eVscope 2 vs. eQuinox: Which is the Better Telescope?

eVscope 2 vs. eQuinox

eVscope 2 vs. eQuinox: Which is the Better Telescope?

The new trend disrupting telescopes is hybrid smart telescopes. They combine the power of a camera and advanced software with high-quality optics to produce a better view of the night sky. 

The eVscope 2 is the latest example of this technology. It’s a telescope that your smartphone or tablet can control. It also has an integrated camera and sophisticated software that can automatically enhance what you see through it. 

The Equinox is similar in many ways. It also has built-in sensors and software to process what you see through the eyepiece. The eVscope 2 and Equinox are both developed by Unistellar, a reputable company that’s made a name for itself in this industry.

Both offer much value for your pay, but which one should you choose? Let’s take a look at this comparison to find out.

eVscope 2 vs. Equinox: Side-by-Side Comparison

eVscope 2Equinox
Aperture114 mm114mm
Focal Length450mm (17.7 inches)450mm (17.7 inches)
Field of view34 arcmin x 47arcmin27 arcmin x 37arcmin
Mountmotorized Alt-Azmotorized Alt-Az
Storage64 GB64 GB
Resolving power1.33 arcsec1.72 arcsec
Focal RatioF/3.9F/3.9
Weight19.8 lbs (9 kg)19.8 lbs (9 kg)
Resolution7.7 MP4.8 MP
SensorSony IMX347Sony IMX224
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eVscope 2 vs. Equinox: Full Comparison 

The eVscope 2 and Equinox are both innovative hybrid telescopes. They have advanced features like digital zoom, autonomous file detection,  image stabilization, and infrared illuminators. But there are also some differences.

For example, the eVscope 2 has a larger field of view (FOV) than the Equinox. The eVscope 2 also has enhanced vision, which means it can automatically adjust its focus when looking at close or far away objects.

Aside from that, if you’re looking for a high-quality telescope, then these are two excellent choices.

When deciding between these two telescopes, there are several other factors to consider we will discuss below.


The eVscope 2 is the most expensive, with a price tag of $4,499. The Equinox is available for $2,999, making it a little more affordable than its competitor. 

The eV scope 2 also comes with an additional accessory — a backpack that allows you to carry your telescope with you easily — but it’s not included in the cost of the scope itself. To get the bag, you’ll need to buy it separately for about $300.

With the big price difference, Equinox can be the better option if you’re tight on a budget.

Weight and Portability

When you are looking for a portable scope, weight and portability are two things that should be high on your list. The Evscope 2 and Equinox both weigh around 20 lbs. or 9kg. However, The eVscope 2 features a collapsible design that allows it to be easily stored in a backpack which can be helpful when carrying the telescope. This may be an essential consideration if you need something portable that won’t take up too much space in your car trunk or backpack. 

Magnification and Field of View

In terms of magnification, the eVscope 2 and Equinox are very capable. Both have an optical Magnification of 50x and a digital magnification of up to 400x. This means that if you want a good view of distant objects, both telescopes are more than capable.

Where the eVscope 2 wins is the field of view (FOV). This refers to how much you can see when you look through your scope. The higher this number, the better it is because it gives you more details about what is happening around you. The eVscope 2 has a higher FOV (34 arcmin x 47arcmin) than the Equinox (27 arcmin x 37arcmin) due to its wider objective lens diameter.


Both telescopes have adjustable focus so that you can get razor-sharp images of whatever it is you’re looking at through them. However, Evscope 2 has a much more comprehensive focus point than Equinox.


One of the most significant differences between the two devices is that they have different lenses. The Equinox has a 40x zoom lens, while the eVscope 2 has a 60x zoom lens. This means you can get closer to your subject when viewing each device.

The Equinox has a 4.8MP sensor, which is more than enough for hobbyists and beginners. However, if you want higher-quality images and videos, consider purchasing a more expensive device with a higher-megapixel sensor. The eVscope 2 has a 7.7 MP sensor, which gives you more control over your photos and videos.

The eVscope 2 also has built-in WiFi and NFC capabilities for easy connection to your smartphone or tablet device. You can view pictures and videos directly from your smartphone or tablet device.

In addition, you’ll find these features in these devices:

Autonomous Field Detection

The eVscope 2 has a new feature called Autonomous Field Detection. One of the most significant advantages of the eVscope 2 is its ability to detect a field and adjust its settings automatically. This automatically allows the eVscope 2 to see and focus on objects in the area. It works similarly to a camera’s auto-focus, but it takes less than 1 second for a full-focus lock.

This means that you don’t have to worry about manually changing the device’s settings based on the conditions of your viewing angles.

