Fitbit Luxe: Specs, Price, Pros & Cons

Fitbit Luxe

Fitbit Luxe: Specs, Price, Pros & Cons

Facts about the Fitbit Luxe

  • The Fitbit Luxe is designed to resemble stylish jewelry
  • The thin stainless steel case makes it comfortable to wear yet quite durable
  • The Fitbit Luxe comes with small and large bands made for wrists measuring 5.5 to 7.1 inches and 7.1 to 8.7 inches in circumference
  • “Luxe” means luxurious and of high quality which describes this stylish fitness tracker well
  • A more expensive Special Edition model designed in conjunction with sophisticated jewelry brand Gorjana is available.

Fitbit Luxe Specs

Display1.56” AMOLED touchscreen color
Resolution: 124×124 PPI
Dimensions: 1.43″ l x .69″ w x .4″ h
Housing Material Surgical grade stainless steel
Fitness TrackingOver 20 Activity Modes
Health TrackingHeart Rate Monitoring
SpO2(Nighty SpO2)
Sleep Tracking with Sleep Score
Readiness Score
Stress Monitoring
Fitbit Active Zone Minutes
Wireless TechnologyBluetooth 5.0 radio transceiver
BatteryA rechargeable lithium-polymer battery lasts up to 5 days
Sensors and Components3-axis accelerometer to track motion patterns
Optical heart-rate tracker
Ambient light sensor
Vibration motor
Price$99.95 to $129.95

Where to buy Fitbit Luxe

Fitbit Luxe stands out from other fitness trackers thanks to its luxurious design and top-notch features. Gone are the days when fitness enthusiasts were not keen on showing off their tacky-looking trackers. Fitbit Luxe is not cheap, but it will help you take your workouts to the next level while making you look stylish. If this elegant fitness tracker looks like what you have been looking for, you can buy one from the following retailers:

Perhaps the best place to buy a Fitbit Lux is directly from Fitbit.com since they often have this first-class wellness tracker on sale and offer money-saving bundles. Whether you get your tracker online or go to a physical store, you are sure to enjoy all the exciting features and elegance that come with it.

Best Design
Fitbit Luxe Fitness and Wellness Tracker
  • Vibrant color display
  • Sleep tracking and Sleep Score in the Fitbit app
  • Get an alert when you reach your target heart rate during exercise
  • 24/7 heart rate tracking
  • Stress management features
  • Black/Graphite
  • One size
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The History of Fitbit Luxe: What to Know

Fitbit’s fancy new entry into the world of fitness trackers was set to make a splash when it was first announced in April 2021. The Fitbit Luxe was presented as a fashion-forward fitness tracker. Unlike similar devices in its class, this new Fitbit tracker would include fitness and health features that other style-focused trackers did not.

The Fitbit Luxe was initially launched with a retail price of $149.95. The company chose to partner with top jewelry company Gorjana to also offer a special edition Fitbit Luxe version with a refined Link bracelet initially available for $199.95. Both versions of this elegant fitness tracker were aimed at a fashion-oriented market with a design that made that clear.

The Fitbit Luxe is perfect for people that are concerned with wellness as well as style


Fitbit Luxe Versions: Each Edition

Fitbit Luxe Standard Edition

The Standard Edition of the Fitbit Luxe was released on April 19, 2021, and marketed as a fashion-forward wellness tracker that “moves with you.” An easy-to-view AMOLED touchscreen and a design said to be inspired by the human body made this stylish tracker stand out from the competition. Available colors included Black, Lunar White, Orchid, and Soft Gold. This elegant fitness tracker came with other significant features such as stress management tools, sleep tracking, 24/7 heartbeat accuracy, a 6-month Premium membership, and much more. You can even swim while wearing this tracker since it is waterproof up to a depth of 50m. Initially, the standard edition of the Fitbit Luxe was offered at a price of $149.95

Fitbit Luxe Special Edition

The Special Edition Fitbit Luxe was released at the same time as the Standard Edition but at a premium price of $199.95. As could be expected, this version has the same impressive specs and features as the Standard Edition. However, the Fitbit Luxe Special Edition takes things a step further with a soft gold stainless steel Parker Link bracelet from the well-known jewelry brand, Gorjana. This Special Edition tracker looks more like a piece of expensive jewelry than a device to help you track fitness and wellness.

The Public Response

The tracker was well received by health-conscious consumers. Granted, an expensive and luxurious fitness tracker is not for over-the-top athletes or most fitness enthusiasts, but it is perfect for people focused on wellness and style.

Fitbit is a leader in the fitness tracker market and has been since being founded in 2007. This company sells millions of its devices on a yearly basis and the tracker has taken center stage since 2021. This top wellness tracker’s popularity is a surefire sign that a new model is being worked on by Fitbit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Fitbit Luxe a good buy?

Fitbit is a good buy since it comes with plenty of health and fitness features that can help you live a better life and get the most out of your workout routine. Plus, this luxury wellness tracker is no longer as expensive as it was when it first launched. Fitbit offers it at a discount on their website.

How old is the Fitbit Luxe?

The Fitbit Luxe was launched on April 20, 2021. This fitness tracker is one of the most recent in the industry and is going strong with health-conscious consumers who want to look stylish.

How much is the Fitbit Luxe Premium?

The Fitbit Luxe Special Edition was initially launched at a retail price of $199.95. Even though this luxurious wellness trainer has not been in the market long, you can now get it at a lower cost.

Is there a monthly fee for Fitbit Luxe?

Yes, there is a monthly fee for Fitbit Premium which provides you with guided workouts, meditations, and advanced sleep and health tracking. Considering what you get from this premium service, you might want to take advantage of it for the $9.99 per month or $80 yearly fee. Keep in mind that when you purchase either a Standard or Special Edition Fitbit Luxe you get to try out their Premium service for free to decide whether it is right for you or not.

Is Fitbit Luxe waterproof?

Yes, the Fitbit Luxe is waterproof up to a depth of 50 meters. If you happen to jump into the pool or shower after a heavy workout and forget to take your Fitbit Luxe off, it will not be damaged. That being said, it is probably better not to get your fitness tracker wet on a regular basis, especially once it is past its warranty.

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