Everything We Know About Street Fighter 6: Launch Roster, Game Modes, and Predictions

Street Fighter 6 closed beta

Everything We Know About Street Fighter 6: Launch Roster, Game Modes, and Predictions

Street Fighter 6 is an upcoming combat game by Capcom and is set for launch on the PS 4, PS 5, Xbox series X/S, and Windows on 2nd June 2023. Taito has plans to release a Japanese-exclusive arcade version later the same year. The newest installment introduces fresh gameplay mechanics and improves the game’s aesthetics. The game is divided into three modes: Fighting Ground, World Tour, and Battle Hub. All three run on Capcom’s in-house RE ENGINE.

With its three different control styles – Modern, Dynamic, and Classic – Street Fighter 6 has a highly developed combat system that lets you play up to your skill level. This is the most approachable Street Fighter game, offering several combat options utilizing a single Drive Gauge. 

Unlike Street Fighter 5, which lacked single-player mode, Capcom has taken time designing Street Fighter 6 to avoid repeating the mistake. It has a fresh single-player narrative mode that allows players to experience Metro City as a personalized fighter. Let’s deep dive into the expected launch, and game modes and see the customer’s expectations of this game.

Street Fighter 6 Launch Roster

Capcom has blended old and new faces into Street Fighter 6. Here is the full launch roster of all the characters.


Lily, one of the latest additions to the team, is a member of the Thunderfoot tribe descended from T. Hawk, and she employs spiritual abilities and war clubs to gain the upper hand in combat. 

She uses Condor Spire, Condor Dive, and Tomahawk Buster to cover gaps fast while circling enemies, and by accumulating Windclad stocks, her special abilities grow even more potent. Her Level 1 Superior Art Breezing Hawk can unleash a barrage of war club blows, while her Level 3 Super Art Raging Typhoon can crash foes into the ground.


Cammy is a deadly blend of speed and accuracy. Cannon Spike, Spiral Arrow, and Hooligan Combination are three powerful techniques players can use to overwhelm opponents. 

The heavy versions of these moves have been improved to include a delay and other attributes. Cammy’s deadly finishes for her Super Art moves are the Delta Red Assault and Killer Bee Spin.


A yoga master, Dhalsim is a cunning fighter with a wide fighting range owing to his flexible limbs and yoga assaults. Yoga Comet, which Dhalsim can employ while in the air, deals downward-angle damage, while Yoga Flame disperses enemies. Yoga Blast deals upward-angle damage as a useful anti-air defense.


The most exciting boxer in the entire country of Brazil is back and meaner than before. While Blanka still possesses his standard Electric Thunder and various Rolling Attacks, he can also employ Blanka-chan Bomb to throw a doll that, when charged by a special electric attack, will run in the direction of an opponent and detonate.


Kimberly, a novice ninja with an 80s obsession, is incredibly strong. She uses her strength to disarm foes. She also applies special moves to drop a shuriken bomb and hides in colorful smoke with Hidden Variable before making an unexpected strike. 

Additionally, Kimberly can utilize Ninja Sprint to catapult herself from her opponent and follow up with lethal kicks.


Jamie, a Chinatown peacekeeper who admires Yang and Yun, the Twin Dragons, upholds law and order using a combination of drunk boxing and breakdancing. Jaime can access new attacks like the Luminous Diving Kick, a forward-jumping rapid strike, by drinking a ki-unleashing beverage through The Devil Inside.


The vicious brawler Juri is back in action, and she’s pounding harder than ever with a repertoire of classic and updated moves. She has new special techniques. Juri is a sadistic thrill-seeker who finds joy in destroying her enemies, especially with the Fuhain attack. She can also use Ankensatsu, Saihasho, and Go Ohsatsu for rapid single-strike choices, much like her low projectile and jumping axe kick techniques.  


The mission to destroy Shadaloo may have been completed, but America’s hero, Guile, is ready to embark on a new quest for world peace. Guile is described as a powerhouse that keeps opponents at a distance.

Guile can utilize Sonic Blade as a two-hit missile and instantly leap upwards to block jump attacks. He can also use the somersault kick and sonic boom to make his attacks more effective. 

Other moves he has up his sleeves include Super Attacks like Crossfire Somersault to launch a powerful aerial slash on an opponent, Sonic Hurricane to deal anti-air damage, and Solid Puncher to launch a barrage of tiny Sonic Boom missiles.


Luke initially appeared in Street Fighter 5 and was considered the last DLC character. He is a mixed martial arts coach for an elite military organization. In Street Fighter 6, Luke can utilize a DDT special fling attack to deal more damage. Fatal Shot deals greater damage by firing a second shockwave following an Overdrive Sand Blast strike.

Chun Li

A former International Criminal Police Investigation agent, Chun Li, now looks after Li Fen, a victim of the Black Moon incident. She also teaches Kungfu and the local community loves her.

Her special skills include Serenity Stream, a change to a low, stationary fighting stance with special attacks. She also uses Tensho kicks, the airborne barrage of kicks that can block jump strikes.


While Ryu hasn’t changed all that much, in Street Fighter 6, he has developed a more sage-like persona. He now resembles his martial arts teacher Gouken in terms of attire. Ryu defeated the Satsui no Hado, or the Dark Hado, and keeps working to improve. He is still looking for a good fight.

He has two special attacks. Denjin Charge, which encloses his fists in the Power of Nothingness and strengthens them, and Hashogeki, which enables him to focus ki in his palms and discharge it a short distance ahead.