The Equinox offers no such functionality, so you’ll have to do it yourself.

Enhanced Vision

The first thing that stands out about both models is the enhanced vision feature. This allows you to see more clearly through the eyepiece, even when viewing objects close to the horizon. It’s a simple but effective innovation that makes it easier to see things in the sky at night.

Smart Light Pollution Reduction

The eVscope 2 features a light pollution filter that filters the brightness of stars so you can see many more of them and helps reduce glare on the optics. It’s like putting sunglasses on your telescope.

The intelligent light pollution reduction feature of the eVscope 2 is a big deal. This feature allows you to see more stars and planets in the sky, and it does so by automatically dimming or brightening the display based on your surroundings.

Equinox has no such feature. You’ll have to manually adjust your device.

Citizen Science

Citizen science is a project run by the SETI Institute and other institutions that allows anyone with an internet connection to help astronomers connect. Users can use the eVscope 2 or the Equinox telescope they own to observe different stars in the galaxy. If you spot something unusual, you can submit an observation for further analysis by professional astronomers.

A Dedicated App

The Evscope 2 and the Equinox both have dedicated apps. The difference is that the Equinox app is compatible with several astronomy apps.

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The History of Telescopes

The telescope is one of the most important scientific instruments ever invented. Its invention has profoundly impacted our understanding of the universe and our place in it.

The earliest known use of lenses to magnify objects was by Roger Bacon in 1268. He used a combination of convex and concave lenses to produce a simple magnifying glass.

Galileo Galilei is often credited with being the first person to use a telescope for astronomical observation. He made his telescopes using two glass lenses which he ground himself and then joined together with the help of a tube to form an instrument called a spyglass. He used this device to observe celestial bodies such as the moon, sunspots, and Jupiter’s moons.

Isaac Newton made significant contributions to telescope technology He discovered how mirrors could be used instead of lenses for making large reflecting telescopes. These were much cheaper than refracting telescopes but also much heavier than refractors.

eVscope 2 vs. Equinox: 5 Must-Know Facts 

  • Both scopes have a built-in battery that can last up to two hours on a single charge. 
  • Equinox and eVscope 2 have WiFi connectivity so you can stream your feed directly to any device with an internet connection.
  • The eVscope 2 has a built-in light source that is perfect for viewing samples without connecting them to external equipment.
  • The eVscope 2 has a built-in illuminator, but you need to buy an adapter to work with Equinox.
  • The eVscope 2 offers a larger field of view than the Equinox.

eVscope 2 vs. Equinox: Pros and Cons

eVscope 2

The best sensor with the highest resolution of any available smart telescopeLike the Equinox, it does require some collimation and focusing
The eyepiece on the side enables you to look through the sideHigh price
Long battery life of 12 hours from a single charge


It has a high aperture (the best measurement of a telescope’s viewing power)This is not a portable telescope
Long battery life of 12 hours from a single charge There are better telescopes out there for that price
No Eyepiece

eVscope 2 vs. Equinox: Which One Is Better? Which One Should You Use? 

If you’re looking for an affordable, high-quality scope, consider Equinox. It is one of the best scopes on the market for its price.

The eVscope 2 is the better choice because it offers more features than the Equinox but comes at a higher price point.

Buy the eVscope 2 if… 

  • You need a higher-resolution sensor and better telescope overall
  • You need a telescope with an eyepiece on the side for live viewing
  • You have the budget for one of the best telescopes on the market in 2022

Buy the Equinox if…

  • You are a beginner and are looking for a telescope that will handle the basics well.
  • You are tight on a budget

eVscope 2 vs. eQuinox: Which is the Better Telescope? FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Is eVscope 2 worth it?

The eVscope 2 is one of the best telescopes on the market today. The new model has many improvements over the original and comes with all the accessories you need to get started: a tripod, smartphone holder, and eyepieces.

The eVscope 2 is easy to use and allows you to take amazing photos with your smartphone.

If you like astronomy, and stargazing, or want to take better pictures with your smartphone, then we highly recommend this product.

Is Equinox worth it?

The Equinox is a good choice if you’re looking for a telescope but want to spend only a little money on one. It’s durable, easy to use, and has excellent optics. It comes with everything you need to get started stargazing right away.

Which is better, eVscope 2 or Equinox?

Equinox is an excellent scope and comes at a cheaper cost. It handles the basics right and won’t cost you an arm and a leg. The eVscope 2 is an even better telescope and has a higher resolution sensor and eyepiece on the side for better viewing.

What is the eVscope 2 price?

The eVscope 2 is the most expensive, with a price tag of $4,499.

What is the Equinox price?

The Equinox is available for $2,999, making it a little more affordable than its competitor.

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