Ferrari Is Going Carbon Neutral, Does This Mean Electric Cars?

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Ferrari Is Going Carbon Neutral, Does This Mean Electric Cars?

Key Points

  • Ferrari has announced that it will be going carbon neutral by 2030.
  • Going carbon neutral can be a great way for Ferrari to improve their brand image.
  • Ferrari hopes to produce an EV (electric vehicle) in 2025.

Ferrari is going carbon neutral and hopes to attain its net-zero emission goals by 2030. The company aims to offset all its CO2 emissions through investments in renewable energy and other projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. These announcements came about because of stricter emissions rules and heavy investment by car manufacturers in EVs.

While many commercial car manufacturers have made this move, performance manufacturers are slower to change. However, this doesn’t mean Ferrari will stop making gasoline cars soon. The carmaker will continue offering pure combustion engine vehicles as customers love the traditional car.

The feeling of driving a gasoline car, the sound, the looks, the distinct Ferrari whine of its redlining V8 or V12. These are the things that Ferrari is well-known for, it’s the base of the brand.

So how does Ferrari then make the same experience happen in an EV?

Ferrari Going Cabon Neutral Announcement

CO2 carbon neutral emission stamp and stamping hand
The Italian car maker is keen to implement hybrid technology and batteries to reduce carbon emissions.


Ferrari has announced that it will be going carbon neutral by 2030. The Italian automaker said it’s already making great strides toward becoming more sustainable. Including a complete reduction of CO2 emissions per car by 2030. and achieving net zero emissions by 2030.

The company believes hybrid technology is the best solution for high-performance cars, so it has committed to using renewable energy sources and reducing CO2 emissions to reach its goals.

It will reduce its carbon footprint and invest in renewable energy sources. The car company has even released a plan to reach this goal.

What Does It Mean For The Ferrari Company?

Reducing carbon emissions isn’t a big deal for Ferrari alone but for others in the automotive industry. By following Ferrari’s footsteps, other companies may be more likely to make similar commitments regarding climate change mitigation. Overall, this news represents a major shift in how automobile companies view environmentalism and sustainability. It’s an exciting time to be involved in the automotive industry.

The Benefits Of Going Carbon Neutral For Ferrari

Going carbon neutral can be a great way for Ferrari to improve their brand image and remain relevant. This is especially true when it comes to the younger generation. Today’s younger consumers are more conscious of the environment than their predecessors. They are attracted by brands that take responsibility for their environmental impact.

By going carbon neutral, Ferrari can reduce its own carbon footprint and serve as an example for others. This could help increase trust among customers. Ferrari has an opportunity of showcasing some of its innovations. That’s not to mention Ferrari may have a smoother transition to full EVs.

All these factors make perfect sense why Ferrari is leaning into this trend and prioritizing carbon emission reductions. There’s still some way to go before Ferraris are fully electric, though. At present, only a tiny percentage of their sales comes from hybrid cars. None for EVs, so there’s plenty of room for growth here.

Challenges of Going Carbon Neutral

Going carbon neutral is a big undertaking. The process will take time and money. However, Ferrari has already started reducing emissions from its factories and vehicles. The next step is to reduce energy consumption, waste, water consumption, and non-renewable energy sources by using alternative power sources. And then focusing on creating hybrid cars and developing zero-emission hybrid engines.

Why Does Ferrari Not Make Electric Cars?

You may have heard the recent news that Ferrari will be going carbon-neutral, but does that mean electric cars are on their way?

The answer is no. While a bold and admirable commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. It doesn’t signal any change in Ferrari’s overall strategy. Ferrari wants to be synonymous with innovation, sustainability, and responsible mobility. But without sacrificing what it’s been known for. 

The company is still committed to building the best possible internal electric powertrain they can. However, they want to be as efficient as possible before switching to electric powertrains. Ferrari’s strategy seems to be working as loyal customers and car orders keep coming.

When Do They Plan To Start Making EVs

Ferrari hopes to produce an EV in 2025, but that’s not the only news about EVs and Ferrari. Behind the scenes, the company has been working on a hybrid high-performance solution that will allow them to maintain its pedigree as a premium performance brand.

