get a closer idea as to what to expect. Current production Ford Broncos use the same powertrain as the Ford Maverick and Ford Escape.

Performance is generally quite nice for off-roading and daily driving with the likes of Maverick and Escape. This should translate quite readily to the Ford Bronco Hybrid, at least when test units make it to more mainstream outlets.

The Scout EV line has nothing really in terms of performance yet. You could take a closer look at the product line across all VW vehicles, including those from Porsche and Audi.


ford bronco vs. vw scout ev
Both the Ford Bronco and VW Scout EV will likely use the standard J1772 charging port.


The tentative fuel economy for the Bronco Hybrid is around 43 miles to the gallon. The electric range is rumored to be around 30 miles or so. This isn’t super great when looking at the likes of a Toyota Prius. However, for an all-terrain vehicle, it is quite superlative.

The current production Ford Bronco only manages around 21 miles per gallon, which isn’t great. However, the hybrid drivetrain should alleviate some of those fuel consumption woes. Ford is also rumored to be taking a closer look at a fully electric Bronco.

The VW Scout EV line has a tentative range between 300 to 400 miles. Details are scant right now regarding overall performance. The recently announced VW ID.7 has a tentative range of 435 miles, so chances are good that the refined battery tech will make its way to the new Scout imprint from VW.

If Volkswagen is able to play its cards right, it could have a killer app of sorts with its all-electric SUV. There aren’t really long-range EVs for offroading available in the sub-$50,000 price bracket.

Release Date

Ford is targeting a 2025 production year release for the Bronco Hybrid, which should have it fall in line with a late 2024 debut. This isn’t a terribly long time to wait to see how the hybrid SUV handles and performs.

The Bronco is due much sooner than the VW Scout EV, which is targeting a 2025 release for the 2026 production year. Chances are solid that Volkswagen will debut a prototype of the production model sometime in the coming year.

However, users who are chomping at the bit to purchase the Scout truck or SUV are going to be waiting a while. VW’s new South Carolina plant will be handling the actual manufacturing side of both batteries and vehicles.

There are some concerns as to whether Volkswagen is letting a market gap go unfilled. This is especially true considering the fully-electric Jeep Wrangler, Hummer EV, and Silverado EV all in the wings.

Power Delivery

ford bronco vs. vw scout ev
The Scout EV line will probably use a similar power delivery system as the one seen in the ID.4.

©North Monaco/Shutterstock.com

Specifics aren’t great in terms of what sort of power delivery the Bronco is going to have for its gasoline-powered engine. The rumor mill has pointed towards both four- and six-cylinder options.

The four-cylinder option has a chance to be more fuel-efficient and should be bolstered handily by the electric motor. The six-cylinder option would be more powerful overall but could suffer in terms of fuel consumption. Either way, Ford has examples of both current production and future hybrid vehicles.

The VW Scout EVs are likely going to be using the same power delivery system seen in the likes of the ID.4 and the rest of the product line. The electric motors are built directly into the frame, generally along the axles. Current production EVs have ample room for larger battery packs.

The Scout EVs could be dual-motor by design, which would be great for the reported price range. A rumored triple-motor configuration could also be used, which would provide a great amount of power for handling rough terrain.

Ford Bronco vs. VW Scout EV: 6 Must-Know Facts

  1. The Ford Bronco Hybrid will likely use the same drivetrain as the hybrid Ford Maverick and Escape.
  2. The Ford Bronco Hybrid is due for a 2024 release.
  3. The Ford Bronco Hybrid’s testbed has been spotted driving by some automotive reporters.
  4. The VW Scout EV line will be manufactured in South Carolina.
  5. The VW Scout EV will come as both an SUV and truck production model.
  6. The VW Scout EV could potentially cost around $40,000.

Ford Bronco vs. VW Scout EV: Which One Is Better? Which One Should You Choose?

So, which of these vehicles is the clear winner? With details being so scant as to how they actually perform on a day-to-day basis, it’s a bit tough to declare a true winner. That said, the Ford Bronco gets the tip of the hat just because you can somewhat understand how the driving experience is going to be.

Ford has been steadily creating hybrids and EVs alike, which have been great performers. The Bronco Hybrid is likely going to be another great entry.

The VW Scout EV line looks to be a great entry by the German auto manufacturer, but with so few details it is difficult to judge how it stacks against the current competition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Bronco Hybrid available for purchase?

No, the long-rumored Bronco Hybrid could potentially see a late 2024 release. However, users looking to purchase a Bronco will have to settle for the fully gas-powered one in the meantime.

Is the VW Scout EV line going to be manufactured in Europe?

No, the VW Scout EV will be developed and manufactured in the United States. As such, it will qualify for the federal tax rebate program for domestically produced EVs.

Is Ford going to produce a fully-electric Bronco?

Nothing is slated in terms of a fully electric Bronco. However, Ford has shown a willingness to produce fully electric versions of their most popular vehicles as the F-150 Lightning has shown.

Are the Scout EVs going to be sold under the VW imprint?

No, Scout is going to serve as an all-new line of vehicles produced by VW. It’ll join the ranks of Porsche, Audi, and VW as part of the overall brand. Think of it like how Chrysler’s parent company also does Fiat, Jeep, RAM, and others.

Is the Ford Bronco a plug-in hybrid?

If the rumor mill is to be believed, then yes it should be using the same standard J1772 charging port seen with most EVs and hybrids.

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