Everything to Know About the First 27-Inch ASUS OLED Gaming Monitor

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Everything to Know About the First 27-Inch ASUS OLED Gaming Monitor

Asus is a pioneer in the gaming industry, developing new and better gaming peripherals, accessories, and products. No wonder Asus is the first company to launch a 27-inch OLED gaming monitor.

While we have always used OLED for larger screens and definitely not for monitors, Asus has taken on this challenge and created something really interesting. That’s why in this article you’ll learn everything there is to know about the first 27-inch OLED gaming monitor. You’ll also learn more about Asus’ approach and idea behind this monitor, including what you can expect from an OLED gaming monitor.

One thing is for sure: OLED gaming monitors could be the next big thing – and here’s why!

Asus 27-Inch OLED Gaming Monitor

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OLED relies on LED (light-emitting diode) technology.

We know Asus for making some of the best gaming monitors that support high refresh rates. Further, they support native 1440p resolution and offer gaming features to get gamers into the game. However, almost all of Asus’ monitors are based on IPS or VA panels. The biggest difference is that Asus has managed to fit an OLED display into a 27-inch monitor.

Not only has Asus managed to put an OLED display in a gaming monitor, but they have also made sure that this monitor supports a refresh rate of 240Hz and a resolution of 1440p. This means that this monitor is ideal for fast-paced gaming. It’s also the perfect size to play competitive games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Producing the smallest OLED gaming monitor may not seem sensible to many people. But it really is, as it combines the best of both worlds. The high brightness and better colors at an ideal screen size that offers a competitive 0.5 response time and 240Hz refresh rate are an enormous advantage in the competitive Esports scene.

The Most Unique Thing About Asus’ 27-Inch OLED Gaming Monitor?

Asus is the first company to produce the smallest OLED gaming monitor on the market. They managed to fit an OLED into a 27-inch monitor and offer a competitive refresh rate of 240Hz. OLEDs have a hard time achieving a refresh rate suitable for gaming. So Asus has done a great job providing a very competitive refresh rate. However, Asus also had to include a heat sink in this monitor. This heat sink keeps the OLED display cool and extends its display life. So Asus has really brought a lot of innovation and solved all the problems that can arise when making a competitive OLED gaming monitor.

What Will be the Price of an Asus OLED Gaming Monitor?

Asus recently unveiled the 27-Inch OLED gaming monitor at CES 2023 but hasn’t yet publicly announced the price. The official page of the new monitor states that anyone interested in the price should contact their local Asus representative.

Since this is a very new monitor, it will most likely be in high demand in both the United States and in Europe. Gamers may have to be patient to even find out the price, let alone get their hands on Asus’ latest gaming monitor.

Why is a 27-Inch OLED Gaming Monitor Such Big News?

The 27-inch OLED gaming monitor is big news because it could be of significant benefit to gamers, especially in the competitive scene and Esports. Undoubtedly, many professional gaming teams and players will try this monitor, hoping that it could deliver better results with this advanced technology.

It’s the first 27-inch gaming monitor that has an OLED panel as well as a high refresh rate and super-fast response time. Therefore, OLED gaming monitors could definitely have an advantage over other gaming monitors because of their image quality. The brightness of an OLED screen combined with incredible colors can help gamers recognize opponents faster.

Other monitors still offer equally good refresh rate, resolution support, and response time. However, this OLED gaming monitor further enhances the visuals. This can be very important in first-person shooter games where every millisecond counts.

How Does This Monitor Compare to Asus’ Previous Gaming Monitors?

Of course, there are many similarities between the Asus 27-inch OLED gaming monitor and other Asus gaming monitors. One of the most important similarities is the size. Asus already has many 27-inch monitors in its lineup. Other similarities are certainly the high refresh rate and the fast response time. But one thing the Asus monitors can’t compare to is the panel inside them. Asus, let alone any other company, has never introduced a gaming monitor with an OLED panel. Therefore, this is a first not only for Asus but also for the entire gaming scene and community.

Are OLED Gaming Monitors Rare?

OLED gaming monitors are pretty rare, but still a good choice. OLED panels are ideal for improving visuals, which can be important for gamers. The reason OLED gaming monitors haven’t caught on yet is their low refresh rate. So while OLED gaming monitors are pretty rare, we believe that there’ll be a significant increase in OLED monitors in the near future. Especially after they get tested by competitive gaming teams and players.

Gaming requires at least a 75Hz refresh rate, and competitive gaming monitors offer refresh rates of 144Hz, 165Hz, and even 240Hz. OLED monitors haven’t even been able to reach a minimum of 75Hz. However, Asus changed the game thanks to technological advancements. Asus is one of the first companies to combine the OLED screen with a high refresh rate suitable for gamers. Therefore, they classified this monitor as a gaming monitor because it finally offers the greatest advantages for gamers. Almost all OLED monitors are made for gaming.

Should You Switch to an Asus 27-Inch OLED Gaming Monitor?

​OLED may not be everyone’s favorite type. However, we think you should definitely try an OLED gaming monitor, especially if you are serious about gaming and are a competitive gamer. The 27-inch OLED gaming monitor from Asus offers all the incredible features that Asus gaming monitors are known for. In addition, the innovative OLED gaming monitor gives gamers the advantage of crystal clear motion, with no ghosting, no motion blur, and incredible visibility of fast-moving objects.

Of course, this is not only because of the OLED panel but also because of its combination with a high refresh rate and a fast response time. And while it might be a little longer before you get your hands on this monitor, now is a perfect time to start saving. We think that while it’s not cheap, it definitely belongs in the upper echelon of gaming monitors in terms of price. Of course, it may not be the cheapest and few will reconsider switching to this gaming monitor. But it is definitely a revolutionary monitor that will change the way gaming monitors are built and used in Esports.


​Asus’ 27-inch OLED gaming monitor isn’t only beneficial for the Esports scene, but can also be used by digital artists. OLED is a game changer because there is no other 27-inch monitor like it, and this is a perfect screen size for many purposes. With an incredible coverage of 99% of the DCI-P3 color gamut, it’s even suitable for graphic designers or people who appreciate entertainment in the best possible picture quality.

Although this is the first attempt at an OLED gaming monitor, it’s great to see that Asus has already taken precautions to avoid any burn-in that might occur over time, and also to extend the life of the OLEDs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this the first OLED gaming monitor?

Yes, Asus is the first company to create the first OLED gaming monitor with a high refresh rate.

Why does Asus' OLED gaming monitor require a heat sink?

A heat sink is something unique that no other monitor has and its purpose is to keep the display cool to eliminate overheating, which can shorten the display’s lifespan.

What's the price of Asus' OLED gaming monitor?

Asus’ OLED gaming monitor was just announced at CES 2023 and we do not know its price just yet. Asus recommends that you contact your local Asus retailer to find out more about the product’s availability and price.

Why didn't any other company introduce an OLED gaming monitor yet?

OLED technology is a lot more expensive, and doesn’t make sense for gaming because of its low refresh rate. Also, OLEDs require a way to dispense their heat, which might be tricky to solve in a smaller-sized monitor.

Will gamers have a competitive advantage with Asus OLED gaming monitor?

While the OLED gaming monitor hasn’t been tested just yet by professional Esports teams and players, we believe that they will have an advantage because of better visuals which can add a small advantage in fast-paced games.

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