The Italian automaker is looking to get the best of both worlds by combining high-end technology with great performance. If they play their cards right, they can create a hybrid high-performance car that can compete with the best in class.

Maintaining The Essence of Ferrari

red Ferrari 488 GTB parked in front of a stone bridge
One of the iconic Ferraris, the 488 runs on a twin-turbocharged V8 engine.


Ferrari is an iconic brand that has been around for 75 years. The company is known for its performance and styling, not its electric cars. The carmaker is known for its engines, so much so that it has trademarked its unique sound.

One of the reasons Ferrari doesn’t want to give up on gasoline-powered cars is that it wants to maintain the essence of its brand. It’s a supercar maker with expensive products meant to be driven by passionate people who can afford them.

The history of Ferrari is tied up in performance and speed. So any move toward electric vehicles would be seen as a departure from this tradition. Which could alienate customers who love Ferraris for these reasons.

The company has never made an electric car, and it’s unlikely that the first one will be anything other than brilliant. The brand is known for its high-end sports cars, and customers who buy them want to feel powerful behind the wheel. 

Ferrari also plans to introduce hybrid vehicles, including electric motors and internal combustion engines. 

Ferrari Pedigree

The Black Prancing Horse is a hero to kids and adults. Ferrari is one of the most iconic car brands in the world, with a racing pedigree dating back to 1947. It’s also known for its high-performance cars, which comprise most of its current product line. 

Enthusiastic buyers expect the whole feeling of the Ferrari: the sound, the drama, the looks, and the whole experience.  While Ferrari has shown interest in electric vehicles (EVs), it hasn’t yet made any commitments. Not until they can make a car that can keep the pedigree of Ferrari.

Is Ferrari Transitioning to Electric Cars?

Ferrari’s announcement is a significant turning point for the company, but it’s not a sign that they’re ready to transition to electric vehicles. By maintaining the hybrid solution, they can focus on cars that will still feel, sound, and drive as the customers expect. But they can also still take their time to develop EV technology and adequately give customers that Italian supercar feeling and experience.

recharge an ev with solar power
Solar Power is the only truly smart and sustainable energy source for charging EVs.

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What Should We Expect From Ferrari?

Ferrari will continue with its hybrid high-performance plans, but they are still committed to maintaining the essence of Ferrari, keeping its customers happy while trying to reduce emissions. However, times have changed, and so has how people view cars. The markets have shifted from petrol to electric, and Ferrari wants to compete in every market, not just one specific sector.

While it’s true that Ferrari has no plans to produce an electric vehicle soon, it’s far from a reason to stop dreaming. We’d argue that the company is holding off on EVs because they’re not yet confident in its ability to compete with other luxury manufacturers like Tesla and Porsche. They have mastered the art of battery-powered performance vehicles.

That said, Ferrari does have a long history of building powerful engines for its vehicles—and not just for internal combustion engines. In 2017, Ferrari got a massive appraisal for its hybrid powertrain solution called HY-KERS. 

This system combines traditional engine power with regenerative braking and electric motors into one package that results in high-performance cars that can be driven both on and off the track without sacrificing range or fuel efficiency—something other electric cars have struggled with due to their heavy batteries.

Wrapping it Up

At the end of the day, Ferrari is a business venture and has to make money. They are not the only automaker that has decided against electric cars, which makes sense from a business perspective. 

As more people move towards going electric, it makes sense for Ferrari not to invest in something that may not be profitable. However, as companies keep producing more eco-friendly options like hybrids or EVs then maybe one day, gas-powered Ferraris will be confined to museums.

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Does Ferrari have a hybrid car?

Ferrari has two hybrid cars: LaFerrari and The Ferrari 296 GTB.

How much is the electric Ferrari?

Ferrari hasn’t announced pricing yet, but it’s likely to be in line with another luxury EVs like Tesla’s Model S or BMW’s i8 coupe — or even more expensive than those cars because of its design and prestige brand status.

What does Ferrari sell?

Ferrari sells supercars, sports cars, hybrid sports cars, and racing cars. They also sell clothing, perfume, accessories, and other products.

Will Lamborghini go electric?

It has announced that it plans to launch a four-seat two-door EV by 2030.

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