Find Military Photos You’ve Never Seen Before on These Sites

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Find Military Photos You’ve Never Seen Before on These Sites

Where can you find military photos that aren’t the same old images you’ll see in books and on the news? Thankfully, you’re in the right place when it comes to finding some fresh new images. I’ve painstakingly gone over the web to find some great resources when it comes to military photos. Let’s dive in and take a look at some great sites for history buffs and service members alike.


You’ll find some great images on this website.

One of the best sites for military photos is MilitaryImages.net. This is a site run and staffed by former servicemembers of the armed services. As such, you’re getting fresh photos straight from the horse’s mouth as it were. Photos are regularly uploaded, so you’re getting some cool stuff here.

Library of Congress Military Collection

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Library of Congress mostly centers around historical photos.

When it comes to rare and unusual military photos, the Library of Congress’s Military Collection might have most folks beat. With photographs and collections ranging from the dawn of the photograph to the modern day, you’re sure to see something new and unusual here.

Military Times

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If you’re after fresh new images, Military Times might be your best bet.

The Military Times has been one of the top periodicals for veterans and current service members. As with any journalistic publication, there is a fair share of images that are shared regularly. You can see some fresh images regularly over at the site, especially when looking for new military photos.

National Archives

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This is a great resource for users looking for older photographs.

The National Archives is an unusual repository. You’ve got the option of looking for official record photographs of veterans, which makes for a great resource. Graduation and the like aren’t going to be among the military photos you’ll find sadly, but there are plenty of government-sanctioned images to comb through.

US Department of Defense

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The DoD has some great photos published regularly.

Surprisingly, one of the best resources for military photos is the Department of Defense. You’ll find brand-new photos showcasing slice of life, military operations, and everything in between when looking at this one.

Year in Photos by the U.S. Army

Get a taste of the past, present, and future with the U.S. Army’s yearly photo posts.

Each year the United States Army compiles all of the noteworthy photographs. This used to be something relegated to print publications, but if you’re in dire need of new military photos you can find them easily. Some of these are high-octane action photos while others focus on more dignified ceremonies.


Military.com might be all you need for your fix of military photos.

If you’re in dire need of military photos and news, then Military.com is a great resource. This website covers all service branches with news, fresh photos, and podcasts. If you’re currently in any of the armed services, this is a great way to keep up to date.

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