In addition to his signature Shoryuken rising uppercut and Hadouken fireball, Ryu’s adversary Ken Masters has picked up a few new moves like the Jumping Dragon-Slash Kick and the Jinrai Kick. Ken will need to employ all of these abilities while on the run after being accused of planning a criminal scheme if he wants to keep his family safe from evil forces who are following him.

E. Honda

E. Honda employs his signature moves, like the Sumo Headbutt, the Hundred Hand Slap, Oicho Throw, and Sumo Smash, to promote Sumo and show the world what the sport is about. Neko Damashi and Sumo Spirit, two of his Street Fighter 5 V-Skills, have become his special moves, and he has also added Sumo Dash to his repertoire.

Dee Jay

Dee Jay, the charming fighter with a contagious grin, employs rhythmic hallmark moves, including the Machine Gun Upper, Jackknife Maximum, Air Slasher, and Double Rolling Sobat. 

He has a few new moves for Street Fighter 6, such as Jus Cool and Weekend Pleasure. His arena is Bathers Beach, a lively beach party in the setting sun.


Zangief, the storied grappling machine from Street Fighter, is back, and he’s got a few fresh metaphorical moves. His arsenal now includes the counter throw Tundra Storm to inflict some brutal reversals, his Siberian Express, and his iconic Screw Piledriver moves. 

Some other advanced manoeuvres from the professional wrestler include level two Super Art Cyclone Lariat and level three Super Art Bolshoi Storm Buster, which leave opponents reeling.


Powerhouse Marisa uses her frightening bulk and lengthy limbs to inflict slow, painful punches while claiming to be from Greek warriors. She frequents the Colosseo, her arena with plenty of seasoned fighters cheering her on. 

She has moves like the deadly Gladius, defensive countering Scutum, potent Quadriga kick, and the massive Goddess of the Hunt.


Manon, a world-champion judoka and fashion model, can easily execute lethal maneuvers on the runway or in the ring. She fuses traditional ballet with her repertoire of Judo skills to create elegant attacks like Renverse, Pas de Deux, and Manege Dore, among others. If you want to confront her, you can find her on the Fete Foraine stage, a glittering carnival set against the cityscape of France. 


JP is the mysterious leader of a non-profit organization. He is dangerous at any range thanks to techniques like the devastating Interdiction, the clone-deploying Torbalan, the void-creating Departure, and the Embrace capture.

Street Fighter 6 Game Modes

According to Capcom, the gameplay will be divided into three modes. Let’s sample them.

Xbox Series X
Street Fighter 6 is optimized for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

Fighting Ground

“Fighting Ground” appears to be where you can play local multiplayer and battle the AI. It’s more likely where the training modes will be found. Capcom also claims that all the modes of Street Fighter 5 will be found here. Expect the typical arcade ladders and survival modes here as well.

Battle Hub

According to the snippets made public, Battle Hub is where players can congregate, talk, and cooperate to strengthen one another. Utilize the avatar you design in World Tour to compete against other players in booths on the Battle Hub stage, or go to the Game Center and play some of Capcom’s vintage arcade games.

World Tour Mode

This is an open-world center modeled after Metro City, the scene for the arcade classic Last Fight. You can interact with locals, meet figures from Street Fighter and its wider universe, and engage in brawls with them. 

Not much is known about this mode. Although Capcom calls it an “immersive single-player mode,” It looks very different from anything in prior Street Fighter games. It also has a custom character. However, it’s yet to be clarified if this is the same character seen in the Battle Hub.

Street Fighter 6 Drive System

In Street Fighter 6, the Drive System brings back gameplay elements from earlier versions and unifies them with a single gauge. Each round starts with six Drive Stocks in each fighter’s Drive Gauge.

The Drive System gives users access to the following five techniques:

  • Drive Parry – reflects attacks and refills the Driver gauge
  • Drive Impact – absorbs attacks
  • Drive Reversal – offers counter-attack techniques
  • Overdrive Art – works the same as EX moves in previous games
  • Drive Rush – narrows the gap between fighters

Wrapping Up

Street Fighter 6 might be among the greatest and perhaps one of the best PC arcade games. The latest installment will provide the martial arts game in 4K graphics and feature 18 characters. You will be able to fight off your opponents utilizing a variety of punches, kicks, body slams, and other techniques. A$1 million tourney prize is up for grabs if you need financial inducement. With the release date set, all we can do is wait!

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between Modern, Classic, and Dynamic controls?

Modern controls enable you to carry out special attacks with straightforward button combinations. It’s for gamers who want to fight without first remembering and practicing special move button combinations.

Dynamic Controls is a wonderful control type when you want to learn the fundamentals of an avatar for the first time or to play a quick, casual game with friends and family.

Finally, Classic controls have a six-button layout. It’s easily recognizable by lovers of prior Street Fighter games.

Will Street Fighter 6 have crossplay?

Capcom says Street Fighter 6 will have crossplay. This is a crucial aspect in developing a sizable, reliable player base. However, it’s still unclear how long loading times will be and whether there will be a system-specific filter for PS4 players.

What’s the expected file size of Street Fighter 6?

Street Fighter 6’s Xbox store website lists the game as taking up about 50 GB. However, the Steam version claims it will take up about 60 GB.

Will Street Fighter 6 have rollback netcode support?

Yes! Capcom has made Rollback Netcode a standard feature. Capcorm noticed a decrease in previous games’ scenes competitiveness when they never used it.


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