Everything About The HyperX Esports Arena In Las Vegas

hyperx esports arena

Everything About The HyperX Esports Arena In Las Vegas

Las Vegas has been a haven for entertainment since its inception. Gambling has certainly been at the center of the city’s experience. However, there are also numerous live shows and venues one can enjoy. You don’t necessarily need to bet the house to get a wonderful Vegas experience. Those deeply embroiled in video games and their professional play may have a reason to venture to Sin City now.

HyperX’s Esports Arena is anchored in the Luxor Hotel and Casino, and it is a massive facility. Make no mistake, this isn’t some small lobby for folks to play PlayStation in. The enormous facility is meant to be a bastion of competitive gaming.

What Is the HyperX Esports Arena?

The gaming venue has its origins as a facility known as Allied Esports. It originally opened in the same location in MGM Luxor in March 2018.

Allied Esports was originally a joint effort to provide a global network of esports arenas with ten individual locations. The arena is more than just a venue to play games, however. It has enough cameras and seating to work as a professional studio for esports events.

As an arena, it joins the ranks of Blizzard’s Overwatch-centric gaming stadium opened in Los Angeles in the same year. Allied Esports underwent a rebrand to HyperX Esports Arena in November 2018. The details for the rebrand are unknown.

The change was immediate and the facility has operated as the HyperX Esports Arena for the last five years. HyperX plays more than an ornamental role in the arena. The manufacturer provides most of the equipment and peripherals for competitors in the various tournaments held at the facility.

The last few years haven’t been all roses for the HyperX Esports Arena, however. After a series of financial pitfalls, it was on the chopping block for a time as Allied Esports reevaluated its investments.

A series of losses from its parent company had HyperX Esports Arena very close to closing in 2021. This followed a series of financial losses by Allied Esports.

What Is The HyperX Esports Arena Like?

The HyperX Esports Arena is a massive facility, encompassing 30,000 square feet. When it isn’t operating as an erstwhile stadium, it operates in a manner similar to an internet cafe. Gamers can pay $50 for an all-day pass which nets them unlimited play on the various stations present.

Beyond just gaming, there is a full cocktail bar and eatery in the establishment as well. These feature a twist on the usual formula and very much embrace the theme of gaming.


The lobby comes equipped with dozens of high-end PCs meant for impromptu gaming sessions, marking it as the main draw for many gamers. Gaming time is provided on an hourly basis or with the aforementioned day pass.

Vegas locals and military servicemembers benefit from discounts, but the prices are affordable. If you’re the sort that wants to prove their mettle in some of the hottest multiplayer games in esports, this is the place to be.


The HyperX Esports Arena features a state-of-the-art production studio and VIP rooms.

A 50-foot LED panel allows visitors to see all the action, and the mainstage is home to the rotating assortment of events held in the arena. Monthly open tournaments provide cash prizes.

The arena isn’t intended solely as a professional space. It is a high-tech facility meant to cater to both the public and the professional teams landing in the arena to play.

Three VIP rooms give a plush place to relax. The cocktail bar and kitchen help provide a meal and drinks to go with your entertainment.

Viewsonic Streamer Room

Streaming is integrated into the gaming community, and the HyperX Esports Arena has you covered if you do stream. Full high-end PC streaming setups are available for an hourly rate, giving you a stable and effective platform to reach your audience. These are reserved in advance, so if you are a streamer looking to broadcast, it is worth scheduling in advance.

What Events are Hosted at the HyperX Esports Arena?

As one of the largest Esports arenas in the United States, the HyperX Esports Arena is home to some noteworthy events for gaming. The current calendar year has events like Spike Drop: Operation V.E.G.A.S., a regional Valorant tournament with a $10,000 cash prize for one lucky team. Other events to consider are 1v1 Wednesdays, their weekly Multiversus tournament, and the Rocket League 2v2s.

HyperX Esports Arena has faced some criticism due to the lack of high-end events at the location. For all the investment into the infrastructure of the arena, there seems to be a severe lack of noteworthy events.

