F-150 Lightning vs Electric Hummer: Which One Wins?

F-150 Lightning vs Electric Hummer

F-150 Lightning vs Electric Hummer: Which One Wins?

Need-To-Know-Facts About These All-Electric Pick-ups

Let’s start with Ford:

  • The Lightning is the perfect E-truck for the average person looking for the simple features of a pick-up, like hauling materials, camping gear, tools, or the family pet.
  • The reduction of range to one-third of the normal created by towing will need to be addressed.
  • For the everyday user, the base Pro model is all the truck you’re going to need at around $40,000. That’s an attractive price for what this vehicle has to offer.
  • The interior and exterior give you all the look and feel of a regular F-150.
  • At-home charging capability makes it an everyday vehicle for the family.

Now for the Hummer:

  • For the off-road enthusiast with a lot of disposable cash, the way this monster handles tough terrain is amazing. The adaptive air-ride suspension is very impressive.
  • The fat price tag puts this EV in the class of a luxury car.
  • The Ultium Battery system is a high-tech winner, but as discussed, charging can be an issue.
  • The UltraVision camera system is an amazing feature, giving the driver a full view from every vantage point.
  • The low tow rating at this price is an unexpected disappointment.

Looking to go full-electric with your pick-up? Well, this article will break down two of the most popular choices – the F-150 Lightning vs Electric Hummer – to get you some facts and figures.

Let’s take a closer look, and after learning some of the pros and cons of both trucks, you can come to your own conclusions.

F-150 Lightning vs Electric Hummer: Full Comparison

At a glance, you might think these are both attempts at creating a great electric pick-up truck by two competing companies, and you would be right. (Sort of) But after taking a closer look, it seems we may be comparing apples to oranges.

With the F-150 Lightning coming in at a base price of $41,769 and the Electric Hummer at $110,295, according to Car and Driver, we see our first win for Ford if your budget is limited. If money is no option, then the Hummer may be the right fit for you.

F-150 Lightning vs Electric Hummer: Side-by-Side Comparison

FeatureF-150 LightningElectric Hummer
MSRP Starting at$39,974.00$110,295.00
Horsepower452 (standard-range)1000 (top powertrain option)
0-604.5-5.5 Seconds (based on model)3 Seconds
Range230 miles350+ miles
Payload2000 lbs.1300 lbs.
Towing Capacity10000 lbs.7500 lbs.
Charge at home time10 hoursNA
Car and Driver Rating8.5/107.5/10
F-150 Lightning vs Electric Hummer
The Electric Hummer is a technological all-terrain beast, with features that will leave you in a state of awe.

©Mike Mareen/Shutterstock.com

F-150 Lightning and the Electric Hummer: What’s the Difference?

It’s obvious with the information we’ve shared so far that there are some major differences between these two trucks, and it should also be starting to sink in that the winner is going to be a subjective matter for sure.

Consumers will have to get real about what they are going to use their new electric truck for, how far they intend to travel, the availability of charging stations as opposed to home charging, and what applications may or may not be realistic. Let’s take a look at some charging issues to see who comes out on top.

Charging your EV is a major consideration

One area, as an example, is the at-home charging capabilities of both trucks. The F-150 can charge at home overnight in ten hours and be ready to head to the job site in the morning, while the Hummer at-home charging is so ridiculously long that is not worth listing – it’s just not practical for every day, back-and-forth-to-work vehicle.

Comparing usability

Another difference to think about is the fact that it appears that Ford is looking to build an electric version of the F-150, and has done a pretty good job, whereas GMC seems to be making a bold, in-your-face beast and a technological statement. Both of these methods are valid and interesting plans of attack, but Ford seems to be leaning toward the overall win again, with the Hummer being a novelty for a select few.

Regardless of everyone’s opinion, it will certainly be exciting to see where they take the game next.

F-150 Lightning: The Complete Story

Range and battery

The F-150 has an extended range battery that will add $10,000 to the price right off the bat but will increase your range to 300 miles without towing (we’ll talk about towing in a minute). The standard battery range is 230 miles without towing under normal driving conditions.

Towing – a serious need for innovation

If you’re not going to be pulling your boat, livestock trailer, or temporary abode around behind you, then you have nothing to worry about here. While towing at capacity, the F-150 Lightning drops to a staggering 30% of its rated range of 230 miles to around 80 miles in separate, impartial tests. This is a serious concern when thinking about going electric, and a slight win for the Hummer.

How about those off-road adventures?

A Hummer EV with a lighthouse in the background

The Hummer EV is Hummer’s foray into the electric truck market.

