7 Steps to Fix the TCL Roku TV Black Screen Issue


7 Steps to Fix the TCL Roku TV Black Screen Issue

Key Points

  • The TCL Roku TV black screen issue can be caused by software bugs, faulty connections, or internal component issues.
  • Steps to fix the issue include checking connections, power cycling the TV, adjusting backlight and picture settings, checking for software updates, performing a factory reset, and contacting TCL support if necessary.
  • A power cycle can act as a reset for the TV’s system and has been reported to completely fix the black screen issue in some cases.

How do you fix the TCL Roku TV black screen issue? This is a relatively common issue that can arise for no particular reason. However, you aren’t completely without recourse when trying to diagnose and fix your TV. There are a few steps you can take before throwing in the towel and contacting TCL’s customer service department.

One of the most important things we do in IT is to attempt to diagnose the cause of the issue before working on a solution. A practical diagnosis often helps when looking at problems, since you have a concept of the root cause. Hopefully, with any luck, it’s just a settings issue or some issue with the software. Larger hardware-related issues aren’t really in the scope of what I’d recommend.

What Is the TCL Roku TV Black Screen Issue?

There are a few root causes for the TCL Roku TV black screen issue. One of the main causes is just a hitch or a bug in the television’s software. Since all TVs are essentially smart these days, they come with all the foibles and drawbacks of a computing platform. While these work without a hitch 99% of the time, there are times when a single hitch can make your TV appear non-functional.

Other issues you might see are faulty connections, as HDMI ports can readily experience damage or corrosion. It can also just be an issue with the actual settings of the television. There is also the potential for your black screen issue to be something related to the internal components of your TCL TV.

Steps to Fix the TCL Roku TV Black Screen Issue

Here are 7 steps you can take to diagnose and fix your TCL Roku TV black screen issue. If it is hardware faults that are plaguing your television, there isn’t much you can do aside from sending it in for repairs. You should be fine if the TV is still under warranty. However, most of these fixes are something you can do from the comfort of your home.

Step 1: Check Your Connections

tcl roku tv black screen
Check to make sure your cables are plugged in securely for your television and output devices.

One way to rectify your TCL Roku TV black screen issue is simply to check the connections. If you’re using the smart TV’s operating system for most of your streaming needs, you’ll want to check that the power connection is stably connected to the TV. This likewise applies to HDMI connections like gaming consoles. You’ll want to make sure the cable is snug and secure on both ports.

This isn’t a foolproof method, as there certainly be faults or damage to the input ports. However, if you’re experiencing some sort of picture loss with your TCL Roku TV, the first place I would check is the connections. If there is any sort of damage to the ports, you’ll have to contact TCL to service your television.

There is also the potential for HDMI cables to simply no longer be functional. Cables have a shelf life like any other electrical component. You might simply be experiencing picture loss due to a bad cable. As such, you can readily replace the cable and potentially fix your issue.

Step 2: Power Cycle the TV

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Power the TV down by turning off the power from the set and unplugging it from the wall.

Often, all you need to do to fix a TCL Roku TV black screen issue is simply to power cycle the television. I don’t mean turning it off with the remote, as that places the television on standby. What you’ll want to do instead is power down the TV and unplug it from the wall. After doing so, you’ll want to wait 30 seconds to a minute or so. Don’t count it off in your head, I often do the same thing.

Just take the time and use a stopwatch or the timer on your smartphone if necessary. Often a good power cycle is needed to fully rectify any issues you might be experiencing with a TCL Roku TV. The longer a device stays on without some downtime, the more potential there is for issues to arise. You’ll see it with TVs, phones, computers, and just about anything else with a processor.

Power cycling acts as a reset for the entire system, allowing the operating system and all the components inside to start from scratch essentially. In some cases, users have reported a complete power cycle completely fixed their TCL Roku TV black screen issue.

Step 3: Check Backlight Settings

The root cause of your TCL Roku TV black screen issue could be simply due to backlight settings. TCL TVs come with a variety of picture adjustments you can make to the on-screen video. To fix this, you’ll just need to enter the settings and turn the brightness of your television up to a comfortable level. Think about it, if there is no backlight acting on the TV’s picture, you won’t see anything.