Weekly and monthly tournaments open to Vegas residents and the general public seem to be the primary draw for the 2023 calendar year. These are fine events in themselves, but they lack the punch and visibility of larger tournaments for games like Fortnite, Modern Warfare 2, Valorant, and Apex Legends.

PC gaming tournament
Esports tournaments mimic the experience of watching a professional sporting event


At the start of the pandemic, the HyperX Esports Arena served as something of a haven for broadcast esports. The facility acted as one of the few remaining outlets to be open to the public during the initial wave of lockdowns throughout 2020 and 2021.

Perhaps its fortunes have reversed as lockdowns ebb and people emerge to join the general public. If you’re looking for a competitive night out in Vegas, you can surely get it here without playing the slots.

Controversies Surrounding the HyperX Esports Arena

Gambling is an old hat to most of Las Vegas. As one of the few federally legitimate places for gambling in the United States, it would make sense for it to serve as the primary draw. There is some controversy surrounding its place within the HyperX Esports Arena.

It is certainly understandable to bet on sports or even esports, but it becomes a little murkier when the average age of your clientele is around 16 years of age. The state of Nevada has been exploring the process for some time now, at least in terms of opening up betting and gambling for esports-related events.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board convened in the summer of 2022 to discuss potential regulations and to analyze the data generated by esports. Esports betting experienced a surge during the initial stages of the pandemic. This was due to most conventional sports leagues being out of commission.

For those of age, there is certainly nothing wrong with betting on esports. But one does have to consider that the average gamer is a child or teenager at the oldest. What does it mean to have exposure to something so innately addictive?

Nevada can certainly legalize it, as gambling is just one of the many revenue streams capitalized upon by the state. HyperX Esports Arena being a fixture in a massive casino does little to assuage fears as well. One has to trust that parents will do the right thing if regulations do come to pass.

What’s Next for the HyperX Esports Arena?

Business as usual is on the slate for those operating the HyperX Esports Arena. It may not be home to the most prestigious esports events in the United States. But it does provide a hub of activity for those in the Southwest to gather and prove their worth in weekly tournaments for higher stakes, or just to play with friends at a grand arcade of sorts.

One can only hope that it remains a fixture in Sin City. It is one of the few mature and developed spaces to play video games in a competitive setting open to the general public. HyperX Esports Arena is open to the public all week. So, if you’re in the area, swing by and play a few rounds. Just be careful mixing those vintage gaming cocktails and trash talk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the HyperX Esports Arena have any consoles?

They run regular Pokemon and Mario Kart events, so there is very likely some Nintendo stuff in the facility. All of the other events seem to cater for games with known and good-quality PC ports.

Notably, instead of a weekly Super Smash Brothers event, they do Multiversus which has a solid and well-regarded PC port.

Other games like Rocket League have the potential for better frame pacing and performance on PCs, so it would make sense they’re seeking setups where input lag and the like can’t be blamed.

Does the HyperX Esports Arena have any traditional casino games?

No, the HyperX Arena is catered toward esports. As such, the setups and gaming stations inside of the arena don’t have any overt mechanisms in place to gamble with.

That said, the facility is housed inside the MGM Luxor Casino and Resort. There are traditional casino games within a short distance of the HyperX Esports Arena, just not directly integrated into their infrastructure.

Are any first-person shooters played at the arena?

There are a few events that cater directly for popular games like Valorant. It isn’t first-person but there are also events for Fortnite, giving shooter fans a piece of the action.

Do you have to be of drinking age to enter the HyperX Esports Arena?

There isn’t an outright requirement to be of any legal age to enter the facility. The arena caters to players of all ages. The cocktail bar in the venue would likely require some proof of legal age before ordering one of the themed cocktails, however.

Why does gambling present an issue with the HyperX Esports Arena?

One has to consider the core demographic of the venue. These aren’t seasoned gamblers over the age of 30 going for a vacation with a friend group by and large.

Gaming as a hobby and a profession tends to skew a little younger on average and, as such, there is an inherent risk associated with exposing children and teens to gambling.

There is certainly nothing wrong with gambling, provided it is in moderation. That said, it poses a potential risk because kids aren’t a demographic known necessarily for their impulse control.

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