In a recent podcast episode on the Full Send Podcast, Elon Musk talked, about space, technology, aliens, and even Russia! During the conversation, Musk ended up joking about the country currently at war with Ukraine, and how things might get dicey if he ever planned a visit. Let’s find out why Musk might be nervous about heading to the Motherland and what’s holding him back!

Elon Musk won't be visiting Russia
A Starlink satellite in orbit around earth. Elon Musk helped Ukraine with internet access through his Starlink project.

Here’s Why Elon Joked That He “Shouldn’t Visit Russia”

Over the course of the three-hour conversation, the Full Send cohosts (Kyle, Steiny, Salim, and John) broach the topic of Russia. As most people probably know, Russia has been internationally lambasted for initiating a war with Ukraine, a move that the United States formally disapproves of. As hot as that topic is, the conversation that revealed Musk might be in hot water with Russia started with internet access, not international policy!

The conversation turned to world politics after one of the co-hosts asked Musk about a project known as Starlink. Starlink essentially provides satellite internet access to people anywhere in the world. The segue into Russia came when one of the hosts mentioned that Musk had been helping the people of Ukraine by giving them access to Starlink during the war. Essentially, Elon helped thwart Russia’s plans to cut Ukraine’s internet access off as a country. As Musk puts it, the project was “extremely successful”.

The same cohost then asked, “Were you hesitant at all? From any negative backlash from Russia?” Musk’s comical response got the whole room to laugh. “I probably shouldn’t go to Russia.”

Part of what makes Starlink so special is that it allows anyone, anywhere, access to high-speed internet access with minimal setup. Musk is currently launching dozens of satellites a year, each broadening the Starlink network even further. Soon, anyone on the planet will have access. What makes Starlink different from traditional satellite internet companies is its faster and more comprehensive network of 30,000 small satellites that orbit the earth.

The incredible implications of having high-speed internet access anywhere in the world are apparent. In fact, giving Ukraine access to Starlink after Russia tried to cut off their access may just be the perfect use of the technology!

Elon Musk Talks Weed And Traveling To Russia

Although not directly linked to Starlink, the group then began talking about Brittany Griner, an American basketball player who was recently arrested in Russia for bringing THC vape cartridges in her carry-on. Musk got into serious trouble a few years ago after taking a hit from a joint while on a different podcast, the Joe Rogan Experience. Although he joked that he regularly gets drug tested (due to his government contracts through SpaceX), he seemed to make light of the situation that he, too, may get in trouble for bringing his own… items… into Russia if he were to travel there.

Does Elon Musk Do Business In Russia?

Although Tesla is an American company, they still do business all around the world. If Tesla does business in Russia, would Musk jeopardize things by providing internet to Ukraine?

As it currently stands, Tesla doesn’t operate any dealerships or factories in Russia. Tesla cars have been independently imported into Russia, but Tesla isn’t actively selling in the country. Knowing that Elon shouldn’t need to visit the country any time soon.

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