As such, if a power cycle didn’t work, it could just be an issue with the backlight settings. There is the potential for the backlight to be faulty, as that can also cause issues with the display. However, if you’re still able to view menus and settings on your Roku TV, then you can adjust settings.

Chances are if you still have access to any of the settings on your Roku TV, it isn’t hardware components at fault for your current issue. Just take the time to turn up the backlight and resume your binge-watching as needed.

Step 4: Adjust Your Picture Settings

tcl roku tv black screen
You can perform a factory reset through the system settings of your TCL Roku TV.

This goes alongside the backlight, but it just is picture settings causing issues with your display. If you’ve been adjusting settings to get the best possible image from your favorite media, something might have gone awry. There is also the potential for a bug or glitch to cause an issue when adjusting picture settings. You could reset your picture settings to the default settings, which would be my first action.

Otherwise, you’ll have to tinker with things like white balance, contrast, color saturation, and the hue of the picture. These might seem like simple changes but can result in a restoration of the video output for TCL Roku TV. You should be able to access the picture settings from the default screen or by going to the settings of your home menu.

Step 5: Check for TV Software Updates

Fix TCL Roku black screen
Check to see if your TV has available software updates and install them if so.

Ah, software updates, they can bring additional functions and fixes, but can also cause problems of their own. If you’re experiencing the TCL Roku TV black screen issue, it could just be a simple software update that fixes the problem. Depending on your user settings, the TV’s operating system might not update automatically. Just take a moment to check for any updates and apply them as necessary.

Software updates can often come with bug fixes and patches to fix any sort of issues. It could be that your Roku TV just needs to update the operating system to resume full functionality. If you’ve got full video output following a software update, then there isn’t much to worry about. However, if the issue isn’t fully resolved, there might be another underlying cause.

Step 6: Reset Your TV

If everything fails, you might have to reset your TV to its default factory state. This can be done through the TV’s settings menu. Depending on the age of your TV, this can be found either under System or an option labeled Reset TV. You’ll want to navigate to the Factory Reset option from there. After that, there isn’t much else you can do aside from letting the TV go through the process.

In some cases, this can completely fix the issue. There is no telling what hidden setting might be causing the TCL Roku TV black screen issue, but a factory reset can sometimes fix the problem. If you’re still experiencing a black screen on the video output, then there aren’t many options left at this point.

Step 7: Contact TCL’s Support Department

This is the final step and essentially means whatever issue your TV might have is beyond your control. I usually save contacting support for last. Most fixes can be immediate, but support is often a game of touch and go. If your television is still under warranty, TCL should fix any potential hardware defects.

However, be thorough when explaining your issue. Try to be as precise as necessary when describing the issues at hand, and include as much detail as possible when addressing the issue with TCL’s support department. If you want the issue fixed, it helps to cover as many bases as possible before allowing TCL the chance to respond.

Closing Thoughts

Hopefully at least one of these steps has helped to fix your TCL Roku TV black screen issue. When you’ve invested any sum of money in a television, you want it to work as needed. If it is a hardware-related defect or issue, please don’t attempt to fix the issue on your own. The internet has a wealth of resources for any sort of repair. However, if you aren’t experienced, you can cause damage to your TV.

Steps to Fix the TCL Roku TV Black Screen Issue Summary

1. Check the connections for your inputs and power cable.
2. Power cycle the TV.
3. Check the backlight settings to make sure nothing is turned down too low.
4. Adjust or reset your picture settings.
5. Check to see if your TV has any software updates available.
6. Perform a factory reset on your television.
7. Contact TCL support for further guidance, repairs, or replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is TCL a reputable manufacturer?

Yes, they are a reputable manufacturer of entry-level and mid-range televisions.

Are issues common with TCL TVs?

Any TV can develop an issue, regardless of the manufacturer.

Is Roku the preferred operating system for TCL TVs?

If you’re familiar with Roku streaming devices, then it is a natural fit.

Can HDMI cables go bad?

They can, just any other cable. If the cable has experienced any sort of damage or exceeded its bend radius, you can run into issues.

How often should you power cycle a TV?

I would only power cycle a television if I was experiencing any issues with performance.

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