©Mike Mareen/Shutterstock.com

The F-150 Lightning is no slouch in the off-road arena, boasting full-time 4-wheel-drive, and a design that protects critical components from rough road conditions. You may have to leave out the rock-crawling, but low to medium off-road trails are not a problem for the Lightning.

Drivability and interior comfort

Without many exceptions, test drivers have given the F-150 Lightning good ratings on drivability for a truck, with low noise and fine handling at the forefront.

The interior of the F-150 Lightning pick-up is spectacularly designed, although there are a few software issues that need to be addressed. The folding shifter that allows for a work area is also a nice touch.

The F-150 includes a state-of-the-art camera system for safe maneuvering and backing for hook-up if you’re towing, as well as a large touchscreen including everything from payload scales, apps, and camera views to make driving safer, and even games to make being on the road more fun.

F-150 Lightning vs Electric Hummer
Ford F-150 Lightning Frunk display. Ford offers the F150 Lightning all-electric truck in Pro, XLT, Lariat, and Platinum models.


Electric Hummer: A Luxury EV Pick-up

Range and battery

The Electric Hummer comes with a battery system second to none from the get-go. The Hummer’s two-layer, 24-cell, 400/800v Ultium Battery System allows for “fast” charging but is only available at level 3 public stations. As mentioned before, at-home charging is really not an option for most consumers.

Towing – a serious need for innovation

When it comes to towing, the Electric Hummer has less of a range loss at 50%, compared to the Lightning, but a very surprisingly low towing capacity (7500 lbs.) for such a tough vehicle.

How about those off-road adventures?

Although both vehicles have received good reviews for their off-road capabilities, this is where the Hummer has an unfair advantage. The Electric Hummer is a technological all-terrain beast, with features that will leave you in a state of awe. For a truck that rides well on the highway and can go where a lot of vehicles fear to tread, the Hummer gets the clear win here.

Drivability and interior comfort

For out-of-the-gate power, the Hummer gets it done with 0-60 in 3.3 seconds, and although the “crab crawl” feature is fun to watch, it is more a novelty in the parking lot than anything but has some off-road uses at low speeds.

The interior is a combination of tough meets high-tech, with a large 13.4-inch touchscreen, 8 camera system for keeping an eye on every angle of the environment, and a super-cruise hands-free driving system.

A Few Other Things to Keep in Mind

Availability for these trucks right now is zero. If you’re really serious about getting on the list and buying one, you need to contact either company to get the ball rolling, and it still may be a while on a waiting list before they are ready for the general public.

Ford is slated for a run rate of 150,000 Lightnings for 2023, but the word on the street is that they will be reserved for commercial users and businesses buying fleets.

Like most new technologies, the electric pick-up will have to go through some growing pains as these companies work out the bugs and calculate cost analysis/demand to determine future run rates.

F-150 Lightning vs Electric Hummer: Which One Is Better? Which One Should You Use?

What did we learn about these two electric pick-ups and how can we decide on a winner?

Which truck wins will vary, the same as opinions will vary based on what the reviewer/buyer is looking for. From the standpoint of mass-producing a vehicle that can get the job done for a large group of consumers looking to go electric for the environment and still have a work vehicle that satisfies their needs and can double as a night-on-the-town ride, the F-150 Lightning is the winner in my book.

Back that up with the F-150 taking the title in Car and Driver ratings, coupled with the charging issues, price, and overall usability, the F-150 Lighting takes home the prize.

It’s fair to say, that the milestones these motor companies have crossed are impressive, and whichever winner you were to pick, it would be difficult to criticize the choice – depending on the type of lenses you’re looking through.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the bottom line on the F-150 vs the Electric Hummer?

Depending on your desired applications, either one could be a good choice with the proper planning and forethought.  The other big thing to consider is going to be availability in the future, with both being difficult to get at this time.

What is the most serious flaw of the F-150 Lightning?

Overall, the biggest cause for concern with the F-150 Lightning is the loss of range if you are going to be towing anything.

What is the most serious flaw of the Electric Hummer?

For most people, this is going to be the price.  Starting at over six figures, that will certainly be something to consider.  The charging issues should also be taken into consideration.

What's the main thing to consider when deciding whether to buy an electric pick-up or not?

Deciding whether or not an electric pick-up will be able to meet the requirements of your personal applications and needs should be the first thing your determine.

What are the main differences between the F-150 Lightning and the Electric Hummer?

The very obvious differences are:

  • Price
  • Range loss due to towing
  • Off-road capabilities and your need for them.
  • Accessory costs
  • Charging times
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