Evernote vs. OneNote: 5 Key Differences, Features, and Full Comparison

reasons to use a note-taking app

Evernote vs. OneNote: 5 Key Differences, Features, and Full Comparison

Key Points

  • Evernote and OneNote are two popular note-taking apps that offer advanced features and are geared toward different users.
  • Evernote has a user-friendly interface with advanced features in the paid version, while OneNote is similar to Microsoft Word and includes advanced features in the free version.
  • Both Evernote and OneNote allow for organized note-taking, support exporting, and can clip web articles for later use.

If you’ve ever considered getting a note-taking app, you’ve probably come across either Evernote or OneNote. Both of these popular apps are leading the way for note-taking in the digital world. And while their names are similar, the two apps are distinctive and geared toward different users.

Evernote, released in 2008, is a user-friendly app that offers advanced features with a paid version. OneNote, which Microsoft released in 2003, is like using Word, complete with advanced features included in the free version. Both apps offer organized note-taking, support exporting, and can clip web articles to save for later.

Let’s look a little deeper at how Evernote and OneNote stack up, exploring their key differences, comparisons, and features so you can choose the best note-taking app for you. 

Evernote vs. OneNote: Side-by-Side Comparison

ImportingCan import OneNote or ENEX files (as well as previously exported notes and notebooks), and can embed and insert other filesCan import previously downloaded notebooks and embed and insert other files
ExportingCan export notes into one HTML fileCan export the current page or the whole notebook into a OneNote package, a PDF, or an XPS file
Web Clipping?Yes, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, IE, and EdgeYes, Edge and Chrome
Number of NotebooksSeveral at onceSeveral at once
OrganizationUses three editable columns, can use several notes and notebooks, uses taggingSimilar to Microsoft Word, can use several notes and notebooks, uses tagging
SearchingCan search in notes or PDF files, pictures, etc., with a paid subscriptionCan search pages and tags
StorageDependent on the plan, 60MB to 20GB uploads with 25MB to 200MB max note sizeDependent on the plan, with 5GB to 1TB of Microsoft Cloud storage
PricingFree to download, subscription pricing is based on the storage neededFree to download, comes free with new Windows machines

Evernote vs. OneNote: What’s the Difference?

Let’s break down the key differences between Evernote and OneNote to give you the full picture.


Evernote has a default interface that features three columns. These columns are flexible, making it easy to switch between notes and notebooks. You can use them horizontally or choose to have only one or two columns. Evernote allows users to work on several note pages within several notebooks. 

Not surprisingly, OneNote is reminiscent of Microsoft Word, complete with a tab with options for bolding and other editing features. For example, you can create bulleted lists and blocks of text or paragraphs similar to using Word. For this reason, many people like OneNote to stay productive.

Both Evernote and OneNote let users work in several notebooks at once, which is great for organizing all your data. Both apps have a tagging feature that helps you quickly find notes based on tags or keywords. In OneNote, you can search tags and keywords on the current page or within your entire notebook. Evernote lets you search tags or keywords in your notebooks, PDFs, and other notes. 

Finally, you can use Evernote or OneNote offline to truly access your notes on either app, wherever you are. 

reasons to use a note-taking app
Notes in Evernote are stored in virtual “notebooks.”

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Web Clipper

A web clipper works similarly to taking a screenshot, but most clippers edit out any pictures and ads, leaving only the text. This text gets imported into your note-taking app. 

Evernote’s web clipper works with Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Firefox. You can clip simplified articles and also create custom screenshots. Also, once you’ve clipped a web page, you can freely interact and edit the text.

OneNote’s web clipper works with Chrome and Edge and allows you also create personalized screenshots. Unfortunately, unlike Evernote’s web clipper, you cannot interact with any of your web clips. 

Import and Export

Both Evernote and OneNote support exporting your notes and notebooks. Using Evernote, you can import files, such as ENEX files, but you will have to use a computer to do so. That’s because Evernote doesn’t allow importing utilizing the app. 

While Evernote supports importing files, OneNote can only import previously downloaded OneNote notebooks. When it comes to exporting, Evernote allows exporting using only one HTML file. And while OneNote does not support importing files, you can export your notebooks. OneNote supports exporting a current page or the entire notebook, and you can export using PDFs and XPS files. 


When it comes to storage, Evernote has a few different options. The free version of the note-taking app includes 60MB of monthly uploads, with a 25MB maximum note size. But, if you choose a personal plan, you get 10GB of monthly uploads with a 200MB maximum note size. A professional plan allows users 20GB of monthly uploads, meaning you can save two times more content. Similar to the personal plan, your note size tops out at 200MB.

OneNote has a free plan that includes 5GB of space. With a paid family subscription, you get up to 6TB of storage per person. With a personal plan, you get 1TB of Cloud storage. Business plans are similar, with 1TB of storage allotted per person. 

1TB is certainly more than 200MB, so if you plan on taking up a lot of space, OneNote is your best choice. 

Apps to download
Microsoft OneNote has different plans with various differing storage sizes.



While you can download and use Evernote for free, many of the app’s best features require a paid subscription. For example, you can write to-do lists, but if you want notification reminders, you will need to pay for a plan. Additionally, Evernote’s payment plans revolve around the amount of storage you want. You can choose one of their monthly or yearly plans based on the amount of storage you need. 

OneNote is also free to use. OneNote is now part of the Microsoft Suite and comes pre-installed on computers using Windows 10 and above. And, when compared to Evernote, it’s a better deal because the advanced features are free to use from day one. 

Evernote vs. OneNote: 6 Must-Know Facts

  • Many of Evernote’s features are behind a subscription payment plan. 
  • Both note-taking apps allow users to clip web articles to save for later. 
  • Evernote allows you to interact with and edit web clips, but you can’t edit the clipped text in OneNote. 
  • Both apps allow for encryption, making your notes private if needed. 
  • OneNote offers personal and business plans with 1TB of Cloud storage. 
  • You can take notes with both OneNote and Evernote without an internet connection. 

Evernote vs. OneNote Which One is Better for You?

Choosing between Evernote and OneNote will probably come down to your budget.

Evernote does offer more advanced features, such as reminders for your to-do list, but accessing those features will require a subscription plan. OneNote has many robust and advanced features but needs improvement in some areas. For example, you can’t edit the clipped web notes. 

The two apps are comparable, but if you can afford it, Evernote is the winner between the two. 

Evernote vs. OneNote: 5 Key Differences, Features, and Full Comparison FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Can OneNote be converted to Evernote?

Evernote does support the ability to import OneNote notes to the app.

What's the difference between OneNote and Evernote?

The most important difference between Evernote and OneNote is that a lot of useful features aren’t available without a paid subscription to Evernote.

What is Google's equivalent to Evernote?

Google users can use Google Keep instead of Evernote or OneNote.

Who is the new owner of Evernote?

In January of 2023, the company, Bending Spoons, acquired Evernote.

Can you draw in Evernote?

Yes, you can edit using the Sketch function.

What are the two types of OneNote?

You can use the OneNote app on your mobile device or you can use the OneNote desktop version.

Why use OneNote over word?

OneNote is simple, easy to use, and easy to organize several notes in one place.

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