Xfinity Router or Modem Blinking Green: What It Means and How to Fix

fix Xfinity router blinking green

Xfinity Router or Modem Blinking Green: What It Means and How to Fix

When your Xfinity router shows a blinking green light, It could mean one of two things — it’s trying to connect to the internet or it’s going through a startup sequence. It does this whenever you reset the device, plug it in, or when there’s a dropped connection. The blinking light should go off after a few minutes, having finished its startup or finding the internet.

However, if the router continues to blink for an extended period without turning solid, it may have an issue establishing a stable connection. A number of problems could exist, including physical interference, software malfunctions, or even failure on your service provider’s end.

Fortunately, you can address most of these errors right at home, and without any technical experience. Let’s take a look at how to fix your Xfinity router when it’s blinking green.

Have an xFi Gateway? Try This First

To troubleshoot why your Xfinity router is blinking green, you can use the Xfinity app.

If you received your router after 2017, you may have Xfinity’s latest xFi gateway. This modem/router combo makes it easy to secure an internet connection and establish a Wi-Fi network without the extra devices. It also provides advanced features, such as parental controls, advanced security, and full-network troubleshooting.

Running the test from the Xfinity app allows you to pinpoint the issue, whether it’s a network overload or a configuration error. You can even update software and factory reset the device with a push of a button. Here’s how to get started:

  1. With the Xfinity app downloaded, log in to your Xfinity account.
  2. Choose “Wi-Fi” from the tabs at the bottom.
  3. Choose “Troubleshoot” from the menu at the top.
  4. Then on the pop-up menu, tap the option that says, “Test your whole home network.”
fix xfinity lights blinking green
Log in to the app and select the Wi-Fi tab, then tap “Troubleshoot” and “Test your whole home network.”

As the test troubleshoots and finds the issue, follow its recommended steps. If the problem persists, contact Xfinity customer service (more on this below). 

1. Physical Obstructions 

Materials like concrete, metal, thick walls, and large furniture can weaken or block Wi-Fi signals, causing obstructed devices to struggle to stay connected. As the router tries to reestablish the Wi-Fi signal, you may see the green light blink for an extended period.

The Fix: if you recently placed an object in front of your device, reposition it. If the light doesn’t switch to solid green after a few minutes, move the router to a more central location in your home. Ideally, find a place for it away from walls and off the floor.

2. Signal Interference

It may not be a hard object causing your router to lose connection. Signal interference can disrupt the Wi-Fi connection between the router and your devices. This interference can come from various sources, such as cell phones, microwave ovens, Bluetooth devices, and even other wireless networks.

The Fix: if your router sits next to other devices, consider finding a new location for it. However, if you live in a crowded area with many Wi-Fi networks, you may want to change your channel.

Each frequency band (2.4GHz, 5GHz, 6GHz) has several channels that help regulate bandwidth. To adjust this, follow these steps:

  1. Open a web browser and enter your router’s IP address into the address bar.
  2. Log in to your Xfinity account.
  3. Navigate to the wireless settings and choose “Channel Selection.”
  4. Depending on your frequency band, select a new channel. For 2.4GHz, try 1, 6, or 11 as they are non-overlapping.
  5. Save your changes.
  6. Reset your router and test your connectivity.

NOTE: If you have an xFi gateway, you may be able to adjust your channel from the Xfinity app. However, if you have the XB6 model or newer, these gateways have software that manages the settings automatically. The settings will not be visible and cannot be changed in the Xfinity app or via Admin tools.

3. Network Overload

When you have too many devices connected to your Xfinity router, you may consume more bandwidth than the network can handle. This can lead to various issues, including slow internet speeds and intermittent connectivity.

The Fix: If you’ve recently added more devices to your network, you may want to adjust your data use practices. Tactics such as prioritizing traffic, scheduling downloads, or limiting devices can help you manage bandwidth and ensure internet connectivity.

However, if you continue experiencing problems with network overload, your service plan may not include enough bandwidth for your household’s needs. Consider upgrading your plan to match your internet usage.

Video Conference Slow Internet Connection. Poor Signal Problem
If you have too many devices on your network, your Xfinity router may struggle to maintain a connection.

4. Software Issues

Software issues in an Xfinity router — firmware bugs, incorrect settings, outdated systems — can cause a blinking green light. When the device’s software isn’t working correctly, it could attempt to restart, reconnect, or reconfigure itself without notice.

The Fix: Sometimes, simply restarting your router can resolve temporary software glitches. Unplug the router from the power source, wait about 30 seconds to a minute, and then plug it back in.

However, sometimes router manufacturers release firmware updates to fix bugs, add new features, and improve performance. If your device isn’t working as intended, check if there’s an update available for your Xfinity router. Here’s how to do that:

  1. Open a web browser and enter your router’s IP address into the address bar.
  2. Log in to your Xfinity account.
  3. In the interface, check for any notifications related to updates.

If you have a notification for an update, restart your router. The device will automatically install the latest firmware.

fix Xfinity router blinking green
You can reset the gateway or restore it to factory settings via the Xfinity admin tools.

If updating the firmware does not resolve the issue, consider resetting the router to its factory default settings. This will erase all custom settings and resolve any configuration issues that may be causing the problem. If you have the xFi gateway, you can do this from the app or via admin tools. Login to, then scroll to Advanced to reset or restore your gateway.

To do this from your device, press and hold the small reset button for about 10 to 15 seconds. It’s important to note that after you factory reset the router, you’ll need to reconfigure your network settings.

You can reset the router by pressing and holding the button on the back of the device.

5. ISP Failure

If your Xfinity router shows a blinking green light and you’ve inspected all of these failure points, it may be an issue on their end. Sometimes, an internet service provider (ISP) experiences damage to physical infrastructure or server malfunctions. It’s not something a customer can fix, but proactivity can ensure you reconnect as soon as possible.

The Fix: Check the Xfinity Status Center for information on local outages. Any reported disruptions come with an estimated time for service restoration. You can periodically restart your router and modem to re-establish connection in case the disruption is fixed sooner than expected.

Down power lines and electric equipment in residential neighborhood
Sometimes, Xfinity must respond to structural or server disruptions before you can reconnect to the internet.

How to Contact Xfinity if Your Router Is Blinking Green

If you’ve tried to solve the blinking green light issue on your Xfinity router using these steps and nothing has changed, you may want to contact the internet service provider directly. While the easiest way to troubleshoot problems is through the app, those with older routers may benefit from talking to a representative.

Xfinity prefers that you use its online resources first. However, if you have a specific question that you can’t find on its website, you can talk to the Xfinity virtual assistant.

Additionally, you can use the customer support phone number, which is 1-800-Xfinity (800-934-6489). It will ask for your account information before connecting you to a representative.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the green light on my Xfinity router flashing?

The green light on your Xfinity router is flashing due to issues such as establishing a connection, updating firmware, network overload, or external problems like ISP failures or signal interference.

How do I restart my Xfinity router?

To restart your Xfinity router, unplug it from the power source, wait for 30 to 60 seconds, and then plug it back in. Alternatively, you can reset the router from the Xfinity app or via admin tools online.

Should I download the Xfinity app to reset my router?

Yes, downloading the Xfinity app can be useful as it allows you to easily reset your router directly from your smartphone. Additionally, you can manage your account, troubleshoot connectivity issues, change Wi-Fi settings, view and pay your bill, set up parental controls, and monitor network activity.

I have followed all the steps, but my router is still blinkng green. What can I do?

You can talk to the Xfinity virtual assistant online or you can call customer support at 1-800-Xfinity (800-934-6489). Make sure to have your account information handy.

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